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eCommerceFuel is Hiring Remotely with Dynamite Jobs

eCommerceFuel 1 month ago

Director of Events

North America · Full Time



  • 💡 5 Years of Experience
  • 🚀 High Growth Potential 
  • 🔑 Work with the Founder
  • 👪 Insurance and Benefits
  • 🏕️ One Month Paid Sabbatical 
  • 🗺 Anywhere in North America
  • 📅 Applications Close April 11th

Now Hiring: Remote Director of Events

eCommerceFuel is Hiring Remotely with Dynamite Jobs

Who is eCommerceFuel?

With over 1,000 members eCommerceFuel is the world’s leading Community for 7- and 8-figure eCommerce entrepreneurs. Our mission is three-fold:

  • Improve the lives of our members by helping them build stronger, vibrant businesses while also cultivating deep and meaningful friendships
  • Enable lives of significance, adventure, and growth for our team members
  • Help the vulnerable of the world, especially children

Who We’re Looking For

We’re looking for an event planning and logistics genius to take the lead on all our live events going forward. You’ll be responsible for working with our Founder and Community Manager to develop an event vision and then being responsible for bringing that vision to life.

We have a reputation for hosting events that are intimate, personalized, fun, and different from your standard corporate hotel conference room style event. While it’s important that our attendees learn and grow professionally, connecting deeply with other entrepreneurs from our Community is by far the most compelling reason people attend our events.

Initially, you’ll be responsible for annually:

  • A couple of medium-sized events (~250 person events)
  • Three to four smaller events (25 to 80 person)
  • Helping support and coordinate our network of member-led meetups in cities across the globe

We’re looking for someone who can take the reins on planning unique, interesting events that meet our high standards and help our Community members deeply connect. For a sense of what one of our events looks like please watch the video on this page. Strong candidates will have the following attributes/experience:

  • Significant Event Planning Experience: You have a minimum of 5 years of event planning experience for this role, ideally 10+ years. You’ve been the primary and/or lead planner for dozens of events with at least 200 people or more and have experience planning more intimate events, too.
  • Ability to Execute from a High-Level Vision: You’ll be helping shape a high-level event vision (size, key structural elements, venue type, etc) and making decisions to bring the event and vision to life. This will include a tremendous amount of independent decision-making using the original vision framework and budget to guide the thousands of decisions that go into any meaningful gathering.
  • Strong Negotiator and Experience with Venue Contracts: The difference between a profitable event and one that loses money can often depend on how well you’ve negotiated. You’re comfortable and experienced with tactfully negotiating with major parties (hotels, major restaurants, etc). You also deeply understand the ins-and-outs of hotel and venue contracts and have experience negotiating these on your own.
  • Obsessively Detailed Oriented: Events are an endless whirlwind of hundreds of details. You are borderline obsessive with lists, processes, and spreadsheets – and also aided by your steel-trap memory – to ensure nothing falls through the
    cracks come event day.
  • A Bent for the Fun and Exotic: We aim to plan fun, unique and memorable events that break the mold. Our past events have included parades with police escorts, mechanical bulls, swamp tours and all sorts of unusual (and super memorable) experiences. We also prefer interesting and boutique venues vs. massive vanilla conference centers and corporate hotel chains. This description of our event personality/style should get you really excited because it pairs with your own desire to plan memorable and unique gatherings.
  • Budget Minded: You’re always thinking about how to deliver a premium event experience for less. You ask questions like “Can we pre-pay and get a discount?” and think about if we could cater the meal (vs. use the in-house options) and get a better dinner for 25% less. Thinking creatively within a budget will be a key part of succeeding in this role.
  • North American Venue Knowledge: You’ve hosted events at dozens of venues in North America and have a mental Rolodex to draw from. As the structure and needs of an event take shape there’s a good chance you’ll know of at least 1 or 2 venues that could be a great fit.
  • Personable and Comfortable in Front of People: While your primary responsibilities will be around planning and executing, connecting warmly and genuinely with our community members is crucial. You won’t be required to emcee major events but will need to be comfortable being the lead on-the-ground organizer / host for smaller events (~50ish people) to ensure things run smoothly and to help with transitions and logistics.
  • Competent Writer: While our Community Manager will be helping with writing and promoting events you’ll regularly be communicating with members, writing copy to help describe upcoming gatherings, sending emails to coordinate and inform attendees, etc. You need to be very comfortable writing cleanly, clearly and ideally persuasively.
  • (Bonus) eCommerce and/or Content Marketing Experience: Previous eCommerce experience isn’t required but is a plus if you’ve got it. Same goes for blogging and content marketing if you’ve worked professionally in those areas.

What a Day In This Role Will Look Like

In your first year a random day may find you doing any one of the following items:

  • Leading a high-level strategy session with the founder and community manager to determine the structure, key elements, and flavor of our upcoming annual summit.
  • Flying into Nashville to scout venues, activities, and restaurant choices for an upcoming event.
  • Coordinating with our Community Manager about how to best market and communicate the upcoming ski trip/mastermind we’re hosting for members at Whistler/Blackcomb.
  • Doing a deep dive on three RFPs you received from venues and responding with your counter proposals for each of them.
  • Helping coordinate on-the-ground logistics and the opening dinner as 40 people arrive for a 4-day mountain biking + mastermind trip in Moab, UT.
  • Working with our Community Manager, Padraic, to understand the specific members attending an event and coordinate lunch tables for them based on their shared backgrounds and/or interests.
  • Reaching out to eCommerce companies in Denver, CO, who might be interested in hosting a meetup of ECF members in the area + helping coordinate details.
  • Communicating with all supporting vendors (A/V, hotel, photographer, restaurants, activity companies, etc) prior to our annual summit to ensure all details are in order.
  • Working with our Community Manager, Padraic, to come up with fun, creative and non-wasteful swag ideas that will actually be used/appreciated vs. tossed out as people leave to catch their departing flights.
  • Going deep down the vacation rental rabbit hole to find a beachfront villa or intimate venue in Mexico that can sleep at least 25 people for an upcoming event, then flying down to help host the event four months later.
  • Finding a private chef(s) who can cook meals for the previously mentioned group of 25 and coordinating with the attendees to ensure any food or diet restrictions are considered and planned for.
  • Helping coordinate travel details for the founder as he travels to visit ECF members across the United States.
  • Sitting down with the owner/founder to review how events from the past 6 months went and reviewing your profit share portion, calculated via a blend of participant satisfaction and event profitability.

