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The Dynamite Circle is hiring remotely

Dynamite Circle 6 months ago

Community Facilitator (Apps Close August 7th)

Anywhere (100% Remote) · Full Time




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Now Hiring: Remote Community Facilitator and Membership Site Administration for a Global Group of Entrepreneurs

The Dynamite Circle community is hiring remotely

We are seeking a community facilitator to help improve our private forum (over 1,000 members), our virtual masterminds (a large percentage of our members participate in bi-monthly phone calls), and global meetups (typically we host nearly 20 events annually). You’ll be tasked with helping conceive of and execute programs to assist our members in connecting with each other and growing stronger location independent businesses.

Established in 2011, The Dynamite Circle is a long-standing private community for 6 and 7 figure entrepreneurs who build (largely) location independent businesses with a wide variety of models including marketing and professional services, agencies, software, and eCommerce. Many of our members and event guests are pioneers in the online business space.


Dynamite Circle is Hiring RemotelyWe host dozens of events around the world for our community members.
Above just a few of the countless memories and connections made.

As a community facilitator, you’ll have access to every functional area of one of the most unique communities of business minds on the web. The job can be incredibly fun and rewarding, but can also be equally demanding.

Although we are flexible in the years of community experience required, candidates must have a strong view of how successful communities run and the systems that support them.

Further, successful candidates will have demonstrated:

  • Consistent and proactive work ethic with a growth mindset. This is a demanding position with a high workload. Yes, it’s also a lot of fun and there’s a good deal of travel involved (we hope!), but only candidates who have a demonstrated track record of achieving high workloads while working remotely will be considered. There’s really no such thing as “that’s not in my job description,” instead you’ll be forced to relentlessly question, prioritize, and collaborate with your team members and our customers to find and create the best outcomes.
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills. You must be comfortable communicating with respected entrepreneurs in both emails and on the phone, including hosting various member calls where you’ll facilitate important conversations regarding our products.
  • Strong client management skills. You’ll be speaking with our customers on a daily basis. Do you feel comfortable taking responsibility for processing billing, resolving a conflict, or jumping on a brainstorming session all in one day? Can you build consensus amongst stakeholders and make wise business judgments?
  • Demonstrated agility with web tech. From email marketing, to forums, to WordPress, to complex Air Table and spreadsheets, candidates with fluency with technology and how they can be elegantly leveraged to provide a better experience to our clients will be prioritized.
  • Enjoys critical thinking. Our company stresses critical feedback and we’re often being pulled in a few different directions at once. If you’re looking to punch a clock, avoid questions and criticism, and prefer to have complex tasks simplified for you, this isn’t a good fit.
  • A strong sense of character and personal integrity. To navigate sensitive and often high-stakes interactions with many forceful and opinionated personalities, a strong sense of character and integrity is critical to determining suitable solutions. Generally speaking, doing the right thing in situations (especially when it’s tough) is something we value greatly as a team.

You’ll be joining an experienced core team of 5 full-time staff and 4 part-time professionals composed of 6 different nationalities (not to mention a cadre of regular consultants as well as the mind-share, advice, and contribution of our incredibly passionate customer base who regularly contribute to our product offerings as leaders, event hosts, mentors, and more).

Our Team

Dynamite Circle is Hiring Remotely

Above are a few pics of our team getting together for our events, coworking, and fun!

We speak daily on Slack and meet remotely at least once a week. Our hours are flexible but we keep each other updated on our schedules and availability. Most of us are based in North and South American time zones for the bulk of the year. Typically, travel and a global mindset are critical components of this job – at a minimum to our two annual events, but often to member events and gatherings, which happen frequently around the world.

Our favorite parts of the year include two annual company retreats (Austin, Bangkok, or similar). We get together to help run our annual events and then afterward meet in person as a team and plan future opportunities in the company.

To further our mission of connecting entrepreneurs and helping them grow their businesses, we also run a popular podcast, a remote recruiting service, one of the largest remote job boards on the web, and annual global events (currently on hiatus because of Covid-19).

And inside the DC we administer a variety of services, all of which you will be involved in:

VIP Treatment to all Customers

You’ll be the primary touch-point for member requests and inquiries.

Responsibilities include member application review, orientation, and onboarding. You’ll be the point person for all CRM and billing issues as well as weekly community updates to all of our members.

Community Forum MGMT

We have an active private forum where our members connect daily. You’ll help to administer and innovate on our practices including moderation, technology solutions (we currently use Vanilla forums), and conceiving of and deploying community-building drives on the platform. Excellence in this requires a great deal of compassion and people skills, some business experience, and a great deal of systems thinking.

Coordinating Online Masterminds

You’ll be responsible for facilitating our ongoing mastermind placement service, which matches relevant members with their peers in accountability sprints. Our masterminds have been the source of countless friendships and business partnerships, some of which have persisted for years.

Event MGMT and Sponsor Sales

Although we work with an experienced and seasonal team to help administer our events (our staff at our annual event in Bangkok last year was 15 people), you’ll need to be familiar with every key area of a successful event, from sponsor and ticket sales, to venue coordination, to volunteer coordination.

Special Projects and Reporting to the Team and Community

Finally, as community facilitator, you’ll be expected to keep our entire team and community looped into the key happenings and KPIs and actively participate in conversations about the future of our community and product. Do you feel comfortable questioning why a process or KPI exists and evolving the data to be more useful to the team?

If you’re reading this and thinking – “that’s a lot!” – It sure is. If you’re looking for a challenge and want to work with a team whose passion is our customers and our work, then this might be the right opportunity for you.


We’ll be accepting applications until August 7th. We can’t wait to hear from you and how you’ll be able to help our community!