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Rubato Media

Rubato Media 6 months ago

Client Growth Consultant

Anywhere (100% Remote) · Full Time



  • ? High Growth Potential
  • ? Anywhere in the World
  • ? $55K-$65K + Bonus/Commission 

Now Hiring: Remote Client Growth Consultant/Director

About Rubato Media

Rubato Media is a digital marketing agency specializing in paid Facebook & Instagram ads and Google ads. More importantly! We are a team of people who want to do two things at once 1. Travel the world and/or have the freedom to be where we want when we want. 2. Have a kickass career, building an industry disruptive product in a highly competitive agency market.

We don’t believe in the traditional agency that sells in clients and “manages” them. We believe that we are the key to their success as the marketing arm of their businesses. We believe that we are the connectors, connecting our clients’ innovation with a user base who would love to know what they have created. This requires us to not only be elite marketers, but also elite business consultants. We believe this is where the magic happens.

Our mission is to be so good at connecting our clients’ products to their market, that our brand Rubato becomes the industry standard. If someone wants to market a product, they come to us.

About The Role

This role is a client-facing, leadership position. The core parts of the role will entail building strong client relationships, understanding the clients’ businesses on an in-depth level, and communicating this information among the Rubato teams to create comprehensive media and creative strategies to reach client goals. This person will be the center point of all the moving parts at Rubato, from competitor & customer research, messaging, copywriting, creative, audience development, and media optimization & scaling.

Desired Skills

  • Builds strong relationships with clients
    • Proven track record with examples of building both trust and respect with large clients spending over $100K/month
  • Proven track record of building and growing a team within a startup environment
  • Proven success building long-term growth plans for clients, with both high-level elements and execution plans on a granular level
  • Proven success building out processes and automation for better communication and effective workflow across multiple teams/divisions to achieve better results as a whole
  • Proven marketing mentality, taking a goal and seeing how it can come to life through creative, messaging and audience targeting to achieve the desired results.
  • Balances client requests with Rubato’s best practices to lead clients down the path of ideal outcomes.
  • Aides in strategically growing our reputation as a business. This is the most important thing to us.
    • This should not be confused with wanting our clients to be happy all the time. Taking strong stances is necessary to being extraordinary which does not always feel good.
    • Our vision is that every client and every employee who comes through our doors will be much stronger, more successful, and more confident having worked with Rubato.
  • Acts as expert for the client’s business (building an understanding of the flow of manufacturing, shipping, inventory, conversion rates, other platforms, in-store, out of home, creative resources, product development, business growth plans, etc…), the media we run for them, and the creative we develop for them.
  • Hyper data-focused and easily able to understand the mathematics on main media metrics (CTR, CR, CPM, ROAS, any comparison percentages, etc.)
  • Able to look at data on the media/creative level and understand what is going well, what is not going well, and where to focus efforts for improvement
  • Able to strategically work to hit client goals by building the right foundations over time, never losing focus of the long-term growth goals for the short term, and consulting on how to build the right foundations overtime to hit these

To apply

Send your cover letter and resume to [email protected] with the subject line: Client Growth Consultant. (Let her know you came from Dynamite Jobs!)

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