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TBREG is Hiring Remotely

The Bartlett Real Estate Group 5 days ago

Administrative Systems Coordinator – Listing Specialist

Americas · Full Time



  • 🗺 Anywhere in the Americas
  • 📅 Applications Close on November 9th
  • 💰 $13-$20 per Hour Based on Experience
  • 🔑 Report to Founding / Management Team

Now Hiring: Remote Administrative Systems Coordinator – Listing Specialist

TBREG is Hiring Remotely


We are a traditional real estate sales team in The Villages, FL, one of the largest and fastest growing retirement communities in the U.S. with over 120k residents! Seeking a full-time Admin Systems Coordinator to support the sales team, with a focus on managing the team’s listing inventory. Fully remote – Small but expanding team – Minimal customer interaction required – Detailed and well-structured role.

About Us:

  • We are currently a team of 3 full-time Realtors, 1 full-time assistant, and 2 part-time administrative assistants working in The Villages, FL, and surrounding areas. We work as a sales team for a local RE/MAX franchise that has a significant and growing market share.
  • Our Realtor team consists of Lynn, her son Chris, and a family friend Kevin.
  • We are on a planned growth trajectory, with many more years of expansion ahead! You can see our profile just as a potential client would at https://www.zillow.com/profile/LynnBartlettfl/
  • We are committed to bringing a systems mindset to a traditional sales business in one of the fastest-growing real estate markets in the United States!
  • This is our second full-time administrative hire. We anticipate adding team members one by one as we continue to gain market share.

Summary of Responsibilities:

The Bartlett Real Estate Group’s (TBREG) Administrative Systems Coordinator – Listing Specialist is responsible for the day-to-day administrative operations in support of the Management and Sales Team, with a primary focus on obtaining and servicing listings. This position involves 1) analyzing, organizing, and processing of information using documented standard operating procedures (~80%), and 2) internally communicating with the Management/Sales Teams to adjust to and resolve minor issues as they arise (~20%). This position does require a significant degree of task prioritization skill based upon the larger business goals and processes, which are highly dynamic in a sales/service business. This position also requires that the Coordinator generally act ethically in TBREG’s best interests.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

The following includes, but does not limit, the essential duties and responsibilities for TBREG’s Administrative Systems Coordinator:

  • Compile and customize materials for listing presentations
  • Launch listing and closing projects in the team task management software
  • Listing data entry and photo selection, subject to licensed Agent review before publication
  • Perform tasks related to the setup and launch of new listings
  • Perform procedural aspects of property valuation analysis for licensed Agent review
  • Draft contract forms (listing and purchase/sale) packages for licensed Agent review
  • Confirm scheduled appointments with customers
  • Coordinate and obtain feedback from showings on the team’s listings
  • Coordinate showing tours for team’s Agents when working with buyers
  • Assist in maintaining the team’s digital filing and task mapping systems
  • Maintain the customer database
  • Initiate client facing emails in the team’s email alerts system
  • Draft, customize, and send template emails
  • Compose ad copy for listings and manage draft/submission deadlines
  • Arrange advertising of listings on social media
  • Track time accurately via management’s time tracking mechanism of choice
  • Respond in a timely manner when time sensitive/high priority duties arise (though this should be infrequent)


The Administrative Systems Coordinate – Listing Specialist should:

  • Be self-motivated and comfortable working autonomously – able to apply independent judgment in the exercise of essential duties and responsibilities.
  • Be able to work in highly structured systems environment with documented
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Possess critical thinking and strong problem resolution skills – Outside of documented SOPs, supervision and direction will range from minimal to moderate, forcing reliance upon the Administrative Systems Coordinator’s sense of ownership of the situation and subsequent good judgment.
  • Be task oriented – Since there will not be constant supervision, job performance will be judged largely on the speed and accuracy of task completion with respect to deadlines.
  • Have strong time management and planning skills
  • Be detail oriented
  • Possess excellent organization skills
  • Be self-disciplined
  • Have excellent computer skills – Typing speed of at least 55 words per minute and able to work with multiple software applications
  • Be proficient in English (written and spoken)
  • Have a high level of comfort communicating digitally, primarily via chat, video calls, email, and inside of task management software
  • Be a team player – The team goals are the top priority, and there will be times when the Coordinator is asked to sacrifice his/her normal schedule to help with atypical urgent matters.

Education and/or experience:

  • High School education or equivalent required
  • Associate degree in Business Administration/Business Management or equivalent preferred
  • Previous remote work experience preferred
  • Previous real estate/title/legal admin experience is highly desirable

Certificates, licenses, registrations:

  • None. MLS access will be provided by TBREG

Working hours/days:

  • Office hours are from 8 AM ET to 5 PM ET Monday through Friday, with an hour lunch break. We may be able to accommodate reasonable variations upon further discussion.
  • Overtime opportunities will be available.
  • This is a non-exempt position under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Other details:

  • Team communication will be primarily through Skype messages, email, or phone calls.
  • Team meetings will be scheduled via Skype video call weekly or as needed.
  • Time will be logged through third party browser-based digital time tracking software that records screen activity while on the clock with TBREG.
  • Daily interactions will be primarily with Chris or Kevin based upon availability and type of question.
  • A background check will be required prior to the final round of interviews
  • A minimum of two third-party work-related references are required
    If accepted, the employee must sign a strict Non-Solicitation and Non-Disclosure Agreement.
  • At least one recorded video interview over Zoom/Skype will be required. This is to allow other teammates to review candidates without being present for the interview.
  • Add the word “llama” to the first line of your cover sheet. This is a test for attention to detail.
  • Light sample work (paid) may be a part of the selection process.
  • Any applicants for this job will remain in active consideration for only thirty (30) days.
  • Employment is subject to a ninety (90) day introductory period.

Why apply for this job?

  • As a strictly remote job, you can work from anywhere that has reliable internet access.
  • You will benefit from well-defined processes and responsibilities, which produce less guesswork, more confidence, and a clear path to success in the role.
  • Task completion accuracy, efficiency, and volume are the primary success metrics. We seek process-driven outcomes and are flexible regarding how you choose to achieve them.
  • This full-time supporting role makes you a critical part of a successful, energetic, and ambitious sales team. Your contribution to the team will significantly affect our team goal of capturing increasing market share.
  • Your primary interactions will be with team members, other Realtors, and title companies. You will not be responsible for high risk/high stress interactions with customers.
  • We are hiring ahead of our busy season, and are committed to high quality training.
  • Within the scope of this supporting role, your input regarding process improvement ideas is highly desired. We want to make the job as simple, efficient, and effective as possible.

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