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KLIM Technologies is Hiring Remotely with Dynamite Jobs

KLIM Technologies 1 month ago

Intern in Product Management

Asia, Europe, Pacific · Full Time



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Now Hiring: Remote Intern in Product Management

KLIM Technologies is Hiring Remotely with Dynamite Jobs

KLIM Technologies is looking for an intern in Product Management. Your mission will be to help identify gaps in the market (where customers’ expectations are not met), work with the sourcing and design team to bring a superior product to life.

You will be working closely with the sourcing, design, and engineering teams on new products.

We are only looking for end-of-studies internships for a minimum duration of 6 months.

Your duties and responsibilities

The intern is responsible for facilitating product development.

He/She will be helping the Product Manager with ensuring that (a) the process from concept to launch is as fast as possible and (b) the quality of the end product is impeccable.

The Intern will work with the marketing team, the engineering team, and the sourcing team. We strongly believe in leaving a lot of autonomy to make decisions whatever the position in the company, this is no exception.

Our success has been based on our ability to quickly fill in gaps in the market & bring superior product quality at our price point. New products are the biggest vector of growth for us.

You can directly see the results of your work in helping the company grow.

At KLIM we strongly believe in an unglamorous, but pragmatic approach to product development. We only go into markets where we believe we see an unmet need and bring a better product than the competition.

Thanks to e-commerce and platforms such as Amazon we have at our disposal millions of negative reviews that let us know customers are unsatisfied. No need for focus groups and such, we just have to listen to what customers are telling us.

Customers’ dissatisfaction is our opportunity.

You will be in charge of

  • In cooperation with the New Products team, come up with and filter product ideas.
  • Communicate clearly to the sourcing and engineering team what we want to do with new products.
  • Push hard the sourcing and engineering team to ensure speed and quality.
  • In coordination with the marketing team prepare packaging, the user manual, and any driver if needed.
  • Communicate clearly to marketing and sales the strengths of the new products
  • Act as the product expert and perform training sessions with the marketing and technical support teams.

To fit this position

We hire mostly for abilities, as we strongly believe that with a willingness to learn a person can quickly get up to speed, but these would give you a starting advantage:

  • An understanding of the product development process, technology, and trends in consumer electronics
  • Experience with market research and data analysis
  • Customer-centric -> you are great at understanding customers’ needs and wants
  • Detail-oriented with strong communication skills with a drive to create well-defined products with clearly articulated benefits
  • The best candidate will be insightful, creative, and decisive. Emphasis on decisiveness, we want to move fast.

We also invite you to read our Playbook, so that you can make sure your philosophy matches the company.


  • You can choose to come to our head office in Chiang Mai, Thailand, or do remote work. Or a mix of the two.
  • You will also have the opportunity once or twice a year to visit our offices and suppliers in Shenzhen.


  • 1450€ per month
  • This internship can result in a full-time position.

Working Hours

There is no fixed schedule, you make your own. You can expect a 40-hour weekly workload.

Due to time zone differences, we accept applications only from Asia and European time zones.

About us

KLIM was started in 2015 with a $521 investment. We’ve had no outside investment and can freely decide our priorities.

At KLIM we believe that only the customers will decide if we succeed or fail. This is why customers are so important to us.

Thanks to this relentless focus on customers we have experienced extremely fast growth.

We use every day the products we make and are passionate about them. You will feel this. We avoid excessive marketing to give the best prices possible to our customers. We seek to have the most direct relations with our customers.

We want to provide quality, durable electronics at a fair price, with exceptional customer aftercare.

In electronics, a 0% defect rate will never be possible. But we strive for that goal. In our small circle of impact, we want to ensure employees, customers, and partners are treated well.

We are a young company, with a lot to learn. We will make mistakes but we will always make sure to own up to them and improve. And when we fail (because we failed, and will fail), we take responsibility, assist the customer and compensate him/her fairly.