Why Work With Us?

First and foremost because we’re a company that will treat you like an owner and understands that there’s more to life than working.

Two of our core values are:

Deeper Purpose: We realize we’re not here for long and there’s more to life than work. We feel strongly that it’s crucial to take time for rest, growth, and making the world better.

That’s why we:

  • Offer a month-long paid sabbatical each year to recharge, grow and pursue what’s important to you. Nope, that’s not a typo. That’s a paid month off every single year after your first full year of being with the team.
  • Three weeks of paid vacation to relax and recharge as long as it’s respectful of the company and doesn’t impact your (or others’) ability to get the job done well.
  • Give a portion of our profits to help vulnerable people in the world each year. Last year we gave over $60K to help support vulnerable
    children in Asia and North America.

Ownership Mentality: We expect you to bring an ownership mindset to your role and think it’s only fair to give you owner-like perks, including:

  • Deep autonomy over your work and process. We’re not going to micromanage you. Instead, we’ll talk about what you need to accomplish, give you the necessary resources and then let you tackle problems in the best way you see fit. (Although we’re always available as a sounding board and coach when needed.)
  • Ability to work remotely from anywhere in North America. Our owner works remotely in multiple locations throughout the year and thinks you should be able to as well.
  • No fixed hours (unless needed to facilitate regular collaboration/meetings), so long as your finished work is high-quality and
    done within the time frame required.
  • A share of the profits in the business after you’ve been with us for a year.

Freedom to Plan Fun, Creative Events: We love fun, quirky, and interesting events. We’re willing to take risks and do things differently. In this role, you’ll have the freedom to architect incredible and unique experiences. So if you’ve felt constrained in the past to boring, yawn-inducing venues and structures you’ll really love working in this role with our team. If you read this sentence please make sure to include the phrase ‘I caught the Easter Egg!’ as a P.S. in your application email.

Other Perks of Being a Part of the Team

  • SIMPLE IRA retirement plan with 3% company match
  • Stipend for health insurance
  • Work closely with the company’s founder, but with the autonomy and freedom to implement your ideas in the business
  • Interact regularly with and learn from an incredibly smart and successful group of entrepreneurs who run meaningful 7- and 8-figure businesses across the globe

Why This Might Not Be a Good Fit

You’ll Have to Meet Our High Standards: This position offers lots of autonomy, ownership, great perks, and the chance to connect regularly with highly successful entrepreneurs. As a result, we’re looking for someone who can step into this role and — with the right guidance and resources — take the lead on executing numerous amazing events throughout the year. If you’re not sure you have high standards this isn’t the role for you.

You’re Not Aren’t Able to Travel Frequently: Between scouting venues, activities and helping run/host events and you’re going to be on the road. A lot. You should plan on traveling 20 to 25% of the time. If you’re not able to commit to a fairly regular travel schedule this definitely isn’t the position for you.

You’ll Need to Be 100% Self-Managed: There will be zero babysitting in this role and you’ll need the ability (and suitable remote environment) to be able to execute well on
your own. You’ll be responsible for taking ideas and projects, executing on them and owning the outcomes. Note: Self-managed mean no communication. You’ll be well-trained with ample communication but will be expected to meet deadlines, manage your own workload and handle projects independently.

You’ll Have to Wrestle With and Solve Problems Independently: Along with our ownership mentality (and perks) comes the expectation of solving many of your own problems. You’ll be expected to troubleshoot, improvise and often make decisions on your own about how to overcome issues that arise. If you have a hard time picking venue menu options, negotiating a contract or picking out name badge designs on your own this isn’t the role for you.

Salary and Benefits

  • This is a full-time, salaried position
  • Salary dependent upon experience
  • One month paid sabbatical each summer after your first year
  • Flexibility to work from anywhere in North America
  • Retirement plan and company match
  • Health care stipend
  • Profit-sharing after your first year of work
  • Three weeks paid vacation and major U.S. holidays off

To Apply

To apply please answer the following questions:

  • Why are you attracted to the position?
  • Tell us about your past event planning experience.
  • Why do you think you’d excel in this role?
  • What are a couple of things you’ve done at past events to make the experience more comfortable, personalized, or unique for attendees?
  • What’s a major negotiating win you’ve had when planning an event?
  • What’s your all-time favorite event that you’ve personally planned? What made it so memorable?
  • Apart from family and friends, what 2-3 things do you value most?
  • How would your friends describe you in three words?
  • Is there anything you’ve created that’s public/online we could see to get to know you better? (Blog, videos from past events, etc).

Send your answers to andrew@ecommercefuel.com with the subject line “I’m Your Event Planning Genius.” Please do not send and/or link to your resume at this stage in the process. Submitting your resume at this step will disqualify you from consideration.

The deadline for submissions is end-of-day on April 11th.

Look forward to hearing from you!

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