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Jobrack is Hiring Remotely with Dynamite Jobs

JobRack 4 weeks ago

Head of Operations

Anywhere (100% Remote) · Full Time



  • 💥 Work for a DCer
  • 🗺 Anywhere in the World
  • 🚀Opportunities for Growth
  • 💡 4-10 Years of Experience
  • 📚 Training Budget and Time
  • 📅 Applications Close August 5th
  • 💰 $2000 – $3000+ USD per month
  • 🕘 Working Hours: 20-40 hours per week 

Now Hiring: Remote Head of Operations

JobRack is Hiring Remotely with Dynamite Jobs


  • 📑 – Lead the operations and customer engagement of JobRack
  • 💰 – $2000 – $4000+ USD per month
  • 💻 – UK company growing fast
  • 😊 – Rewarding – Helping businesses to grow and people to get great jobs
  • 📈 – Senior Role
  • 🎯 – Part-Time or Full-time
  • 📍 – Work from home or anywhere you prefer

If this is something that sparks your interest, keep reading 👇

This is an absolutely pivotal role for us. There’s a lot of detail below for you to read, if you don’t like detail then no worries, you’re not for us!



Click Here to Play an Intro Video from Noel the CEO and Owner of JobRack.

About Us

Jobrack helps business owners from all over the world hire quality remote team members from Eastern Europe.

Our clients work with us for three key reasons:

  1. We give them access to high-quality talent that they couldn’t find themselves
  2. We give them the help and support to hire successfully
  3. Because they trust and relate to Noel our CEO as a business owner and entrepreneur.

Our company culture is fun, rewarding, high achieving, and focused on getting things done. We are a small but focused team doing great work and having fun along the way.

Over the last few years we’ve grown massively, here are a few of our achievements and there’s lots more to come:

  • Over 500 Eastern Europeans successfully placed into great jobs with employers all over the world.
  • Launched a Done With You Service with immediate success and 5x’d our revenue within 5 months.
  • Helped hundreds of businesses grow through hiring great team members.

The future is exciting with three key areas of focus:

  • Rapid growth of both our Done With You and DIY job post services
  • Building and developing our team, our systems, and our processes
  • Wowing our customers

Our permanent team consists of:

⇢Noel (Owner/CEO) – handles all Sales and Marketing, leads the day to day business, decides priorities and handles the customer interaction for the Done with you service

⇢Ilma (Hiring success manager) – handles all customer support and DIY job post operations and sourcing.

⇢Mirela (Jobseeker success specialist) – focuses on bringing more jobseekers to JobRack and supporting them every step of the way

⇢Slobodanka (Recruitment specialist) – leads on the Done With You roles helping our clients to hire great team members through a highly targeted sourcing and recruitment approach.

The current team all reports to Noel as CEO, the intention is that day-to-day reporting lines will move to the new Operations Manager as part of you joining us and completing a carefully managed transition.

We also have a wider team of developers, designers, and content writers that support us too.

Here’s us on our Christmas party zoom call….more Christmas-themed dressing up needed next time!




About The Role:

We are looking for an experienced Operations Manager to join us and lead the operations and delivery side of the business including our DIY job post service and our rapidly growing Done With You recruitment service (https://jobrack.eu/pricing for more details on these).

A big focus of the role will be in implementing processes, systems, and tools to ensure we can continue to scale the business whilst maintaining and further improving our excellent service and results for our customers.

You will also be the face of our client delivery engaging with customers, managing the onboarding of our high-touch recruitment services, and providing updates to customers by email, videos, and regular Zoom calls.

Three Key priorities for the role:

  • Implementing, and continuously improving, processes to ensure we can grow and scale rapidly and successfully.
  • Driving us to a KPI-driven approach bringing significant improvement to day-to-day operations through a focus on the numbers that matter for all aspects of the business.
  • Leading the operations team in excellent customer engagement ensuring happy customers, a happy team, and a profitable business.

Having a growth and action mindset will be key for you to succeed in this role.

What you’ll be working on…

  • Reviewing processes to identify opportunities to Eliminate, Automate, Delegate or Simplify tasks to streamline how we collate information and deliver our services.
  • Identifying, proposing, and implementing software and tools to improve how we run our business (Asana, ClickUp, etc.)
  • Learning how to use Workable and implementing it to drive an efficient and customer-focused experience for our Done With You service. We want to get the most out of the tools we use, getting awesome results, and doing cool things that wow customers with tools and systems that will excite you.
  • Defining and driving implementation and improvement of standard operating procedures
  • Using tools like Zapier to automate manual processes to free up time and improve customer experience.
  • Defining and implementing key metrics for monitoring and reporting of the various areas of the business implementing them into regular reporting and review processes including selection and configuration of relevant tools.
  • Leading the team and setting/reviewing OKR’s including prioritizing ideas for action.
  • Identifying ways to engage existing customers encouraging referrals and repeat business.
  • Helping us make sure we improve every day.

The first few weeks in the role….

