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MeasureSchool is Hiring Remotely with Dynamite Jobs

MeasureSchool 1 month ago

Tracking & Digital Analytics Apprentice

Anywhere (100% Remote) · Full Time




  • 💡 Apprenticeship 
  • 💥 Work for a DCer
  • 📚 Accelerated Learning
  • 🗺 Anywhere in the World
  • 💰 Competitive Compensation
  • 📅 Applications Close June 5th

Now Hiring: Remote Tracking & Digital Analytics Apprentice

MeasureSchool is Hiring Remotely with Dynamite Jobs

Are you a junior marketer who loves numbers and technical marketing? Have you already decided you prefer problem-solving and the analytics side of marketing rather than branding and the physiological side?

Are you up for the challenge of learning Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript?

Do you naturally like talking with others, explaining concepts, and writing/blogging about your new discoveries as you go?

Our brand is in a unique position to be trusted as an authority in the data-driven marketing space. We are now looking to give back by nurturing and raising up junior marketing talent who are keen to learn (and one day teach) this tracking and analytics stuff.

That’s why we are looking for a full-time Tracking & Analytics Apprentice to learn, grow and then teach with us. Would you like that to be you?

Why work with us?

Hi there, I’m Julian. I’m a Digital Analyst, Technical Marketer, YouTuber, and founder of MeasureSchool.com – the prime destination for Marketers to learn all about Tracking, Analytics, and Marketing Tech. Since 2014 our site and YouTube channel have quickly grown to become an authority for technically minded and data-driven marketers all around the world. We are gearing up for another exciting year. Do you want to come along?

MeasureSchool is a small (remote) company built by passion and a love for the art of tracking. This means that it is the perfect place to try out new ideas, see your results in action and learn a ton.

You will push forward and lead your own projects from beginning to end and see the immediate impact of the work you do.

What is the opportunity?

We are searching for a full-time Tracking & Analytics Apprentice. As an apprentice, you will be working with the business owner (Julian Juenemann) and learning directly from him.

You will then have the chance to write content for us and interact with our students about tracking & analytics.

The initial apprenticeship will be for 6 months – and there will be opportunities for the apprentice to join the team as a full-time employee.

Some of the what you will be doing

  • Learning and acquiring new skills fast
  • Documenting your learning in blog posts & videos
  • Creating quizzes and fun activities out of your learnings for our courses
  • Providing inspiration for new YouTube videos & blog posts
  • Have conversations with others who are learning and answer their questions in the community

Who is this for?

To be upfront: This can be overwhelming at first. We expect you to be constantly learning. This requires focus, hustle, and persistence. However, if you already love learning new things and just need the right environment, then this is for you!

You will also need some of these skills:

You need to be a doer

Since our team is still small, you will often have to work independently, being curious and proactive in learning new things and getting projects done. You will be part of contributing to the content that we produce and adding value to our paid membership.

You are a writer

You love writing and documenting your progress. You know how to manage a WordPress blog, can do basic text editing, SEO, image editing to make the final product easy to understand and follow.

You are a teacher at heart

You might be early on in your tracking learning process but you have always had a passion for teaching and breaking down concepts for people to easily grasp. You love being helpful and giving information freely to those that need it.

You need to be a communicator

We work remotely, therefore face time is limited. In order to know where your project stands you will be using communication and management tools like Trello, Slack, and Zoom. Good (preferably native) English is therefore necessary.

You need to have your own drive

Working remote means freedom of choice when it comes to your workplace, but also means, there is not much hand-holding involved. We, therefore, need you to be self-disciplined, hardworking and driven to create an impact. When you hit a roadblock you have no problem communicating it to the team, staying open, transparent, and expressing your ideas freely.

What’s in it for you?

Apart from being able to work remote (you can work from wherever you want – you can sit at home and work in your underwear if you wish so…), we think you will enjoy these benefits:

  • Dedicated accelerated learning time with a mentor
  • Be surrounded by an awesome customer base that lives and breathes technical marketing
  • Continuously improve through (online) training, and making connections in the industry
  • Use MeasureSchool.com as your creative outlet. If you have a content idea in mind that would benefit the audience, let’s bring it to life and make it a reality!
  • Competitive Compensation

How to apply?

So if you like what you’ve read so far:

  • Send us a 3-5 minute video on loom.com and tell us who you are and why you would be the perfect fit for this role.
  • Send us your CV

That’s it. Looking forward to hearing from you.