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Iskra Sekulovska hires talent on Dynamite Jobs

"If you are looking for a REMOTE recruitment agency that dedicates the best of their team to you."

- Iskra Sekulovska (COO of Essence of Email)

David Hauser hires on Dynamite Jobs

"Dynamite Jobs was able to help me hire for two management level remote positions in a simple and fast manner. I highly recommend this service if you're hiring remotely."

- David Hauser (Founder of Chargify and Grasshopper)

Steven Vickers hires talent on Dynamite Jobs

"They genuinely care about finding the right people for the right jobs, and we couldn’t be happier with the hire we made through the site."

- Steven Vickers (Co-founder of Cloudberries)

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How Does it Work?


Speak with us on a Strategy Call

Here we’ll learn more about your company needs, give you insights about the candidate’s market, and plan a strategy to find your next A player.


We organize a Campaign and Interview the Best Candidates

We create a campaign designed to build the best pool of candidates to apply to your job. Then, we choose the best ones through interviews, making sure that they are a fit for your company.


Meet the Best of the Best

We introduce you to the top candidates who match your desired culture and skillset.

Our team has a combined decades of experience working with small and large companies, helping hire talent from different backgrounds and industries specifically for remote companies.

Ready to talk strategy?

A quick call with our team can help clarify your hiring strategy, with no obligation.

Grab a time with Ian Schoen, our founder. He has helped hundreds of companies with hiring.

Ian Schoen is one of our founders, and who's leading the recruitment process at Dynamite Jobs

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to find and hire my next team member?

Typically within 3 to 5 weeks, although the parameters of your job will affect this a great deal. We can typically give you a basic sense for the ‘difficulty’ of your project on your strategy call.  

What types of positions can you help me hire for?

From experienced web developers, executives, to junior marketers, we can help you fill any critical remote role. We have broad experience in multiple industries that will help us find the best candidates for you.

What is the cost of Dynamite Recruiting?

Our standard fee is $4650, to get started just make a deposit of $2325. Unlike most recruiting firms, we take a part of your deposit and create an outbound marketing campaign on your behalf. Because we don’t charge a percentage of salary, we’re able to remain objective on concerns of compensation strategy.

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