20 Mar 2019

Does Dynamite Jobs Do Tech Jobs?


Since Dynamite Jobs started, we’ve been discussing what are the kind of jobs we should be posting on our site. The answer depended on the needs of our candidates and our clients. We wanted to post the jobs our candidates were qualified for, but we also wanted to share the jobs our clients needed to fill; so we decided to do a combination of both.

We looked at the kinds of jobs we have been posting and the jobs we were most successful at filling.

The jobs we had been posting for our clients were mostly:

  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Business Development
  • Customer Support

We had also been posting a few jobs that were:

  • Multimedia Production
  • Administrative

We have been successful with filling these positions but we also wanted to know what kinds of positions our candidates were looking for.

In December 2018, we started gathering the qualifications and job preferences of our candidates. We wanted to know what jobs our candidates were looking for and what their skill sets were. This would help us serve our candidates and know which jobs we could help fill the fastest.

Our candidates were searching for jobs in:

  • Operations
  • Marketing
  • Customer Support
  • Business Development

This aligned well with the jobs we had been posting, so we continued to say that these categories were our strengths with the job fulfillment rate and our large audience as evidence and justification. We were cautious to post positions that were not in these categories (specifically developer and technical jobs) because we wanted to continue giving our audience what they wanted and stay true to the message we had been telling our clients about our strength and how we could help them.

However, only about 10% of our audience filled out our survey sharing their job preferences. This allowed us two options:

  1. Extrapolate and continue assuming based on what we know
  2. Experiment and continue to learn as much as we can about our candidates and the jobs we can fill.

In the last two months, we’ve been trying out option two.

We started experimenting with technical customer support roles – we filled both of these immediately and it surprised us. Now we are trying out data analyst positions – and it looks like we’ll fill those very soon. What’s next? We will try to fill developer positions.

Recently, some of our clients have approached us asking about the different candidates we have and if we have people with certain technical backgrounds and skillsets. We’ve been digging into our database to find these people and our clients are very surprised by what they’ve been finding. We are able to send candidate profiles straight to our clients to accelerate the hiring process as well as show the types of jobs we can fill at Dynamite Jobs.

So, can Dynamite Jobs fill technical positions? Yes, however, we are still learning about our audience and the technical jobs they are searching for. So far we’ve been able to fill technical support and data analyst positions seamlessly. We will remain open to posting a variety type of remote jobs as long as they fit our guidelines of a Dynamite Job.

Whether or not we post a certain type of job has become less dependent on the job’s category. We choose to promote and work with a job if it is truly a Dynamite Job and a position our candidates would benefit from. Our site focuses on providing the absolute best opportunities from Dynamite Companies to our audience of diverse skill sets and experiences. (You can read more about what is a Dynamite Job here.)

If you have a technical background and would like us to help you find your next remote position, fill out our job placement form so we can help.


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