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Customer Success & Communication Manager

Anywhere (100% Remote) · Contract, Full Time, Part Time



  • 🕘 Flexible Hours
  • 💥 Work for a DCer
  • 🏖️ Unlimited Vacation
  • 🚀 High Growth Potential
  • 🗺 Anywhere in the World
  • 📅 Applications Close May 26th
  • 🔑 Work with the Founding Team

Now Hiring: Remote Customer Success & Communication Manager

ABOVE POTENTIAL is Hiring Remotely with Dynamite Jobs


We all face procrastination and need a little help sometimes to refocus our energy to get things done. With remote work becoming the norm, it’s never been more important to have someone who’s got your back and who checks in with you whether you’re on track and following through on your plans. Even though most people avoid it, accountability works. It really works.

ABOVE POTENTIAL is the accountability coaching & productivity service for entrepreneurs, creatives and executives to activate their untapped potential. We pair our clients with their personal coach who holds them accountable and helps them avoid procrastination, follow through on tasks and finish what they want to get done. Our motto is: Stop Procrastinating. Start Producing. Double Productivity. We get most excited when we see our clients thrive and achieve their goals.

About This Role

We are seeking a caring and empathetic Customer Success & Communication Manager, a real “people person” who can help us grow our service business. Through your work, you can make a lasting impact on the lives of hundreds of individuals worldwide helping them improve on a daily basis and making progress in their life by holding them accountable for their set goals.

This is a unique opportunity to join a new tech-enabled services company that is well-positioned to grow further onto the international stage. You’ll be reporting directly to the founder of the company who will give you advice, guidance, and training on exactly how to fulfill this job successfully.

What We Are Looking For

  • An open-minded individual that is interested in topics like personal development/growth, human psychology, business, and productivity (You will have to learn a lot of concepts and strategies about what motivates people, procrastination, goal setting, etc.)
  • Solid experience working in B2C, service-oriented industry, or in a client-facing role
  • Strong communication skills: You’ll need to build strong relationships with clients, be proactive and sometimes chase them (in a nice way) if they are not reporting on time and following through on their to-dos and what they promised to do
  • Excellent project management and organizational skills: Our team works remotely, and we need to know you can not only handle multiple projects in parallel, keep an eye on deadlines and also manage your time effectively
  • Fluency in English both written and verbal

You are the type of person who…

  • Is passionate about getting to know people and understand their situation (What are they trying to accomplish, their struggles, and what keeps them from achieving their goals)
  • Wants to help our clients get better by keeping them accountable on a daily and weekly basis, checking in with them whether they are following through on their to do’s, thereby serving as a sounding board
  • Thinks critically and challenges others by asking clarifying questions and paraphrases what the other person said to ensure you have fully understood what they are saying

If you don’t have all of the above-mentioned skills yet, but consider yourself a fast learner, disciplined, focused, and curious, we want to hear from you. Motivation is what we hire, skills are what we will help you learn in the process.

Key Objectives and Responsibilities

As a growing startup, our roles are always evolving and you’ll get to experience a little bit of everything. However, here is what you can expect on a day-to-day basis:

  • You will act as the “Accountability Coach” to our clients and will get paired with a selected number of individuals. These can be successful startup founders, business owners, senior executives, or other professionals that do a lot of independent work
  • Direct contact with our clients and communicating with them on a daily basis (via email, chat, or other messaging platforms), being active and engaging with them
  • Strategic planning and goal setting exercises to prepare the week ahead
  • Keeping track of their planned goals and comparing them with their submitted results, checking whether they have met it
  • Making sure deadlines are met and chasing clients if they do not report on time or provide updates on what they have worked on or got accomplished
  • Weekly analysis and presenting a summary of progress
  • Serving as a sounding board, sending encouraging or motivating (video) messages to clients and reminding them of their bigger picture goals

Benefits, Growth Opportunities & Perks

  • Working directly with the founding team on multiple client projects in a fast-paced environment, offering lots of personal growth opportunities
  • Learning about strategies and fundamental concepts of human psychology, flow, and productivity, and how to apply them to your personal life
  • Collaborating with high performers and fascinating individuals worldwide. Our clients include venture-backed remote startup teams, solo-founders, small internet business owners, freedom-seeking entrepreneurs, freelancers or students who do a lot of independent work as well as senior executives working on interesting projects
  • Enjoy the benefits and flexibility of remote work from anywhere in the world


We always strive for 100% client satisfaction and want to offer them the best possible experience when engaging with us. We value direct communication and remote work that allows each team member to better align their private life with the work they love to do.

We are an equal opportunity employer and do not tolerate discrimination of any kind. We believe in small teams and strong relationships. For us, small teams mean less bureaucracy and more getting things done in a trusted environment.

Job Details

  • Position: Customer Success & Communication Manager
  • Employment Type: Contract, full-time or part-time basis possible
  • Compensation: Competitive salary with a bonus component
  • Location: Responsibilities will be fulfilled remotely and will require the use of a personal computer with reliable, fast-connected internet access.

How To Apply

  • To jump-start the process, please click on the Apply Now button on this page and fill out out the form.
  • We will ask a few questions about your previous experiences and your motivation for the role. You will be asked to record a short Loom video where you introduce yourself and tell us why you are a good candidate to join our team.

We can’t wait to meet you – thank you in advance for your application!

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