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Rental Scale-Up is Hiring Remotely

Rental Scale-Up 1 week ago

Content Publisher and Social Media Manager

Europe · Part Time



  • 🧨 Staff Pick
  • 🔑 Report to CEO
  • 💥 Work for a DCer
  • 🗺 Anywhere in Europe
  • ⏲ Part-time to Full-time
  • 🚀 High Growth Potential
  • 💡 2+ Years of Experience
  • 🏖️ 3 Weeks Paid Vacation
  • 📅 Applications Close on Dec 19th

Now Hiring: Remote Content Publisher and Social Media Manager

Rental Scale-Up is Hiring Remotely!


Rental Scale-Up is a news source and a consulting company working in the short-term rental industry. We cover topics such as Airbnb’s IPO, travel trends, and how to grow a vacation rental business. We are looking for a highly detail-oriented content publisher and marketer. You must an A-player, able to keep track of what you, the CEO, and external and internal stakeholders are doing, always looking to improve, and quick to learn. This content publisher and marketer role is currently fulfilled by our CEO, so you will learn directly from him how to orchestrate and perform these tasks while playing a crucial role by helping him get more time to develop the consulting side of the business.

An A-Player for the content publisher and marketer role is someone who embodies the following: honesty / integrity, ability to learn quickly, extreme attention to detail, proactivity, ability to prioritize, efficiency, calmness under pressure, enthusiasm, creativity, strong work ethic, great communication skills, and openness to feedback.

A-players are always looking for ways to make the business better, to help us all save time and be more efficient, and to learn and grow to make themselves better. They know how to think on their own, proactively get things done, and are excited to take on new projects. Last but not least, they know how to ask for help when needed and to give feedback to others, even to the CEO, when some things could be improved.

About Us / Who We Are

Rental Scale-Up helps short-term company leaders take the right decisions for their business. Our audience and clients are made of enterprising Airbnb hosts who want to start a vacation rental business, large vacation rental property managers who want to scale their business, vacation rental industry vendors who want to get more business, and niche vacation rental listing sites that went to grow their revenues.

We also run our own property management companies, with a few villas in Bali and St Barths. For each of these destinations, we have a blog, a newsletter, and social media channels.

Our CEO brings his experience as a vacation rental owner, as the head of product marketing for a global actor in the travel industry, and as the publisher of a recognized short-term rental industry blog.

About the Role

  • Amplify Content Reach
    • Get more readers and viewers for our blog articles and Youtube videos
      • Share our content across our social media channels and tag in the posts the companies or people that we are talking about. We use HootSuite as a sharing tool (Training will be provided if necessary). (4 hours)
        • LinkedIn Page
        • LinkedIn Group
        • Facebook page
        • Facebook Group
        • Twitter
        • Pinterest
        • Instagram (2 accounts: RSU and SBH)
        • Nokori (social media for the vacation rental industry)
    • Prepare the draft of our newsletters (We use Kartra as a tool – Training will be provided)
      • Newsletter # 1 (RSU readers): Create draft every week (2 hours)
        • Articles published in the past week (take title, main photo, and intro of each article)
        • CEO will add editorial piece
      • Newsletter # 2 (RSU vendors): Create draft every month (0.5 / week)
        • Best of articles that they could enjoy
        • Ask them if they have news / See if there’s potential for articles
        • Give them opportunities to sponsor our events
      • Newsletter # 3 (St Barths) (0.5 / week)
        • Take the 2 articles of the month
        • CEO will add an editorial piece
      • Newsletter # 4 (Bali) (0.5 / week)
        • Take the 2 articles of the month
        • CEO will add an editorial piece
    • Content publishing
      • Create and run our content publishing calendar (1 hour)
      • Publish on WordPress the articles created by our team and our guest writers, following established guidelines for instance on how to add photos, create a permalink (3 hours)
      • Go back to our part articles and fix the content to match the current guidelines (eg H2 for titles, internal linking) (4 hours)
    • Content creation
      • Use our industry network to contact industry insiders and get their opinions/quotes on current topics. Put these quotes together to create roundup articles. (4 hours)
      • Follow up with our guest writers to make sure that they deliver on time articles that match our guidelines (2 hours)
    • Image creation – Work with our designer to create images for our content needs
      • Use our designer to get images created as you need for our social media accounts or for our articles (3 hours)
  • Give life to our social media groups
      • Manage Facebook Group (1 hour)
        • Welcome new members every week in 1 post
        • Ask post questions for our suggested list
      • Check whether we’ve had questions or contacts on our social media accounts
  • Keep things and the team in order
    • Check the CEO’s calendar every weekday to make sure that all appointments have been noted and send him an email reminder (1 hour)
    • Make sure that our writers have articles scheduled and are delivering on time. Always have a view of who is what, when something is due, and what the status for an article is (idea / requested / drat / edited / published)
    • Interview planning (1 hour)
      • Keep a detailed schedule of our interviews (as interviewer or interviewee)
      • Make sure everyone has the right Zoom link
      • Keep track of attendees (eg send reminders, reschedule meetings if needed)
    • Outreach effort to get links to our old site updated towards our new one. Keep track of what we have asked to whom. (2 hours)
    • Read emails every day from a news service to see whether there is an opportunity to get featured in a news article and report them to the team (2 hours)

