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KLIM Technologies is Hiring Remotely with Dynamite Jobs

KLIM Technologies 2 years ago

Tester Program Manager

Anywhere (100% Remote) · Full Time




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Now Hiring: Remote Tester Program Manager
KLIM Technologies is hiring remotely!

We are only accepting complete applications, incomplete applications will be rejected.

With brand new listings coming on all major platform, KLIM is on the look for a Tester Program Manager to help with the launch of all new products on major online platforms and acquire quick feedback on new products.

The job in a nutshell

On all major online platforms, most product launch fail because they either:

  • Do not manage to generate enough traction and therefore reviews from legitimate buyers;
  • Do not get early enough feedback to course-correct if the product has an issue, is not explained clearly enough or aims at the wrong
  • Demographics.

This is where you, the Tester Program Manager, steps in by:

  • Creating from scratch a dense network of high quality, long term partnering testers in all countries and for all platforms;
  • Nurturing this network with activities, marketing promotions, and high-quality engaging actions;
  • Activating the network at key moments of the product’s launch in order to gather the very first purchases and get honest and unbiased feedback about the product

Who the job will suit

  • Professional English
  • Project Management
  • Sales skills a plus

The job of the Tester Program Manager would suit someone with high energy and a very high drive to engage with people of all horizons, background, and culture. You really need to be a network builder and you need to be very disciplined because you will come again a lot of rejections and refusals.

You also need a lot of organization because you will need to nurture the network and respond to questions, requests, and demands from a lot of people.

If you love to be a party organizer and really be at the center of something cool and fun for the people who like it then you are going to have the time of your life.

A big network of friends/family to help start the network is also a real plus.


  • Organized
    Tester Program Manager MUST know how to create a system to manage all of his work and request and day to day tasks. Otherwise, Tester Program Manager will just sink and drown.
  • Disciplined
    Tester Program Manager MUST want to follow his own plan to the letter and be willing to do the same tasks every day, at the same time, with the confidence that this will build success.
  • High energy
    Tester Program Manager MUST have a lot of energy and desire to succeed because he will face a lot of adversity in this role.
  • Loves to engage with people
    Tester Program Manager is a party and network animal who loves to have a lot of people around him and help these people have a great time.

We are only accepting complete applications, incomplete applications will be rejected.

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