21 Mar 2020

Remote Hiring Guide: Creating a Video for Your Job Description

This is Part 3 of the Remote Hiring Guide Series.

Here’s our complete Remote Hiring Guide Series:

We’ve found that another way to help your position stand out and increase the quality of applications is to add a video to your job description. Now creating a video for your job description isn’t as scary as it sounds, so don’t let the idea of recording a video daunt you! This process can take less time than you think and the benefits are huge.

Managers are choosing possible candidates, but remember candidates are also selecting companies to work for. An introduction to an opportunity from a friendly face inside the company creates a great first impression. A video will help future employees choose you and give you more options. Here’s why:

  • Job posts with videos have been shown to receive the most applicants, as well as the best-qualified applicants. This will save you time when reviewing candidates.
  • A video makes the job ‘come alive’ and increases engagement, as well as interest among candidates. It will make your job opportunity stand out and be more memorable and personal.
  • If you are asking candidates to include a video of their own in their application, they are more comfortable if you have done the same. They feel as if they are meeting you on equal terms.
  • During the interview stage, candidates feel they already know you and your business, and the interviews are generally more productive than when the applicant has had no engagement with the company, and hiring manager, before. They will have already imagined speaking and working with you.

How to Make the Video

Total estimated time to plan, record, and upload: 30 minutes
Length of the video: 3-6 minutes

This doesn’t have to be fancy or long. It can be done with your webcam or smartphone.


When making the video, the most important things to describe are:

  1. The help you are looking for and why the role is important
  2. How you’ll be working with the new hire
  3. What your company does and what its values and priorities are

Here are some more questions to help craft the video:

  1. What’s the main reason your company exists in the world?
  2. What’s motivating you to create this specific opportunity?
  3. What’s the day to day of the job?
  4. What’s it like working with you and your team?
  5. Future opportunities.

Uploading the Video

It’s best to upload the video to YouTube where it can easily be viewed and shared.

Creating a Company Intro Instead of a Job Intro

Another effective strategy is to create a more general video for your company as a whole. This can then be used for each job description. Focus on what your company does, your mission, your team, and your company culture.

For example, Vansburg created this Company Intro that discusses what they do and shows their ethos and vibe. This video had more production involved but their team hires frequently and they know it will be used many times.

Craig Martin, the owner of Performance Foundry,  created this video covering his company’s Philosophy of Hiring.

Examples of Videos

The following are a variety of videos, for inspiration:

We’re always updating our hiring guide based as we learn more throughout our hiring process. If you’d like to share your insights on creating a video for your job description, please share it with us, team@dynamitejobs.com.

This is Part 3 of our Remote Hiring Guide Series.

Here’s our complete Remote Hiring Guide Series:

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