Working Style

  • This is a remote position, working directly with the company’s CEO. It works best if you are close to Central European Time Zone.
  • Most work will be assigned digitally via team management software (Asana)
  • We will establish a regular cadence for check-in calls (about once per week) – on these calls we’ll catch up on tasks for the week, share feedback, and brainstorm. These calls allow us to keep in touch, as well
  • This is a part-time position to start (about 20 hours a week) and we track hours in Harvest. The goal is more to understand which activities take most of our time and to see whether it makes sense.
  • Some days or weeks we will have more work to do that just must get done, others less. We don’t want “clock watchers” on the team. If you have to work 9 or 10 hours one day to get something urgent out but then 5 or 6 the next day, or one day the following week that’s perfect by us. Your commitment to getting the job done is in return for me not micromanaging your hours.


  • We have a small but growing library of videos for new hires to watch to get up to speed quickly – your training time will be paid!
  • Initially, you’ll also do several calls with the CEO for training and getting to know us

Who You Are

  • You should have a minimum of 2 years of experience as a content publisher or as a social media expert.
  • You should be honest and trustworthy.
  • You should be highly detail-oriented and always focused on checking / double-checking.
  • You are extremely organized and are good at managing a project and your time. You are great at documentation processes and at following them. You are also able to see where to improve a process and to make suggestions accordingly.
  • You should be operations minded – thinking about streamlining processes and everyone’s experience, writer, designer, and CEO, better at each step along the way. Saving time is saving money!
  • You should have excellent English communication skills – especially written, but also over the phone
  • You should be good at English grammar, writing, and creating clean and attractive social media posts that elevate our brand
  • You should be able to adapt to Rental Scale-Up’s style – early on we’ll give lots of feedback on types of photos we like, the type of language we like to use on social media, etc. Even these “subjective” pieces are important to a great product.
  • You should be highly task-oriented and have a great work ethic – we want A-players who are committed to getting things right and completed on time
  • You should have integrity and honesty and be able to maintain the highest standards of confidentiality
  • You should get along well with our team and have fun! Life is too short to work with a team you don’t like!
  • You should not be scared to suggest new, faster, or better ways of doing things! We help our readers and clients make better decisions, so we are ready to have you help us make better decisions too!
  • You should try to figure things out on your own before asking the team. Yet, if you are stuck for more than 2 hours on a task, ask for help. It is way better than not being able to deliver on work.
  • Skills
    • Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Gmail
    • Asana or other project management tools
    • Social media – Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook (Hootsuite is a plus, but training is also available)
    • Newsletter publishing tools (Kartra is a plus, but training is also available)
    • Basic WordPress (we can train, but this is a plus)

What’s in it for you?

  • Flexible schedule – work from home, a coffee shop, wherever! As long as you’re putting in the hours and getting high-quality work done, it doesn’t matter to us (so long as you’re available for calls when we schedule).
  • Discover more about a hot industry: Airbnb is a popular topic and understanding the industry around Airbnb will give you the keys to the whole travel industry.
  • Steady income – This is a position for at least one year (if you pass the 1-month probation period). We are demanding but we also have a system of bonuses to keep you motivated.
  • 3 weeks’ paid vacation
  • Learn and grow – In the past, we hired a social media manager who then became the head of operations of a vacation rental property manager at one of our partners.

Think this could be a good fit for you? Please apply! We check every application and can’t wait to get to know you.

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