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Bell & Bly Travel 6 months ago

Assistant Travel Coordinator

Anywhere (100% Remote) · Full Time




  • ? Staff Pick
  • ? Work for a DCer 
  • ? Entry to Mid-Level
  • ✈️ Opportunity to Travel 
  • ? Report to Owner/CEO
  • ? High Growth Potential 
  • ? Anywhere in the World 
  • ?1000 USD a month to start

Now Hiring: Remote Assistant Travel Coordinator



Bell & Bly Travel is in the early stages of rapid growth, so this position will be ever-evolving and changing. We are looking for someone who is highly detail-oriented, operations minded and obsessed with customer service. This is a hands-on role and you’ll be responsible for client documents, operational tasks, researching destinations and making sure our clients enjoy trips of a lifetime!

An A-Player for the Travel Coordinator Role is someone who embodies the following: honesty/integrity, ability to learn quickly, extreme attention to detail, proactivity, ability to prioritize, efficiency, calmness under pressure, enthusiasm, creativity, strong work ethic, great communication skills, and openness to feedback.

A-players are always looking for ways to make the business better, to make the client experience better, and to learn and grow to make themselves better. They know how to proactively get things done, are excited to take on new projects, and are willing to work on things outside their job scope when needed. Last but not least, they know how to ask for help when needed and are committed to making Bell & Bly Travel a fun, healthy, exciting place to work.

Sarah (founder/owner) in the Maldives visiting hotel partners

About Us/Who We Are

Bell & Bly Travel is a travel firm set up to inspire and enable people to travel more broadly. We specialize in helping entrepreneurs, executives, families, and couples weave unique experiences throughout their lives. Our mantra is fewer, better clients and we help these clients with all their leisure travel needs.

Bell & Bly Travel is affiliated with Brownell Travel, the oldest and most prestigious travel advisory in the United States. Through that affiliation, Bell & Bly is also Virtuoso and is in partnership with many of the top brands in travel like Four Seasons, Belmond, and Abercrombie & Kent.

Though we love all kinds of travel, our business model is such that we focus on high-end experiences and luxury hotels. This focus has allowed us to become one of the fastest-growing firms affiliated with Brownell.

In the next year, we will be setting up a scholarship to help support low-income students to study abroad. The faster we grow, the more we can promote travel to younger generations!

We generally work from 9 am – 8 pm Central Standard Time and Sarah is physically based in Houston when not traveling. We will work out your hours based on your time zone and our needs.

The founder, Sarah, is an experienced entrepreneur and has had a widely varying career path prior to founding Bell & Bly. You can view her LinkedIn profile here.

Last but not least, our core values are important to us and should be to anyone who joins the team:

About the Role

Bell & Bly Travel is undergoing rapid growth, so this position will be ever-evolving and changing. This makes it a great opportunity for those who can handle a multitude of tasks and some ambiguity. Today we are hiring an Assistant Travel Coordinator, and it is our goal to hire someone who can be quickly promoted to Travel Coordinator (within ~4 months).

Primary Responsibilities

  • Client Trip Management
    • Completing project setup and managing Asana, Client Folders, Client Base, etc.
    • Take project from design phase through completion payments, insurance, trip audits, confirming details, VIP emails, etc)
    • Interacting with partners and later on with clients professionally and enthusiastically
    • Taking responsibility for the details – building, double-checking and managing final itineraries
    • Proactively thinking of ways to surprise and delight clients
  • Create detailed, beautiful documents
    • Convert partner proposals into Bell & Bly Travel branding
    • Create and proofread final itineraries in Axus (web-based platform) for clients – making them both bulletproof (so the client has no unanswered questions) and visually appealing
    • Create standard “connect” documents like packing lists, custom destination guides, etc
  • Assisting Senior Coordinators and Travel Designers as needed
    • Destination/trip research
    • Pre-proposal development
    • Double-checking proposals from other travel coordinators (we always have two people proof)
    • Researching pre-travel gifts for clients
    • Send VIP emails, bon voyage emails, and welcome home emails
  • Process dedication and improvement
    • Regularly and effectively using team tools: Asana, Travel Joy, Toggl, Google Suite, etc.
    • Continually helping to update trip planning checklist to reduce errors/improve efficiency
    • Always looking for ways for us to improve as a team and do better for our clients

