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Alpha Investors is Hiring Remotely

Alpha Investors 1 month ago

Account and Project Manager (SEO Focused)

Anywhere (100% Remote) · Full Time




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Alpha Investors is Hiring a Remote Account/Project Manager (SEO Focused)

Alpha Investors is Hiring Remotely

  1. Does the idea of working for a young and growing company excite you?
  2. Do you want to be part of a 100% remote team full of all-stars and successful entrepreneurs?
  3. Do you want to work in an environment where you’re valued for your creativity and performance above all else?

The Company

Alpha Investors is a rapidly growing company with a strong foothold in the digital assets industry. Here at Alpha Investors, we build custom online businesses from scratch, buy and sell profitable businesses through our flagship platform Investors Club, and now, through our newest creation Buzz Logic, we operate, manage, and grow profitable online businesses for customers.

The Job

The Project Manager will be the first at Buzz Logic (one of our partner brands), and will be coordinating all customer projects. We are looking for someone highly ambitious and incredibly organized to come in and help us ensure that everything is perfect for our customers. You’ll be the point of contact for customers, host onboarding and intro calls, report on performance, and coordinate all teams and key players so that the experience is flawless and rewarding for our customers.

The Mission

  1. Make sure the red carpet is laid out for each and every customer and they get the VIP experience.
  2. Make sure all teams and key players are informed, and all tasks are being performed on time. Nothing can fall through the cracks.
  3. Serve as the primary point of contact for customers and host all customer calls, including onboarding discovery and sales calls.
  4. Continue to grow and foster our relationships with customers and help us build unmatched brand loyalty.

Sample Job Tasks

  1. Schedule and host a call with a prospective customer who may have some concerns before he/she pulls the trigger. Answer their questions, and educate them on the process.
  2. Create and operate a system for customer reporting on earnings and valuations.
  3. Meticulously stay on top of where each project is in the process and coordinate with all teams and key players involved.
  4. Maybe we had a huge marketing campaign to bring new customers this month, create a script and run the kickoff calls.
  5. Help create and monitor KPIs so that we can see if any projects are not meeting expectations and create processes to identify, correct, and address the issues.

Required Competencies

  1. You must be an absolute master of organization.
  2. You must love talking to people, helping people, and have an attitude of service above all else.
  3. You don’t need to be a master SEO or financier, but should have a conversational knowledge of the topics.
  4. You MUST have a HIGH degree of availability and responsiveness at all times.
  5. You should be a master in all things communication, including phone etiquette, written email etiquette, and intrapersonal communications.
  6. You should be VERY comfortable coordinating and managing groups with different goals and solving associated problems.
  7. You MUST be fluent in English language.
  8. You are cool to work with. Our team is awesome and we don’t like working with knobs.

Preferable Competencies

  1. You have personal experience with building, buying, or selling websites and online businesses.
  2. You have conversational fluency with the language of investing and finance.
  3. You have some basic level of knowledge of SEO.

We don’t care about fancy degrees or certifications. We hire only absolute rock stars who excel at their job.

Further Job Information

Location: 100% Remote, we are spread all over the world and don’t care where you are at as long as you always have reliable internet service.

Hours: We don’t care when you work or how much you work. We care that you’re incredibly responsive to the team and customers and that you absolutely crush expectations and timelines.

Compensation: Competitive pay package based on experience.

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