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Tree To Tub Is Hiring Remotely With Dynamite Jobs

Tree To Tub 2 weeks ago


Anywhere (100% Remote) · Part Time, Short-Term/Project


  • ⏲ Part Time to Full Time
  • 🗺 Anywhere in the World
  • 💰 $500 – $1200 per month 
  • 🗣 Fluent in Spanish or Mandarin
  • 📅 Applications close October 7th

Now Hiring: Remote Copywriter

Tree To Tub Is Hiring Remotely With Dynamite Jobs


Why You’ll Love It

Amazing Company Culture

  • Not a fan of drama? You’re at the right place. Instead of focusing on office politics, we focus on solving problems and reaching goals.
  • We try not to let ego get in our way, and we let data and rationale speak the truth. If you’d like to grow with a team of smart, kind, and reasonable people, join us!

100% Remote

  • Tired of dressing up for work and sitting in traffic for hours? That’s not how smart humans should spend their time. Enjoy the comfort and flexibility of working from home, and save time for people or activities you love!
  • Many of us are “digital nomads” living the dream of “work hard, travel hard”. Why get stuck in an office when you can work from your beachfront villa in Thailand? We’re literally all over the world (Thailand, Taiwan, Puerto Rico, Philippines, Mexico)!
  • We believe the traditional office life is outdated. However, we value communication and personal relationships. The management team meets at least once a year, and in the future, we plan to have company-wide retreats.

Hours and Compensations

  • We’re looking for someone part-time for 10-15 hours/week, with the future potential of converting into a full-time position depending on your growth and interest.
  • The position starts at $500-1200/month, depending on your hours, the scope of work, and experience level.
  • This would be the perfect setup if you’re interested in taking on other freelance or part-time opportunities while wanting the stability and growth experience of being part of an incredible mid-size organization.

Company Summary

Our company Tree To Tub, is a natural beauty brand from the United States. We started the company just 5 years ago, and now we’re already the #1 natural brand for sensitive skin on Amazon. We’re proud of our quality products, and we’re happy that our customers love them too (4.5-star average rating). We were able to achieve big numbers ($5M in annual sales) with a small team (13 people) because we are highly efficient and effective. And now we’re looking for a true rockstar to join our team! Learn more about us here.

Who We’re Looking For

While our sales, brand, products, and team are incredibly strong, we don’t want to stop here. We want to become a strong thought leader in the sensitive skin space and become the brand that all sensitive skin customers trust. In today’s world, thoughtful copy and online content is the key to connecting with customers, and we’re looking for a rockstar copywriter to join the team.

As a copywriter, you’ll integrate conversion-driven techniques with our brand voice to drive sales effectively while staying on brand. From product listings to labels, blog posts, emails, and ads, you’ll act as the spokesperson for Tree To Tub, and be the voice of the brand.

Aside from traditional copywriting, we’ll help you develop skill sets in other content marketing areas such as email marketing, SEO, and more.


  • Strong copywriting experience in various formats ex: product listing copy (both Amazon and Shopify), general website copy, ad copy, product label copy, blog posts, email campaigns, social media posts, etc)
  • Ability to write highly converting copy by understanding consumer psychology
  • Ability to adapt a brand voice and write consistently with it
  • Ability to follow instructions and work effectively in a remote setting
  • Ability to research topics effectively when given broad directions
  • Ability to digest scientific literature and write content that makes basic scientific sense
  • Desire to write truly quality content that adds value to customers lives rather than fluffs that wastes everyone’s time
  • Interest in e-commerce marketing, the health and wellness, or beauty industry


  • Experience with Amazon listing copy, keyword research process
  • Experience in email marketing, SEO, or other digital marketing strategies
  • Track record of staying with an organization for more than two years
  • Fluent in Spanish or Mandarin

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Good luck, and we hope to have someone awesome like you join us!

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