5 Apr 2019

How Long Does it Take to Hire?

A common question we receive from founders and hiring managers as well as from candidates is, “How long will the hiring process take?” The answer used to be, “It depends… there are a lot of factors…” This was because the hiring process was left up to chance, there was no telling when the right candidate would apply (or if they would ever apply), and if everyone involved in the process was ready and had time allocated for the hiring process.

After helping hundreds of companies hire, we’ve been able to create a more accurate timeline on how long hiring takes for a company when they work with Dynamite Jobs. Some of the companies we’ve worked with have hired within a weekend, others took two weeks to sign on their newest team member, and others have taken over a month. We are not denying that there are still a lot of factors at play, but by identifying the factors we can more accurately predict the length of hiring.

The following is a breakdown on why it takes some companies a few days and others over a month to hire.

The hiring process is made of these four components:

  1. Job description + exposure
  2. Candidates
  3. Application process
  4. Interview process

The length of the process is made of these components but it also depends on a few more things. The other factors that can accelerate or slow down the process include:

  • Engagement and confidence of the hiring manager
  • Number of stakeholders involved
  • Overall preparedness of the company hiring

If these factors are aligned, the company is motivated and they know who they are looking for, we can generally fill a position within 14-21 days.

Timeline of Hiring with Dynamite Jobs:

Day 1: The job goes live and our candidates are invited to apply.

Day 6: 80% of the time, the candidate who will ultimately be hired has applied within the first week of the job listing live on the site.

Day 10: This is when we recommend interviews or test projects begin. If you know who you’re looking for and are checking the candidates as they come in, you can start interviews whenever you’d like.

Day 20: Interviews are wrapping up. It is important to have time in your schedule allocated to conduct interviews.

Day 21: Decision on the final candidate is made.

In summary, the speed of the hiring process is dependent on our system making sure the best candidates have applied within the first week and interviews begin in a timely manner.

There are many exceptions to the hiring process, there is no denying that. Some roles require a lot more testing and more stakeholders need to be involved in the process. The role could be new within the company and the company isn’t quite sure who they are looking for. The founder may also not be in a rush to hire and is willing to take their time hiring to learn about the candidates that are out there and guarantee they have the right person.

Regardless of your situation, we’ve built a system to help you hire as fast as you need to and fit within your hiring style.

How are we able to do this so fast? We’ve reviewed thousands of candidate applications. We know who the best ones are and we direct them right to your job. It is impossible for us to know exactly who you are looking for but we’ll learn as best as we can and provide you with a few candidates who best match your needs so you only have to choose from the best of the best according to your criteria.

We want to make the hiring process as seamless, straightforward, and efficient as possible for candidates and your company – no matter your system or unique needs.

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