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Likvido.com 1 year ago

.NET Team Lead

Anywhere (100% Remote) · Full Time

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Now Hiring: Remote .NET Team Lead

Likvido is hiring remotely

Hello there!

Are you ready for a really ambitious position as a .NET team-lead at Likvido? And yes, the role is fully remote.

Likvido is a (very) fast-growing startup. We are 25 employees now, and we have just raised a seed round to realize our huge ambitions for the coming years.

We’re now looking for a senior & experienced .NET team-lead to lead our application team.

So what are we doing?

We’re helping small companies succeed.

We’ve built an “Invoice CRM” – imagine a system like Hubspot / Pipedrive / Salesforce, but for your invoices. You can assign workflows, add todos, write notes and much more. We’re currently only in Denmark, but the platform is international and ready to scale internationally in 2020.

On top of the “Invoice CRM”, we’re going to launch financial products. Imagine, when you create the invoice – we will automatically pay our client the majority of the invoice – RIGHT away! BEFORE their client even paid! How cool is that?

This is possible because we have full control of the payment flow, and we have a very large data-set our data scientists are using for transaction-level credit ratings. This makes it possible to only provide loans on low-risk invoices.

The goal is to help small companies succeed. We have ~1.250 customers right now, and we’re adding 1-200 customers every month. In a few years, we should have millions of invoices through the system every month.


Our platform is ~18 months old. We have a big monolith ASP.NET MVC application, combined with 4 solid ASP.NET Core microservices. Everything is hosted in Azure and Github, and we use many of the Azure products, including Azure DevOps.

We’re 5 full-time fully remote developers, and 4 part-timers. We plan to double the team in 2020.

The job: We’re going to make 2 development teams. One team is responsible for the microservices, another is responsible for the “Invoice CRM” application. We already have a great team-lead for the microservice team, and now we’re looking for another great team-lead for the application team.

Being the team-lead, your job will be:

  • Solve the hardest technical challenges in the code – you’re expected to code roughly 50% of the time
  • Manage the bi-weekly sprints – it’s your job to make sure the sprints are successful and Github (our issue system) is always updated
  • Make pull request reviews (or request another team member to do so)
  • Make core technical & architectural decisions on the platform
  • Release code & make sure the releases go well
  • You will be working closely together with our product manager, our client success manager, our operations manager and me – the CTO.

As a CTO, it’s very important for me to get out of the day-to-day operations of development. I will still be heavily involved, but if I’m away for a few weeks – all the sprints & activities should not be affected. Your job is to make this possible.

Your job is to make me obsolete day-to-day.


We’re looking for someone who can say “YES!” to the following:

  • I’m a senior developer with many years of experience, with prior experience in managing a team and running sprints
  • I’m a real senior & experienced backend .NET / C# developer
  • I’m not faint of heart, and I’m ready for a very ambitious role
  • I’m cool with spending at least 4 weeks per year (preferably 6-8 weeks) in the Copenhagen office, starting with 2 weeks when hired
  • I’m working within +/- 3 hours of CET (Central European Timezone)

A last note. Likvido is not an easy choice. We will have sky-high expectations, you will be challenged and you will have lots of responsibilities.

To compensate for this, we offer a competitive salary and a remote leadership position.

So without further ado: If you consider yourself a top .NET developer, and feel like having a very ambitious role is the next step in your career – APPLY!

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