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Tradlands is Hiring Remotely with Dynamite Jobs

Tradlands 2 weeks ago

Customer Service Lead

North America · Part Time



  • 💥 Work for a DCer
  • 💰 $15-$20 per hour
  • 🔑 Work with the Founders
  • 📅 Applications Close May 5th
  • 🗺 Based in a US-compatible time zone (PST to EST)

Now Hiring: Remote Customer Service Lead

Tradlands is Hiring Remotely with Dynamite Jobs

About Tradlands

We create essentials women’s clothing — like sweaters, button-ups, t-shirts, jumpsuits, coveralls, and jackets — in small, responsibly made batches. Each new product, like our business, is developed slowly and thoughtfully, with respect for the people we work with and our customers. We carefully engineer each detail — from the fit to the fabric to the trims — and refine your favorites every year. Timeless, well-made essentials that redefine the meaning of effortless style.

Clothing shouldn’t be stressful. Getting dressed shouldn’t cause anxiety. But every woman knows those feelings. Our goal is to create clothing that honors our customers, gives them confidence, creates a canvas for their personal style, and allows them to move through their day with ease — so they can focus on the things that matter most to them. Learn more about what we do here.

About Our Team

Tradlands is a remote team of 8 employees and several contractors we work with regularly. If you want to see more about our team, check out our Instagram. View our About stories where we answer questions about what we do. View our Behind The Scenes stories to see how our photoshoot team works together.

We are focused on creating customer happiness through our products, as well as our interactions and conversations. We use this as a litmus test for all of our actions and resulting procedures.

Excellent communication is the key to clarity. We believe in systems and processes that are effective, efficient, and repeatable. Systems and processes provide a simple, direct path to completing tasks, projects, and our overall mission.
Our systems and processes are intended to be clear and precise enough they can be performed easily by a new team member with minimal yet sufficient training.

We value focused hard work when we’re clocked in towards shared company goals. But we also encourage and value enjoying our personal time away from the computer to relax, recharge, and be in the moment of our lives.

We support team members’ happiness and growth. This is possible through open communication, empathetic listening, and sharing both our personal and professional goals with each other.

We use good judgment in all situations. We aim to always do the right thing, for our company, for our team, for our customers, and for ourselves.

About Our Customer Service

Tradlands is a “customer-centric” company and we understand customers are the reason we exist as a company. We go out of our way to satisfy and delight our customers and exceed their expectations at every chance we get. In return, we hope our customers go out of their way to spread the word about Tradlands. Like Nordstrom “our goal is to provide outstanding service every day, one customer at a time.” Working with our company should always be easy. We help everybody who reaches out to us with a positive attitude and a helpful reply, no matter how big or small the request we give them something in return. This rule is particularly important (and effective) when receiving odd or challenging messages.

While we do occasionally receive an email from an unhappy customer, those experiences are overwhelmingly outnumbered by the patient, smart, grateful emails arriving to our inbox daily.

Who is a Customer Service Team Member?

  • A compassionate and attentive team member who answers questions about our products resolves any issues that our customers face with kindness and efficiency, process returns and exchanges, and help maintain our excellent customer service standards.
  • A location-independent team member who is comfortable communicating and operating through Slack, Asana, Gmail, and Help Scout.
  • Someone who is web-savvy and has experience or is willing to learn to use Shopify and fulfillment software.
  • Our customers are 99% women and the customer service person will be answering fit questions and concerns for women. It’s very important that the candidate is experienced and comfortable working with women and understanding women’s clothing.

What does a Customer Service Lead do?

  • This is a key role in the day-to-day operational and customer-facing areas of the business, as part of a small but nimble team.
  • Build and maintain real, high-quality relationships with our customers
  • Composing daily, weekly, monthly summaries and KPI reports, reporting directly to the customer service lead and owners
  • Respond to customer emails timely, expertly, and efficiently
  • Building and maintaining Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for your areas of responsibility
  • Processing requests for returns and exchanges through our store software
  • Using your exceptional people skills to get out in front of potential problems and proactively help customers
  • Coordinate with 3PL fulfillment partner to manage inventory, incoming shipments, and resolve order issues
  • Understand and manage robust 3PL and returns software
  • Being extraordinarily knowledgeable on our products and proactively sharing the benefits with customers and potential customers

What are a Customer Service Lead’s strengths?

  • Systematic thinker
  • Empathic
  • Proactive and focused
  • Organized
  • Proficiency with technology
  • Understand and create systems and processes
  • Close attention to detail
  • Level-headed, especially in adverse situations
  • Motivated when working alone
  • Tech-savvy
  • Great writing skills
  • Comfortable with sales

About You

  • An experienced customer service representative who has the skills and knowledge to lead and grow our customer service department
  • A roll-up-your-sleeves, get-it-done personality with a friendly, outgoing attitude
  • Exceptional writing and grammar skills, ability to tailor key messages to a diverse community
  • A detail-oriented and meticulous work ethic, strong project management skills
  • Proficient with robust technology stack we use to manage our business remotely
  • Based in a US-compatible time zone (PST to EST), or able to work during US time zones, with a home office environment conducive to working well from home

Specific Tasks

  1. Answer pre-purchase customer service inquiries
    1. Sizing questions
    2. Rewards program questions
    3. Coupon code questions
    4. Help deciding best product
    5. “Where can I find your products in person?”
  2. Answer post-purchase customer inquiries
    1. Where is my order?
    2. Can I change my size?
    3. What is my tracking?
    4. When will my order ship?
    5. Delayed shipment
    6. Lost package
    7. Can’t track order
    8. Delivered but didn’t receive the order
    9. How to care for the product
    10. Shrinkage
    11. Change order, shipping notification doesn’t change
    12. Apply discount code retroactively
    13. Combining discount codes
    14. Discount code not working
    15. Damaged item, can replace the item
    16. Damaged item can not replace the item
    17. Exchanges/returns USA customers
    18. Exchanges/returns international customers
    19. Did you receive my return?
    20. When can I get my refund?
    21. Is my exchange on my way?
    22. Disgruntled customer reply
    23. Rewards program questions
  3. Returns
  4. Exchanges
  5. Phone calls
  6. Managing and growing our wholesale platform
    1. Questions from potential wholesale partners
    2. Order fulfillment
    3. Partner research and lead generation
    4. Managing Faire and Handshake platforms
  7. Customer service management
    1. Update Help Scout knowledge document
    2. Improve and update the FAQ page
    3. Create Help Scout documents
    4. Autoresponders
    5. New canned responses
    6. New SOPs
    7. Update existing SOPs
  8. Learning about new customer service strategies, tactics, and ideas
    1. Slack channel with blog posts to read
    2. Following thought leaders and platforms in the space for growth and best practices
  9. Bring new ideas and improvements to customer service
  10. Daily, weekly, monthly reporting
  11. Attend 2x weekly team and department meetings
  12. Coordinate with 3PL fulfillment
    1. Sync webstore inventory to match 3PL available inventory
    2. Contact account representative about order and inventory issues
    3. Daily checking of over-allocated orders
    4. Coordinate and track incoming BOLs
    5. Product creation and SKU/barcode upload into 3PL software
  13. Lead, participate, and grow a new Facebook group for fans and customers

The role will be 15-20 hours per week. Pay will be $15-20 per hour, depending on experience. Experience in clothing/retail would be great. Also, previously working for a remote team would be helpful.

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