Dynamite Jobs is Here for DCers

Since 2017, we’ve helped DCers connect with thousands of candidates. We’re proud to have helped hundreds of DCers and we’ll continue to develop services to hire efficiently and effectively.

Hiring for a few Companies or One You Don't Own?

DCers who wish to hire for a second company/brand, a company that they are working as an investor, consultant, or recruiter for, have the opportunity to become a Hiring Pro account holder to post jobs for that one company.

Post Jobs for One of Your Companies

DCers may post 10 free jobs for one company or brand they are the main owner of and actively running. There are extra promotion options available when submitting your job to help you accelerate the hiring and maximize the talent pool.

Recruitment Services and Hiring Support

Our technical recruitment team of 15+ years of experience will handle everything from start to finish. Most hires take about 3-5 weeks to complete. We charge a flat fee, 50% up front, 50% upon project completion.

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Not enough! We’ve worked with about 12% of the DC and working with more members each week. Right now, 55% of the positions DCers post on the site are filled by candidates from our database. Note: This statistic doesn’t include the positions that are canceled and never filled.

There hundreds of jobs on our site at any given moment. We highly recommend creating a full and complete job description as well as adding a video to attract the most motivated and skilled candidates. Here’s how to add a video to your job description!

This is the checklist we put job descriptions through to make sure they’re ready for our site. 

You have free access to Airtable where we’ll set up the application form and gather the candidates for you to review. If you’re unfamiliar with Airtable, it’s set up similarly to Google Sheets but far more customizable and makes a better experience for reviewing candidates and making notes on their applications.