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Points Panda

Points Panda 6 months ago

Digital Marketing Apprentice

Americas · Part Time




  • ? Staff Pick
  • ? Apprenticeship
  • ? Report to CEO
  • ? Work for a DCer
  • ? High Growth Potential
  • ? Anywhere in North America
  • ? Native or near-Native English Speaker
  • ? Negotiable (potential revenue share and benefits)

Now Hiring: Remote Digital Marketing Apprentice (Point / Travel Hacking)

Points Panda is hiring remotely!

Hello Digital Marketer,

We are looking for an entry-level to early intermediate level digital marketer to join our remote team at Points Panda on a long term basis.

Are you new to internet marketing, sales and copywriting but want to learn more about the field? Have you just finished college or perhaps trying to exit a corporate career track and have a dream of working for a remote team while traveling?

We are looking for an apprentice to join our team, preferably on a part-time long term basis to help us with email marketing funnels, landing pages, social media management, copywriting, article writing, search engine optimization and basic pay per click duties, which includes managing campaigns as well.

Do you not know about all these fields? Don’t worry we’re not expecting you too, but we do need someone who is ambitious and learns fast!

We’d prefer a native English speaker but strong fluency in written English (near-native) is a must. Already being a credit card/points geek is a huge plus but is not required.

About Us

Points Panda LLC is a premium credit card consulting and award booking consulting concierge! What does that mean? You pay one flat rate for an entire year and we consult you over the phone, email and live chat about what credit cards to open and where to put your spend to maximize the amount of points you make in the least amount of time.

We also sell a course and are rapidly shifting to a credit card affiliate website model where we focus on growing traffic to our site and monetizing that traffic by signing up US citizens, residents and anyone eligible for US-based cards to credit cards.

Potential initial tasks during your trial apprenticeship

  • Setting up our first email campaign (non-technical part).
  • Data entry and research of competitor websites and YouTube channels
  • SEO optimization and spelling/grammar edit of articles written.
  • Writing articles.
  • Managing our Facebook campaigns running to our course
  • Setting up landing pages
  • If you are already knowledgeable about the credit card and travel hacking space we’d also invite you to write articles and/or do YouTube videos for us as well.

Job Requirements

  • Native English speaker preferred (or near-native/ultra-advanced writing ability and intermediate spoken English)
  • 20-40 hour a week commitment.
  • Not working for anybody else (no moonlighting)
  • Ability to work remote
  • Fast learner with strong ambitions.
  • Looking to get in early at a brand new business and develop a long term relationship, not looking for “freelance” working.

Preferred Requirements

  • Some experience working in SEO, even basic knowledge of keywords and link building and how it works is enough.
  • Some basic experience working with Facebook ads or Google AdWords
  • Basic understanding of landing pages, call to actions, and their purpose
  • Basic understanding of email and general funnels as well as campaign, segmentation
  • Basic experience writing sales copy (even previously working as a salesperson as a retail store helps here)
  • In North America time zone (between PST and EST preferred)
  • Potential possibility of relocating to Mexico City or visiting often to work directly with the CEO (optional)
  • Already know the basics of travel hacking and the industry, to a high enough level that could start writing right away. (e.g. best use of
  • American Express, Chase and Citi points, the difference between recliners and lay-flat seats, etc)
  • You know about the credit card/travel hacking space, preferably the USA credit card space but even being familiar with Canadian or
  • Australian credit cards and transfer partners are useful.

*While a commission split is a possibility down the road this initial trial project is strictly hourly. The hourly rate is negotiable.

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