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Rubato Media is hiring remotely

Rubato Media 1 year ago

Creative Director

Anywhere (100% Remote) · Full Time



  • ? Anywhere in the World
  • ? $55,000-$65,000 + Bonus

Now Hiring: Remote Creative Director
Rubato Media is hiring remotely!

About Rubato Media

Rubato Media is a digital marketing agency specializing in paid Facebook & Instagram ads and Google ads including YouTube. More importantly! We are a team of people who want to do two things at once 1. Travel the world and/or have the freedom to be where we want when we want. 2. Have a kickass career, building an industry disruptive product in a highly competitive agency market.

We don’t believe in the traditional agency that sells in clients and “manages” them. Instead, we believe that we are the key to their success as the marketing arm of their businesses. We believe that we are the connectors, connecting our clients’ innovation with a user base who would love to know what they have created. This requires us to not only be elite marketers, but also elite business consultants. We believe this is where the magic happens.

Our mission is to be so good at connecting our clients’ products to their market that our brand Rubato becomes the industry standard. If someone wants to market a product, they come to us.

About The Role

This particular role of Creative Director is at the heart of this mission. Designing creatives and writing messaging that tell the true story of our clients’ products are the key to connecting them to people. It’s hard to do, which is great! This gives us the opportunity to set ourselves apart.

Our deliverables for clients entail post-production creative support and messaging/copywriting. We specialize in cohesive, targeted videos, images, gifs and messaging with quick turn-around times. With post-production, our two primary focus points are editing and adding effects/enrichments. We work to express a client’s brand voice through producing impactful and dramatic creatives without filming or creating any of the raw content ourselves.

It’s important to note that the volume of creative output is king in paid Facebook/Instagram world. We need anywhere from 4-15 new creatives per week per client to be successful for them on paid media. Usually, new creatives are made up with at least 40%-60% video but include slight variations, copy changes, image changes, static images, and carousels in many cases. These variations often perform drastically differently. We have had to get really creative to have this kind of output while working to avoid sacrificing quality.

We are working with some large brands like Mrs. Fields, Banza, Smart Sweets, Enriched Academy, AFPA Fitness, and more, largely because of our current creative abilities. But we need someone who can help us:

  1. Take our creatives & story-telling to the next level professionally (both technically and with the flow of information through our messaging/videos/etc.)
  2. Organize our internal and external processes with the creative queue
  3. Focus on the data behind what we are creating and help us build better systems around gathering and reacting to this data
  4. Build out & manage a team of other creative professionals as we scale

More Details below:

  • Oversees every aspect of our clients creative and messaging
    • 90% of the job
      • Formulates creative vision & direction for all our clients
      • Organizes and manages our creative queue
      • Uses data on the creative side of our business to learn and grow, not only for our clients, but also internally
    • 10% of the job
      • Help internally when we run media or marketing for ourselves (YouTube channel or designed posts for IG|LI)
      • Helping us on the Rubato Brand Marketing side of the business, helping us understand how to put our best foot forward creatively to market ourselves well

Desired Skills

  • Possess creative vision for our clients
  • Experience building a team of experts in the creative field in a startup environment
  • Strong leadership skills and expertise in creative design
  • Take the professionalism of the creative product we are offering clients to the next level overall and technically (AfterEffects, Illustrator, etc.)
  • Will feel comfortable pushing back on our clients when necessary creatively and with edits. If we are to position ourselves as creative experts, we need to make sure the clients feel that we know more than they do
  • Think about automation of processes – if we build the same video with variations 10 times, how can we create a template in Photoshop or Premiere Pro for this?
  • Copywriting experience (not required)
    • Marketing minded, with either brand recall or ROAS as the measurement metric
    • Can look at the avatar we are targeting, the entire creative as a unit, the user flow upon clicking, and the ultimate client goal, and make sure the messaging flows as a story
  • Skillfully tells a story well with creatives (videos, carousels, statics, copy, etc…)
  • Can analyze, optimize and adjust the creative queue based on performance data that will be fed to them through reporting
  • Help us understand what reports, information, or visual data we need from a creative aspect to test, learn, apply, repeat at the same pace we are receiving the data
  • Organize the creative queue and messaging queue properly so that what we are telling clients we can do, and what we are doing are one in the same thing
  • Design Media Kits, YouTube videos, LinkedIn posts, etc…

How to apply

If you are interested in this position, please email your resume and a cover letter to hr@rubatomedia.com. Please be sure to use the subject line: Creative Director. Let us know you came from Dynamite jobs.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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