  • Learning how we operate our business,
  • Auditing our processes and the systems in place
  • Identifying priority areas for improvement and proposing methods and approaches to improve.
  • Coming up with your own 90-day plan as well as a longer-term vision for how we operate our business.
  • You’ll be hands-on making improvements and getting stuck in. No ivory towers here!

Tools we use

  • Asana
  • ClickUp
  • Slack
  • GSuite
  • Helpscout
  • Bonjoro
  • Loom

About You

Our most suitable candidate:

  • Has proven Operations Management experience with demonstrated success in at least one area of operational business growth, customer success, and/or implementation of business processes and systems.
  • Significant process improvement experience including systems implementation and automation of manual processes
  • Experience making a significant contribution to the success of a high growth business
  • People management and leadership skills and experience
  • Excellent written and spoken English
  • Has strong attention to detail
  • Are process and improvement focused
  • Gets on well with people and likes leading people to success
  • Is likable
  • Is trustworthy
  • Is Driven, proactive and energetic
  • Is excited by the idea of developing and growing themselves to run the operations of a seven figure business

Brownie points for experience with any or all of the following:

  • Budget and financial management
  • Implementation of KPIs and Reporting/data visualization tools
  • Experience with automation tools i.e. Zapier/Integromat
  • Management of costs and profitability experience
  • Understanding and experience of Objective setting especially OKR’s

In summary, you will enable Noel the CEO to step back from the operations side of the business to focus on growing JobRack, safe in the knowledge that you and the team have the operations and customer engagement side of things firmly in hand.

You will be pivotal in the successful growth and scaling of JobRack with all the excitement, fun, and challenges that will bring.


What’s in it for you?

  • Competitive salary $2000 – $3000+ USD per month – Think you deserve more? Tell us why
  • 20 days paid holiday per year
  • Performance-related bonus scheme/profit share in the future
  • Training budget and time
  • Working hours: 20-40 hours per week within normal working hours with some flexibility as part of working remotely. Majority of hours crossover with 8 am-5 pm UK/Eastern Europe time.
  • Chance to grow as JobRack grows – the future of this role could be the future COO of JobRack

Opportunities for growth

As JobRack grows our team will grow too enabling you to develop your leadership, management, and operations skills and abilities.

We’re going to be a 7 figure business within the next 18 months so you’ll be managing significant budgets and be responsible for delivering outstanding service to hundreds of clients and thousands of job seekers.

Long term there’s the opportunity to progress to lead the majority of the business in a COO level role as right-hand person to Noel as CEO.

When it comes to salary there are significant opportunities for growth there too. We always want to pay well and reward our staff both through competitive salaries, bonuses/profit share and through other meaningful perks and benefits.

As you help us succeed as a business you will be rewarded appropriately. We talk openly about salary and benefits making sure we focus on all the aspects that make our team happy and thrilled to be working at JobRack for the long term.

What’s it like to work at JobRack?

First I’ll let some of our team answer that:

“I’ve been working with Jobrack for almost a year and I could not be happier. Really love the flexibility and work-life balance that the job offers. Most importantly, it’s been an honor to work with and learn from Noel and the team. Flawless communication flow, unlimited guidance, and freedom, feeling valued and heard is something I wish everyone had a chance to experience in their career.

I was happy enough to experience all these things with Noel and Jobrack and cannot thank him enough! Cheers to many more years of growing together in such a healthy working environment.”

“I’ve found with JobRack exactly what I would want from a job with which I want to build my career – work that has the actual purpose of helping others, constant support and encouragement on professional and personal development, and a team that is committed to one mutual goal and is sharing a vision of creating something great! You know you’re in the right place when Mondays go from dreadful to exciting and energy-boosting! :)” Ilma

“After a long time, I feel like a valued worker. Working with the JobRack team makes me happy because they appreciate each effort and commitment. I had no idea I would find an employer like Noel. He is very supportive and does everything to have satisfied employees. That makes JobRack unique.”

We’re building a business that makes people happy. Our team, our customers that pay us to help them hire great people, and the job seekers that we help to get great jobs.

We work hard, we hustle, we get shit done, we experiment, we ‘do’.

We support each other, we communicate openly.

We ask:

  • How can we wow our customers?
  • How can we make them feel special?

Referrals are hugely important for us, so customer satisfaction and over-delivery are a hugely important part of our business.

How To Apply

This position will be closed as soon as we find the perfect match. So make sure to read the description carefully and take your time to submit a high-quality application that stands out.

If you apply we’ll respond promptly and keep you updated throughout the process.

As part of the hiring process there will be the following steps:

  1. Click Apply and complete the application form – following that you’ll get a request to send us a link to a video of up to 5 minutes (not longer) of you introducing yourself and tell us a little about you and why you think you’re the right person for our role.
  2. There’ll be a second stage, likely an initial interview but possibly something different based on some processes we’re testing right now
  3. In-depth interview – Chance for us to talk in more detail together about your future working with us.
  4. Test project – a chance to see how well we work together.
  5. Referencing – we’ll want to speak to at least one of your current or previous employers to hear the great things they’ll say about you

We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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