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Lori Wall Beds is Hiring Remotely

Lori Wall Beds 1 month ago

Customer Service Representative

North America · Full Time




  • 🧨 Staff Pick
  • 📈 401K Plan
  • ⚕️ Health Care
  • 🗣 Native English
  • 💥 Work for a DCer
  • 🏖️ Paid Vacation Time
  • 🗺 Anywhere in the U.S.
  • 💡 1-3 Years of Experience
  • 🔑 Work with the Founders
  • 💰 $40,000 to $50,000 per Year

Now Hiring: Remote Customer Service Representative



Lori Wall Beds designs, manufactures and sells Murphy beds on our website, www.loriwallbeds.com. We have a small, fully-remote team. The Customer Service Representative is a full-time position as one of the main points of contact for customer questions and post-purchase issue resolution.

About Us/Who We Are

Lori Wall Beds sells Murphy beds to customers in the US and Canada through our online store. Our beds are made in the USA, from real wood, and incredibly affordable. Co-founders (and brothers) Brenden and Kyle bought the initial iteration of the business in 2014 when it was a hobby project for the original bed designer, and for several years it was a side project for us. We now have seven-figure sales, have been profitable every single year, and are focused on this business for the long term. We are looking to add a full-time customer service position to educate customers about our products and support them after they purchase.

In some ways, you’ll be one of our first employees, which means you’ll have outsize exposure to and impact on all parts of the business. But in other ways, you’re coming in to work with an established team. We work with an array of freelancers, manufacturers and service providers around the world, most of whom have been partners with us for several years. Currently we have one full-time person on Customer Service, Danielle. But our growth has exploded recently, so we are ready to invest in another full-time support position to prepare us for continued growth.

We are looking for native English speakers living anywhere in the US. The work will be done during typical US customer service hours, 40 hours per week, from approximately 8am to 5pm Central time, give or take an hour. Our expectation is Monday through Friday, but would be happy to explore a schedule that overlaps more with evening and Saturday hours, if that fits better with your personal life. You should be comfortable with very occasional overtime or weekend work around key sales dates, mainly Black Friday weekend, for which you’ll be compensated.

About the Role

Reports to

This position will report directly to Danielle, our Customer Service Manager. But you’ll also interact extensively with Brenden, who oversees all product development and business process improvement related to customer-facing issues.


Danielle will train you about our products and processes, using training videos and written procedures already in place, as well as going through customer tickets and answering phones together. We could even arrange for some in-person training if you like. You’ll work side-by-side (virtually) at first to be sure that you are well equipped to answer any product questions and resolve any customer issues. After you are up to speed, Danielle will be an on-going resource, as well as will provide continued training as we grow together.

Day to Day

Your main responsibility will be responding to customer emails, taking customer phone calls, and handling live chat. As soon as you’re ready, you’ll answer questions about our products and resolve customer issues independently, according to our procedures, with little to no input or approval required from Danielle. We currently use Re:Amaze and a virtual phone system to talk to customers, and Microsoft Teams for all chat/video with each other. Our store is on Shopify.

Long Term

We are running this business for the long term, and we’re looking for someone to grow with us. As you get up to speed, we want you to help us continue to develop and improve our business procedures. We are big believers in eliminating, automating and systemizing work. We are growing quickly and need team players that want to be contributing to improvements in our systems and working to help find creative ways to do our job better.

We also pride ourselves on providing empathetic customer service and truly care about our customers. Even at a large scale, we want each person we interact with to know that we care about their experience with our company and product. We are looking for someone who is excited to provide that type of care to our customers.

Who You Are

You are a person who understands what it takes to sell products and keep customers happy, and why customer satisfaction is so important. That most likely means you’ve worked in a customer support role for 3+ years, with tools like the ones we use.

But rather than create an extensive list of requirements, we’ve created a list of Job Outcomes, or the things you’ll need to be able to do, which are formalized in a Job Scorecard. Our interview process will rate the likelihood you’ll be able to meet these Outcomes, which is far more important than simply reviewing what your resume says you’ve done before. We’ll use the Scorecard to do this ranking, as well as to measure the performance of the eventual hire during our annual review process.

We also run a structured interview process in which we compare candidates’ answers to the same basic sets of questions. We think this puts all candidates on equal footing and helps us find the best person for the job. If you know you can do this job, please apply.

Below is a summary of what you’ll need to be able to do in this role. But we’ve also attached the scorecard for this position directly to this application, which we encourage you to read.

As a successful Customer Support Representative, you will:

  • Answer product questions. You’ve been trained, but have also taught yourself about our products proactively, and gotten help for what you don’t understand. You learn and remember where to find the help and answers you need, and you avail yourself of those resources. You can help a customer evaluate whether our product is right for them and decide between various options. The quality of your written and spoken communication is a point of pride for you. You can uncover a customer’s hidden questions and objections, and have developed a good list of counter-objections. You regularly find yourself closing sales over the phone because you’ve answered objections so effectively.
  • Resolve customer issues. You take ownership of customer issues until they are resolved. We can count on you to single-handedly take care of our customers, managing all channels (email/phone/chat) without dropping anything through the cracks. You show good judgment when escalating an issue. You welcome the opportunity to talk with difficult or upset customers because you are confident in your ability to turn them into happy customers.
  • Contribute to continuous improvement. You know our tools well and get the most from them. You teach us what you know, and you’re teachable and eager to learn. You follow the processes we have, and you regularly find where we have broken or non-existent procedures. In those cases, you bring them to our attention and recommend or create a solution. You look for ways to do more with less by eliminating, automating, or systematizing as much work as possible.

You will need to have a strong internet connection, a quiet place to take customer calls, and be able to work during customer support hours of approximately 8am to 5pm Central time, give or take an hour. Our expectation is Monday through Friday, but we would be happy to explore a schedule that overlaps more with evening and Saturday hours if that fits better with your personal life. You should be comfortable with very occasional overtime or weekend work around key sales dates, mainly Black Friday weekend, for which you’ll be compensated.

What’s in it for you?

The salary range for this position is $40,000 to $50,000. We also offer healthcare benefits, a 401k, and real paid time off, no “working vacations”. Our goal is to begin having company retreats at least annually.

In addition, you’ll get to work directly with a co-founder, and have extensive exposure to the rest of us, learning how to run an ecommerce store, manufacture products, and manage a company. You’ll be able to work 100% remotely, with a small team that values flexibility, autonomy, and an equitable give-and-take between work and your personal life.

As an early team member, you’ll have a significant impact on our business immediately and for the long term. We’re looking for someone with the potential to grow alongside us. If all this sounds good to you, please send in your application!

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