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Frequently Asked Questions:

Please check out our support documentation for specific steps on how to edit your profile. We are constantly updating this information when we launch updates and new features.

Your profile will be shown in our skills search results. In case your profile is private, you won’t appear on this page.

If your profile is Public, your profile will appear in our skills search results, and will be seen for people who are browsing skills on this page. Remember, only hiring companies and the Dynamite Jobs team will be able to contact you. 

If your profile is Private to Dynamite Jobs only, only our team will be able to view your profile. Companies u other users won’t be able to see your information.

With a “Private to you” profile, only you will be able to view your information.

To receive the latest remote jobs in your inbox, Activate your notifications by following these instructions

We only post 100% remote and paid jobs from actively hiring companies. We don’t post just any remote job on our site. Each position needs to pass our guidelines before we add it to our site and share it with our audience.


Jobs you won’t here include anything that is not from an established company or 100% remote and paid. We do not post:

  • → Multi-Level Marketing Gigs (MLMs)
  • → Jobs with commission only pay. Our jobs must have a base salary.
  • → Jobs from companies that aren’t established or proven yet.
  • → Jobs from companies in shady or unethical industries.
  • → Traditional in-office roles that present themselves as “remote-friendly,” but aren’t actually remote roles.


We sometimes make exceptions for remote unpaid internships. If we post an unpaid internship, we’ll make it very clear that it’s unpaid. The position will also be from a large, established company with experience hosting interns. The internship will be for a set period of time with an end date. The internship will also offer opportunities to learn and to work with the company in a paid position after successful completion of the internship.

When you see job listings that say ‘Work for a DCer’, this means that the company is owned by a member of the Dynamite Circle. Members of the Dynamite Circle are location-independent, bootstrapped founders who are growing remote companies and teams. They are able to post on our site for free. We highlight these positions with the DCer logo to show that these are some of the greatest remote career opportunities and many of them are only found on our site.

Job listings that are ‘Staff Picks’ are what we consider some of the best remote opportunities. These are jobs with small, bootstrapped companies with career advancement and professional growth opportunities. There is also reasonable flexibility with the hours and your location. You will also have a seat at the table will most likely be working close to the founders where your ideas can be shared, heard, and implemented. These are careers where you can grow your dreams and not just someone else’s.

The ‘Highlights’ are used to show key features of the job. These are features that might make the job great in our opinion or they may include important information about the job.


Here are some of the most common highlights with explanations:


  • 👪 Insurance  – For jobs with health insurance, benefits, and or paid leave.
  • ✈️ Travel Required – Some companies have on-site training or require attendance at some meetings or trade shows
  • 🏝 Company Retreats – Many remote companies have team retreats once or twice a year for team building and some co-working
  • 🔑 Report to Founder – Or the CEO or Owner. You’ll be working with them.
  • 🗣 Native English Speaker  – Must be a native-born speaker. Not all jobs require this.
  • 🚀 High Growth Potential  – This is for linchpin roles or jobs with small companies where you’ll be having a big impact on the companies growth as well as your own.
  • 🗺 Anywhere in the World – All of the jobs we post are remote, but some are more remote than others. Some require candidates to be located in certain countries due to timezones.