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Pearl Bridge Partners

Pearl Bridge Partners 1 year ago

Product Manager

Europe · Full Time

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Now Hiring: Remote Product Manager
Pearl Bridge Partners is hiring remotely

Pearl Bridge Partners, a data science consulting firm, is seeking to hire a Product Manager (PM). The PM will serve as a liaison between the data science analysts and Pearl Bridge’s clients. The PM should have a background in data science or engineering to be able to critically analyze and serve as a first-level filter for requests or issues raised by either internal team members or by clients.

This role is a work-from-home/remote position, but we are specifically looking for someone who is based in Ireland.


  • Management of development efforts
  • Project scoping/planning
  • Project management
  • Client communications
  • Delivery of status updates
  • Risk tracking (internal and external)


  • PM will serve as the first level of response to client inquiries.
  • PM will be expected to understand the client’s ask/request, ask clarifying questions as needed, and communicate the necessary information to the appropriate internal analyst and/or CEO as determined by the level of severity.
  • PM will be expected to translate internal questions, issues, project updates, or data requests from internal analysts to the client.
  • PM will be expected to pose as the client, challenging or requesting additional context from internal resources as the client would.
  • PM will be expected to identify, document, and escalate risks; develop mitigation strategies and build lessons learned.
  • PM will be comfortable reviewing and understanding large data sets; the ability to open a .csv or source code file and explain it to a non-technical resource.
  • PM will develop a sufficient understanding of the project context/objectives and possess the critical thinking skills to thoroughly think through the content and approach of all interactions between the client and the internal team.

Note – Interviews for this role will include a data-based case study that candidates will be expected to complete. The case study will replicate a real client scenario and provide insights into what the role will entail.

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