5 Nov 2019

Five and a half Keys to Success as a Digital Nomad

When people see the lifestyle of many digital nomads, they are often awed: frequent travel to interesting locations, work in something that matters to you on a schedule you determine, and thoughtful conversations with interesting people who share your lifestyle.  For those just starting out in remote work and the digital nomad lifestyle, a basic [...] Read more

10 Sep 2019

Hire The Best Remote Workers

This is an article for entrepreneurs who need to grow their team and hire the best remote workers. This is the process we’ve used to grown our teams at Dynamite Jobs, the Dynamite Circle, and Tropical MBA podcast. What is an A-Player? If you own a small remote business or a bootstrapped business, you know [...] Read more

9 Sep 2019

Achieve Remote Work-Life Balance

Here’s some help to make sure you get the work-life balance you deserve while achieving great results at work and enjoying your time off from work. Shifting to a remote work schedule and responsibilities isn’t as glamorous or straight forward as one might think. If you find the transition isn’t handled well and the correct [...] Read more

6 Aug 2019

Create a resume for a remote job that impresses recruiters

When preparing to apply for a remote job, it’s key to create a resume that gives you the best shot at winning an interview. It can be that much more difficult to land an interview when you are competing with applicants from all over the world. Especially when you consider these stats about the job [...] Read more

16 May 2019

Employing Remotely: What You Need To Remember

Guest Author: Luke Petit, Remote-How One of the great benefits when hiring remotely is that your talent pool is not limited geographically. You can get the right person for the job without having to think about relocating anyone, or the practicalities of having enough office space. However, when working with a distributed workforce, there are [...] Read more

5 Apr 2019

How Long Does it Take to Hire?

A common question we receive from founders and hiring managers as well as from candidates is, “How long will the hiring process take?” The answer used to be, “It depends… there are a lot of factors…” This was because the hiring process was left up to chance, there was no telling when the right candidate [...] Read more

26 Mar 2019

Is a Remote Job for You?

There are countless benefits to having a remote job. The most obvious benefit being you get to work from wherever you want, live wherever you want, and travel as often as you like. Working from the comfort of your home or your favorite coffee shop is a luxury. You could even work from the beach! [...] Read more

20 Mar 2019

Does Dynamite Jobs Do Tech Jobs?

Since Dynamite Jobs started, we’ve been discussing what are the kind of jobs we should be posting on our site. The answer depended on the needs of our candidates and our clients. We wanted to post the jobs our candidates were qualified for, but we also wanted to share the jobs our clients needed to [...] Read more

12 Mar 2019

6 Tips For Making a Remarkable Application

You’ve perfected your resume, labored over your cover letter, and spent weeks applying for jobs in companies that you know you’d be a great fit for. You’re feeling optimistic, eagerly refreshing your inbox waiting for the responses to roll in and… crickets. Getting ignored by employers is the most frustrating part about job hunting. It’s [...] Read more

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