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Video Husky

Video Husky 7 months ago

Full Stack Content Marketer

Anywhere (100% Remote) · Full Time




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Now Hiring: Remote Full Stack Content Marketer
video husky is hiring remotely!

About the Company

Video Husky helps dedicated video creators professionally edit videos in 1-2 business days, stress-free. Our mission is to accelerate the growth of 1,000 independent content creators through long term, reliable video editing collaboration in the next three years.

Our customers can submit unlimited video editing requests and revisions for a flat monthly fee of just $495. This enables content creators to spend less time editing and more time focusing on higher leverage activities.


Video Husky is looking for a full-stack content marketer who will help provide valuable digital content so that our prospects and customers can understand and use our service more effectively so they can reach their goals. This position is 100% remote and you will be working alongside our Founder/CEO and the Marketing Manager. We are looking for someone who gets our brand, the services we offer and understands our customers’ needs and problems.


  • Research – You should have a very good understanding of our customers, their problems and their goals, by conducting interviews, surveys, and analyzing reviews.
  • Produce Content – With your understanding of our customers’, you should be able to produce content relevant to our customers, to show them that we understand their problems and help them achieve their goals. This means creating lead magnets, nurture sequences and blog articles.
  • Promoting – Ensure the right people read the right content, utilizing the power of social media, email marketing and work alongside our Marketing Manager.


Your responsibilities include producing relevant content aimed at these three groups of people:

Current Customers
Our customers are very important to us. You will create content that can be valuable to them, ranging from email autoresponders, help articles, etc. We want to make sure that every customer in Video Husky gets the best use of our service and beyond. So by understanding what our customers hope to get out of our service, it’ll be up to you to use content to ensure they get maximum value.

You will produce engaging content to keep Video Husky on top of our leads and prospects’ minds and to show them how Video Husky can make a difference in their lives. You should be able to dentify what their current problems are, where they want to go and how Video Husky fits into that.

Unaware Market
With your knowledge of SEO, you will produce content that will attract our target market, for them to have an awareness of the service we offer and turn them into potential customers.

Your role will be significant in growing our current email list, specifically our pre-purchase list, but also, our email list open rate, thereby increasing the number of inquiries that Video Husky receives.


  • Storytelling – Stories help an audience get to know us, like us and ultimately trust us – before we start selling them anything. We believe content is a long term game and telling the right story and the right time in order to educate is a huge part of that.
  • Strategy – You must be able to develop and execute a successful content strategy from somebody who is unaware, all the way until they’re referring new customers to Video Husky. This includes planning, executing as well as promoting a content project.
  • Writing Content – This skill is important as you’ll be the first to write for Video Husky with a view to eventually managing dedicated writers or even videographers.
  • Social Media – You should have a solid understanding of social media, promoting content that best works on each platform.
  • Building assets – You should understand the importance of building assets such as email subscribers list and engaging them in a way that keeps them entertained and informed.


  • Average SEO Knowledge
  • Average Social Media Knowledge
  • High-level understanding of copywriting, as well as persuasive writing
  • High-level understanding of customer psychology, understanding what goes on in a consumer’s mind.


These are a few beliefs that we hold about content marketing here at Video Husky, in an ideal situation, you relate to the following.

  • Customer Journey/Levels of Awareness – All customers must go through a journey – going from unaware to most aware. Therefore it’s the role of content to guide a prospect through this entire journey until they make the purchase decision where the prospect ideally becomes a customer.
  • Diagnose before produce – Understanding the customers’ concerns before writing. A great medicine for the wrong situation still won’t work. Therefore you believe it’s more important to research and gain an understanding of the conversation in our customers’ heads than producing a ton of articles.
  • Quality over quantity- We prefer having one piece of great content that solves our customers’ problems than 5 contents that are merely
  • Slow and steady consistent publishing – You should be someone who believes in consistent producing, having content published regularly and setting deadlines in
  • Jobs to be done methodology – Understanding that every customer who comes to Video Husky has a certain problem and a job that needs to get done and we can show them how Video Husky takes them from a painful “before” state to a contented “after” state.


  • You should be proactive – always suggesting new ideas, always going above and beyond, and able to set and hit your own deadlines.
  • You should possess strong attention to detail.
  • You have to be methodical – doing things in a certain process rather than spontaneity.
  • Empathetic and thoughtful – being able to put yourself in other person’s shoes and have a clear understanding of what they are going through.

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