Working Style

  • This is a remote position, working directly with other Travel Coordinators and the owner/CEO.
  • Currently, we have one full-time Travel Designer on staff and some part-time help.
  • Most work will be assigned digitally via team management software but you should be available for calls when needed during regular business hours ~once per week, Central Standard Time. We can adjust calls late or early to work with schedules.
  • We will establish a regular cadence for check-in calls – on these calls we’ll catch up on tasks for the week, share feedback, and brainstorm.
  • Our goal is to start you in the Assistant role and promote A players to full Travel Coordinator taking on responsibility. In the coming year +, Travel Coordinator will also have the ability to rise to Travel Designer.


  • We have systemized a lot of our training so your first week will be consuming a lot of videos we’ve made, reading manuals, and talking over google hangout with our Travel Coordinator.
  • After the initial week of training, training will be as we go – we believe learning our style and then implementing it is better for retention.

Growth Opportunities

  • This truly depends on the candidate, their skill level, and their interests, as well as Bell & Bly’s success in growing market share.
  • Our goal is to promote A players to full Travel Coordinator
    • Assistant Travel Coordinators support Travel Coordinators in document creation, drafting client emails, and interacting with partners/suppliers.
    • Travel Coordinators support Sarah or their lead Travel Designer directly – taking on the entire project after the design phase and are responsible for client communications and ensuring a top-notch trip.
  • For those who are happy and excelling in the Assistant Travel Coordinator Role, but *don’t* want to take on the extra responsibility, there will be room for growth in this support well too as we grow.

Who You Are

  • You should be HIGHLY detail-oriented – creating high-quality itineraries is no easy feat. Suppliers often forget small details. It’s our job to catch those before the client even gets the itinerary.
  • You should be able to adapt to our Bell & Bly Travel style – early on we’ll give lots of feedback on types of photos we like, the type of language we like to use, etc. Even these “subjective” pieces are important to a great product.
  • You should be operations minded – thinking about streamlining processes and making the client experience better at each step along the way.
  • You should have excellent English communication skills – especially written, but also over the phone.
  • You should be good at English grammar, writing, and creating clean and attractive documents for clients that elevate our brand.
  • You should be highly task-oriented and have a great work ethic – we want A players who are committed to getting things right and completed on time.
  • You should have integrity and honesty and be able to maintain the highest standards of confidentiality.
  • You should be obsessed with customer service – we advise our clients on how to spend their most valuable asset, their time. Most people have such limited time and budget to put towards this, so we strive to get it right and make it memorable!
  • You should get along well with our team and have fun! Life is too short to work with a team you don’t like!
  • In your cover letter, please tell me what’s #1 on your bucket list and why.
  • You should not be scared to suggest new, faster, or better ways of doing things! I am often too busy to dedicate time to this and always appreciate the team’s input.
  • You should be clear and concise in your communication with me, and appreciate that I will do the same for you. (i.e. let’s be straight forward, no BS).


  • Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF
  • Familiarity with Canva a plus
  • Asana and project management tools
  • Interacting with clients

What’s in it for you?

  • Flexible schedule – work from home, a coffee shop, wherever! As long as you’re putting in the hours and getting high-quality work done, it doesn’t matter to us (so long as you’re available for calls when we schedule).
  • Discover the world – experience the travel industry firsthand and quite literally spend your working hours learning about the world.
  • Promote tolerance – it is our true belief that travel promotes tolerance and makes our world a better place. We help clients travel more, raise global citizens, and learn about the rest of the world.
  • Help grow a business from the ground up – Bell & Bly is one of the fastest-growing travel advisories in the USA and we need help to grow even faster.
  • Travel – if Bell & Bly hits certain revenue targets, you may become eligible for certain travel-related perks in the coming years.
  • Salary – Pay will start at $1000 but will increase after the trial period.

Please only apply through the Airtable form! Candidates who send their resume via email will not be considered.

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