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Experience Care is Hiring Remotely with Dynamite Jobs

Experience Care 3 months ago

B2B SaaS Marketing/Lead Gen Intern

Anywhere (100% Remote) · Part Time




  • 💥 Work for a DCer
  • 🔑 Work with the CEO
  • 🕘 3-6 Month Internship
  • 🚀 High Growth Potential 
  • 🗺 Anywhere in the World
  • 💰 $400 USD Monthly Stipend
  • 💡 Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring Internship
  • 📅 Applications Close on the 5th of every month

Now Hiring: Remote B2B SaaS Marketing/Lead Gen Intern
Experience.care is Hiring Remotely with Dynamite Jobs

Want to help produce a podcast, run a new cold email campaign every single week of the year, or learn how to execute lead generation via LinkedIn?


Want to learn skills that will help you run your own business?


Want to work with a team that is 100% remote with co-workers in Saudi Arabia, Romania, Chile, and Kansas?


Think school might have been overrated and you prefer to learn on the run?


If you answered ‘YES’ to any of these questions, this might be an internship for you.

If you answered ‘YES’ to all, you are our ideal candidate.

A greeting to help you understand what this internship is about:

  • Work in a small, dynamic marketing team on impactful + meaningful growth projects
  • Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring Internship available.
  • Applications close on the 5th of every month of the year
  • Skills that you will learn: email sequences, CRM, email automation, Zapier configuration, sales funnels and value ladders, lead magnets, social media growth strategy and tactics, PPC, growth hacking, cold email creation, lead magnet strategy, podcast development.
  • Improve written marketing and sales copy skills quickly
  • Work flexible schedule

Experience.care is looking to change how marketing is done in the healthcare world. Having recently undergone a rebrand, we’re looking to become well-known in the world of healthcare and the way we do that is by providing meaningful connections to all we work with.

What Do We Want From You?

We are looking for marketing interns that are creative and hard-working. It’s an added bonus if, on top of those things, you’re skilled in web development, video creation, sales strategy, or some other facet of marketing. If you DON’T have any of these skills or prior knowledge of the industry, that’s alright too. We understand that internships are also learning opportunities and go beyond practical skills. As we mentioned before, if you’re creative and hard-working, with a willingness to learn and a dedication to producing good work, then you have a place here.

If The Following Applies to You, You’re a Great Fit

  • You have a great work ethic and are willing to work both individually and in a team.
  • You’re creative and an adept problem-solver.
  • You’re an outstanding communicator that can thoroughly express their feelings about our product. Bonus points if you’re fluent in more than one language.
  • You’re confident in your abilities to learn new software and apply it to your daily functions.
  • You’re trustworthy and reliable. We want people that we can trust to get their work done.
  • You can say that you’re tech-savvy.
  • You believe that marketing is integral to business operations and want to help us change the healthcare industry.

Key Responsibilities

As mentioned before, Experience.care is a company with roots back to 1969 but recently rebranded in the healthcare market, meaning that we have a responsibility to get our name out there and become a well-known entity in the market. With that being said, here are some of your responsibilities:

  • Working with the CEO and Director of Marketing to get a real insight into the industry
  • Creating and working on marketing strategy to create engaging content for each individual person you contact.
  • Generating leads that the department can follow up on to sell our product.
  • Cultivating and maintaining quality relationships with our consumers.
  • Reaching out to leads via email or LinkedIn to get them re-engaged with our brand.
  • Growing your own skills by taking the lead on specific projects.

Day-to-Day Responsibilities

In this role, you’ll be asked to do work in multiple parts of the organization. Some of that work may include:

  • Marketing- Creating and cultivating leads for the team to then build upon.
  • Podcasts- It’s a part of our marketing strategy, but you may be asked to write scripts or conduct interviews for our podcast.
  • Strategy and Administration- There are some more nitty-gritty sides to this opportunity. You’ll be asked to write out SOPs or take part in meetings about strategy. All of this is integral to running our company.
  • A lot of the work you’ll be doing will be focused on outreach and customer relations.
  • Important Note: It’s important to realize that, while this opportunity is great to get some experience, not all of it is going to be a walk in the park. There are some more difficult aspects that you should know about:
  • You’ll be expected to pick up and learn new software that will help with your responsibilities relatively quickly. Mastery of the software isn’t required, but you’ll have to become at least very knowledgeable.
  • There will be many times that you’re given a rough goal and some strategy on how to achieve this goal, but you will not be given a step-by-step guide. This is where your creativity will be of use.
  • There are many parts of the job that will feel like a grind. Perseverance is more often than not required for our industry. It’ll be frustrating at first, but the payout will be worth it.

Compensation and Skills Acquired

This internship has a $400 a month stipend. There are opportunities for advancement to a full-time position if we find that you’d be a good fit.

We teach sales, marketing, and strategy skills. You will learn a lot through this internship. Your supervisor has had multiple interns come through that have grown exponentially through their time on the team. Alongside the marketing skills you’ll acquire, you will also get great industry knowledge. The healthcare industry is a very tricky one to navigate, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes very useful.

A 3-month commitment is required, 4-6 months is even better. A 15 to 25 hour-per-week commitment is required. You must also be able to receive University credit for the internship. If this is not possible, you must have an outstanding background and references to be considered.