29 Sep 2020

5 tips to make your CV stand out

I have been working on recruiting for the past 12 years now, accumulating experiences from being a headhunter to an in-house regional recruiting manager across industries covering film, animation, visual effects, logistics, professional services such as management consulting. I started coaching resume writing and career 2 years ago when I was taking my sabbatical, traveling [...] Read more

22 Sep 2020

Why You Should Consider a Sample Project With Remote Hires

Hiring remote workers allows you to tap into a worldwide talent pool of experts who can take your projects and company further. That talent pool just got even wider, with 74.5% of respondents in a recent survey noting that they’ve gone remote since the start of the pandemic. More people are growing accustomed to a [...] Read more

30 Jun 2020

How to Get a Job at a Remote Company

What better way to learn about how to get a job at a remote company than gaining an insight into how a successful remote company hires? We were fortunate enough to have Nat Eliason of Growth Machine sit down with our team and discuss how he assesses potential new team members. Nat manages a remote [...] Read more

9 Jun 2020

5 Ways to Increase Employee Engagement on a Remote Team

  In 1999, researchers Jonathan Haidt and Judith Rodin collaborated on a review paper which concluded that “changing an institution’s environment to increase the sense of control among its workers, students, patients, or other users was one of the most effective possible ways to increase their sense of engagement, energy, and happiness.” Judith Rodin and [...] Read more

12 May 2020

How to Get a Remote Tech Job

Some say that remote working is the way of the future. Remote workers bring many benefits to a company such as lower operations costs, increased productivity, and happier employees. Although the working model is not applicable to all businesses, it is a viable option for many working in a variety of tech jobs. Ready to [...] Read more

24 Mar 2020

How to Work Remotely from Home

Here are three steps to succeed when working remotely. In these crazy times, we decided to create this article to help those who are looking at how to work remotely. We consider three fundamental things you have to keep in mind to start… Finding a Remote Income  Setting Up Your Workspace Staying Productive When You [...] Read more

24 Feb 2020

Working Abroad: Everything You Need to Know

In the past, there were severe restrictions in place with regard to where people could work from, but these days there is a lot more flexibility. As a result, many people decide to work abroad, particularly if they have the freedom of being a freelancer or work for a company with a flexible remote work [...] Read more

9 Jan 2020

The Hardships of Working Remote and How to Solve Them

Working remotely is a growing lifestyle for many coming into the new decade. And while tech, new industries, and forward-thinking companies are enabling more and more people to work wherever, the lifestyle itself can come with a few setbacks at first. Working remotely means being your own boss, project manager, and coworker at times. A [...] Read more

25 Nov 2019

5 Remote Resume Questions Answered by a Recruiter

I’ve been in the recruitment industry for years, and during that time, a lot has changed – but one of the biggest shifts I’ve seen is the staggering rise in the remote job market. With more professionals seeking flexible and location-independent lifestyles, employers have responded in kind by offering more remote opportunities. This is an [...] Read more

3 Oct 2019

Resumes Reimagined – Develop a personal approach to your resume design

Resumes are important because they are how we present ourselves to the professional world. Getting your resume right is important for the same reason that wearing appropriate attire for an in-person interview. You must be able to effectively communicate your professionalism, maturity, and fit for the role before opening your mouth. Humans are visual creatures [...] Read more