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Shine Wedding Invitations

Shine Wedding Invitations 7 months ago

Full Stack Developer

Anywhere (100% Remote) · Full Time




  • ? Work for a DCer ?
  • ? 5 Years of Experience ?
  • ? Competitive Salary and Perks ?
  • ? Anywhere in the world ? * Must be available for a 4-hour overlap between 9am-5pm EST.*

Now Hiring: Remote Full Stack Developer
Shine Wedding Invitations is hiring remotely

Who We Are

Shine Wedding Invitations sells clean, simple, and elegant wedding invitations online. Our profitable, bootstrapped e-commerce company has been in business for over 10 years and brought joy and beauty to over 30,000 weddings.

What We Need

We’re looking for a passionate, committed developer to take over lead development of our website in order to continue modernizing our tech stack and expanding our marketing capabilities.


You’ll own our customer-facing website and product database, which will be redesigned this year. The goal of the redesign is to create a modernized, maintainable codebase that allows for greater flexibility on the front end and improves user experience.

The new site will be coded in React and connected through an API to a redesigned product database. You’ll redesign the database schema, create the API, and code the front end. You’ll also revamp our shopping cart and checkout, and integrating new marketing tools.

Troubleshooting, bug fixing, testing, and launching are all part of the job.

You’ll maintain and refactor the codebase as needed after launch.

You’ll learn our order management system codebase so it works seamlessly with the website. You also work on new features or integrations as needed.

You’ll help the team write better code by giving teammates constructive criticism when necessary. You’ll also manage co-ops from time to time.


A minimum of 5 years experience with full-stack development. You need to know the following technologies:

  • 2+ years React, Webpack, Node
  • 5+ years Javascript, Jquery, HTML, SCSS
  • 3+ years SQL or NoSQL
  • 3+ years GIT
  • 2+ years PHP
  • 2+ years DevOps and Linux
  • 2+ years experience with Firebase, Google Cloud, or AWS

Have less experience but think you can tackle this position? We’re open to passionate candidates with a minimum of 2 years experience who are smart and willing to learn. Pay is dependent on experience.

About You

You take ownership and see projects through from start to finish with minimal oversight or management. Figuring out what to do next on a project comes naturally to you, and you do it without being asked.

You deliver code that not only works but is efficient and commented. You use stable languages and libraries rather than rushing to the latest fad. Choosing the right solution is more important to you than coding in the language of your choice, even if you have to learn something new.

Although you do your best work independently, you still enjoy collaborating with teammates when deciding on technologies or how to strategically approach a big problem. You also enjoy interfacing with marketing and design to understand and clarify requirements.

You’re willing to take on just about anything that comes up and you like helping the team see their ideas come to life. No problem or feature request is too big or too hard, but you’re also honest about your limitations and readily admit when you don’t know something.

You own both your successes and failures. You look to your own code first when things aren’t working rather than blaming outside factors or other people. You give teammates credit when it’s due and respect all opinions when making a decision.

Playing an important role within a small company and committing to a team long term is appealing to you. Because loving your job is also important, your strong interest in e-commerce, digital marketing, or good design will keep you excited and engaged.


  • Paid vacation and holidays
  • 40-hour work week
  • Nationwide membership to LA Fitness
  • Company provided Macbook Pro
  • Flexible sick policy
  • Health insurance
  • Retirement plan with match
  • Competitive salary
  • You can be located anywhere in the world but you must be available for a 4-hour overlap between 9am-5pm EST.

More About Us

Our team loves e-commerce and is inspired by design. We strive for simplicity and excellence in all that we do. Learning new things is highly valued and something we do every day in order to solve problems. Everyone at Shine loves their job and has a drive to push our brand to be the best in our industry. We’re committed to each other, our customers, and the vision for the company. We may appear somewhat normal on the surface, but we’re all pretty weird underneath. We celebrate this by being ourselves at work and welcoming uniqueness.

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