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Houston is hiring remotely

Houston 5 months ago

Chief Executive Officer – Maternity Leave Cover

AmericasEurope · Part Time



  • 💰 Sales Commission
  • 🔑 Report to Company Board
  • ⏲ Part-time (8-10 hours per week)
  • 📅 Applications close on July 22nd
  • 🗺 Anywhere in Europe, the United States or Australia
  • 🗣 Strong networks in the Startup and tech community

Now Hiring:  Remote Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Houston is hiring remotely

At Houston, we recruit, manage, and maintain dedicated and fulltime teams of software developers for global tech businesses. Our clients are mainly in Startup and Scaleup space.

Clients are currently based in Australia, the US, and the UK. Our clients come to us with a need for full-time software engineers, QAs, and product managers.

We aim to fulfill this truly global need for high-quality talent and successful candidates by recruiting long term loyal teams to help businesses grow and succeed by building stable and high-quality technology.

We were born out of a payments company in Australia and have grown organically over the past four years. Houston’s directors are based in Sydney and the CEO in London and our main engineering office is in Kharkiv.

This year we want to take our story to the next level and wonder if you may be part of this journey?

We are currently looking for a CEO who would step in whilst our current CEO is on maternity leave for approximately 6 months. The right person would keep supporting and mentoring our existing management team in Ukraine, help grows the business with their existing networks, ensure current customers are well looked after, and keep their finger on the pulse, ensuring the business does not just remain its status quo but improves and grows.

About Your Role

In the role of the CEO you’d be reporting to the company Board, which is based in Australia. The role would encompass approximately 8-10 hours each week and suit someone who is self-motivated, well connected, efficient, visionary, and organized. Ideally, you have experience in the tech sector and also in running your own business and leading teams.

You would be responsible for holding the Houston management team in Ukraine accountable, supporting, and mentoring them in their role. Further, you would be excited and invested in growing the business by helping the management team execute on the strategic plan, use your own networks and ideas to promote the brand, and grow the business.

You would further be the escalation point for urgent companies matters that relate to HR, client or financial matters, and escalating to the Board of Directors where required.

We are looking for someone who would be interested in making Houston “their own” for the next 6 months and potentially continue as a director in the future once the CEO returns. The right person is passionate about executing the company vision and strategic plan and leading their people to join the journey.

We are basically looking for the Captain of the ship!

This role would suit someone who has experience in running a business, technology, project management, or leadership experience and who is available to work flexibly 8- 10 hours per week. Working from home is required and networking events as required.

Responsibilities & Duties

  1. Supporting and mentoring Houston management
    1. The management consists of a senior HR Manager who also looks after the day to day business operations in Ukraine as well as our client relationship manager who is in charge of the success of all clients of Houston as well as growing the existing client base
    2. Actively participate in the weekly management meeting where tasks, achievements, and issues are discussed and decisions are made
    3. Have a one-2-one meeting with each manager once a week to support them in their area of responsibility. Listen to their issues and suggestions and mentor them to achieve the best outcome
    4. Know the outcomes of each meeting and hold people accountable to their agreed tasks and outcomes
    5. Keep Houston management confident, happy, and focused. Sense uncertainties or issues early and alert the board where required.
    6. Time investment: 3 hours per week
  2. Business growth
    1. Review, work on, and with current business growth strategies
    2. Hold people accountable to their tasks in relation to the growth plan
    3. Engage your networks to help Houston grow
    4. Visit relevant events in your city at least once per month
    5. Time investment: 3 hours per week
  3. Business operations
    1. Run a real-time cash flow document to understand what money is needed each month and for what. Cooperate with the board.
    2. Time investment: 1 hour per week
  4. Escalation points
    1. Be available for urgent issues and make executive decisions on the next steps
    2. Hold people accountable to their tasks
    3. Be the main point of contact for the person affected (staff member, client, partner) where appropriate
    4. Write incident reports and manage the outcomes and any future-proofing of the business relating to the issue
    5. Time investment: 1 hour per week (will obviously not happen weekly, but if something goes wrong, it will chew up a lot of time within a few days)
  5. Other (optional)
    1. Content creation for LinkedIn and website
    2. Marketing campaigns
    3. Visit the team in Ukraine

Skills and Experience

Hard skills

  1. Excellent leadership skills
    1. Teams
    2. Business ops
  2. Excellent communication skills
  3. Excellent organizational skills
  4. Sales and marketing experience
  5. Great networker, has existing networks
  6. Financial management skill
  7. Russian speaker (optional, bonus)

Soft skills

  1. Enthusiastic
  2. Respectful towards everyone, doesn’t make a difference between people
  3. Culture driven
  4. Warm personality, someone who encourages people to open up
  5. Sees the best in people and wants them to grow
  6. Honest in their communication
  7. Can ask for help and communicate if they don’t understand something
  8. Always think one step ahead/proactive

Hours, location, remuneration

  • 8-10 hours per week
    • Monday management meeting
    • Tuesday sales meeting
    • Thursday HR meeting
    • Marketing and other ad-hoc meetings can be divided throughout the week
  • Home office
    • Ideally, a separate and quiet office space to work from.
    • Must have good internet for video conferencing
    • Europe, UK or US (Australia can be considered)
  • Remuneration
    • Monthly retainer
    • Sales commission

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