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Oasis Optimization is Hiring Remotely with Dynamite Jobs

Oasis Optimization 4 weeks ago

Email Writer

Anywhere (100% Remote) · Part Time



  • ๐Ÿ’ฐ $10 – $15 per hour
  • ๐Ÿš€ High Growth Potential
  • ๐Ÿ—บ Anywhere in the World
  • ๐Ÿ’ก 1-3 Years of Experience
  • ๐Ÿ“… Applications Close May 15th

Now Hiring: Remote Email Writer For Fun & Focused Team (Part-Time)

Oasis Optimization is Hiring Remotely with Dynamite Jobs

Part-time copywriter needed to

  • Create content based short emails of our products and our clients
  • Write short weekly emails for our subscribers
  • Work with small, remote, team to ensure high quality results

Estimate is 10 hours a week to start with room to grow.

If you’re nodding your head saying, “Hell yeah! That’s me!” as you read this next section then we should chat…

I’m a rock-solid communicator and make clients happy with my research and attention to detail.

I’m not shy. If I don’t have the info I need to do great work, I’ll be persistent and polite gathering what I need.

I’m organized to a “T.” If you need anything, I’ll know exactly where it is.

  • I NEVER miss a deadline and strive to over-deliver.
  • I LOVE writing and am competent matching the voice of numerous people on a team.
  • I take direction well, and even though I may have strong opinions or a strong ego, I’m always looking to improve.
  • I really, really, really want to continually hone my craft, grow personally, and am a SPONGE for learning new things.
  • My written English is good and I understand “slang” and uncommon words.
  • My spoken English may not be perfect but I can communicate well enough to have a video call with team members in English.

If this is you, keep reading for the details.

Company Background

We’re a small team working with a very limited number of clients in the ecommerce world and a couple of other businesses that I’m part owner of in industries like SEO training, digital marketing, and DFY services (ecom). Getting BIG wins and iterating to get better every time fires me and I need help to continue to grow.

Our team is international and works well via Slack and email. We’ve found that an interest in the job and brands is more important than experience writing emails and want someone who can communicate well, meet deadlines, and learn.

Although the clients and businesses vary in industries, they all sell products in the $10 to $1000-ish range, by ecommerce stores, sales funnels, or webinars.

Our role is to help create effective email marketing that matches their brand.

What This Opportunity Looks Like

You’ll be working directly in our small team to write content based emails for up to 5 clients.

Projects will include:

  • Emails based on social media posts
  • Emails based on products or services
  • Emails showcasing something happening in the industry or world
  • Communicating with the template designer to ensure not only the words, but the design looks great
  • Doing research as needed to find out more about the brands, their competition, and the customers

You’ll have autonomy to get these projects done whenever you’d like, so long as they are completed on-time.

Everything you write will be proofed by one of our kick-ass project managers.

Growth Potential

As we get into our flow and groove together (we both gotta be into it, right?), then we’ll turn our attention to new client projects and expanding your role as your expertise fits. We’ve grown from a team of 3 to a team of 8 in the past year and are looking to find writers that can grow with us.