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Dynamite Jobs 2 years ago

Candidate Advocate / Matchmaker

North America · Part Time




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Now Hiring: Candidate Advocate / Matchmaker


Are you someone who is a good listener, intuitive, likes problem-solving, passionate about helping people, and believes in the future of remote work?

We are looking for a part-time Candidate Advocate who is located anywhere in the Americas. Your role is to work with job candidates and match them with the right companies. The job requires attention to detail and emotional intelligence. You’ll be reviewing candidate applications, documenting, conducting interviews, all the while working alongside a fast-moving and fun team!

Who We Are

Dynamite Jobs matches remote companies and remote professionals.

Now a year old, Dynamite Jobs has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs hire remote team members as well as worked closely with candidates to help them find the right position. It is our mission to connect the top remote professionals with the absolute best careers and companies.

You can read more about our story here.

What’s in it for you?

This is a flexible position with set requirements and responsibilities. For the most part, you will have a lot of freedom in setting your own hours. You will be required to attend and set some meetings, but most of the job can be done on your own terms. You’ll be working with a fun, innovative team as well as hundreds of entrepreneurs who are running fascinating companies. You’ll learn about a variety of remote companies, how to hire remote professionals and meet a lot of interesting people.

Helping people hire and find jobs is extremely rewarding. While working with the candidates and the companies you build relationships and can have a big impact on people’s lives.

This role can remain part-time as just a matchmaker, but if you’re interested in growing, there is the opportunity to become an account manager and work closely with the clients where you’ll onboard them and walk them through the many ways we can help them hire. With the right person, we imagine this becoming a full-time role. We are looking for someone who believes in our mission, is passionate about remote work, and wants to grow with Dynamite Jobs.

The Role

You’ll be responsible for making sure candidates are being recommended to the right positions and companies (our clients) are finding the candidates they need.

Your job is to:

  • Review applications
  • Recommend candidates to companies
  • Match candidates with the right job opportunities
  • Work closely with strong candidates to help place them.

Being a matchmaker requires an understanding of the position, the company (and culture), and the candidate applying.

When we post a job, we can receive anywhere from 30-100 applications. You’ll be reviewing these applications and making notes on the candidates to help the company decide who may be a good fit for their company. You need to be able to clearly communicate why someone is a good fit for the position and the company. We have many of these systems in place to help you identify top talent. We will continue to innovate this process with your help.

You will also work closely with the top candidates by conducting pre-screen calls, getting to know their needs and goals, and referring them to more positions.

Sometimes it can take months of working with a candidate to find them the right role. For every job we post, we have about 50 possible people who are a possible fit. It will be your job to organize these candidates in our database and connect them when new opportunities come in that they could be a fit for. Because we know our candidates well and have reviewed thousands of applications, companies have been able to hire through us within one or two days. The right person for this position will know how to continue moving us forward in that direction.

At first, you will just be working with candidates and will be responsible for their experience. Later on, there will be opportunities to work directly with the clients and onboarding them.

We are always open to change and experimentation. The ideal person can bring suggestions to the table on how to improve our process and must also be able to adapt to change as we are regularly adjusting how we operate.


  • Reviewing applications
  • Responding to candidate inquiries
  • Communicating with candidates regarding new positions
  • Gathering lists of candidates for clients
  • Organizing the database of candidates
  • Conducting interviews

Your duties won’t be limited to the above. We’re a small team with lots to do and your job is to complete the mission.

Day to Day

A typical day will include:

  • Reviewing applications
  • Conducting pre-screen calls to get to know strong candidates
  • Conducting interviews for positions we’re helping companies hire for
  • Gathering lists of candidates and sending them to clients
  • Reviewing new positions we’ve added to the site and seeing what candidates may be a good fit

How We Operate

We use Slack, Skype, and Google Docs to communicate and manage work. We have communication almost daily. You’ll be meeting with me once a week (sometimes more) to discuss progress and how things are going. Everyone on the team is available to help and open about what they’re doing. We don’t believe in siloing information or isolating anyone.

Most of the work done for this position will be within Airtable; that is where you’ll be leaving candidate reviews. You’ll also need to communicate with candidates via Zoom, Skype and email to learn more about them and arrange interviews. You should be comfortable with keeping organized and using multiple platforms.

Who You Are

We value attitude and aptitude over professional experience.

Our current matchmakers have diverse backgrounds from marketing, to chemical engineering, to business development. They are successful at what they do because they focus all of their talents on placing the right candidates in the right companies.

Our ideal candidate is:

  • Is outgoing and enjoys talking to people.
  • Can follow metrics, set goals, and make the path to reach them
  • Able to take critical feedback and is willing to do things that will benefit the whole company
  • Understands the success of their colleagues is a success and benefit for the whole company.
  • Interested in taking the time to deeply understand a company’s need as well as knowing the people who can fill that need.
  • Rewarded by helping people finding remote careers and believes in the mission of Dynamite Jobs.
    Enjoys systems and improving upon them


  • English Fluency
  • Strong documentation
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Experience working remotely
  • Able to communicate thoroughly and concisely
  • Comfort on the phone, on camera, and conducting interviews
  • Consistency and regular communication on how things are going
  • Passion for our mission and helping entrepreneurs grow remote teams
  • This is a remote position but availability during U.S. business hours is essential
  • Comfort on multiple communication platforms such as  Zoom, Calendly, Skype, Google Hangouts, and a phone.


  • Airtable experience
  • Database experience
  • Understanding of WordPress
  • Understanding of email marketing platforms
  • Background in recruiting, customer support or a customer facing role

We are looking for someone who is metric driven and can manage their work and success based on metrics. We are looking for things such as how fast we can make placements, how many strong candidates we can recommend, how many applications positions receive.

How to Apply

Please complete the application which you can find by clicking Apply.

We will ask you for a video intro, a one-page cover letter, and resume. The first sentence of your cover letter should include the word “llama.” After you pass the initial screening, you’ll have some calls with our team. We’ll then show you how our operations and database work and an offer will be made.

We have a 3-month trial period with all new team members. The starting rate will be $10 an hour. After the 3-months there will be an option for increased compensation and more responsibilities. The role will start part-time and you’ll be working closely with our team for the first few weeks to understand how we do reviews and the value we give to our clients.

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