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Manta Sleep is hiring remotely

Vansburg - Manta Sleep 4 weeks ago

Junior Facebook/Google Ad Buyer

AsiaEurope · Full Time




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  • 💡 1 Year of Experience
  • 🗺 Anywhere in Europe or Asia
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  • 💰 $1000-$2000/mo and bonus program
  • 📚 Training Resources & Continual Development

Now Hiring: Remote Junior Facebook/Google Ad Buyer



Do you believe sleep is the foundation of success in life?

Do you believe an afternoon nap is better than coffee?

Do you believe in being effective rather than looking busy?

Do you believe in choosing cooperation over competition?

Do you believe in showing gratitude every single day?

Do you believe and resonate with our core values?

See Our Full List of Values

If so, this could be an amazing opportunity for you!

Looking For

We are looking for an analytical, detail-oriented, and dependable Junior Facebook/Google Ad Buyer to help us become the #1 sleep accessories brand.

We need someone who:

  • Pays attention to detail in everything you do.
  • Has excellent analytical skills, and enjoys using these skills to solve problems.
  • Takes a data-driven approach and loves diving into excel spreadsheets.
  • Has great prioritization skills, and is able to manage your own workload.
  • Has a fundamental understanding and appreciation of marketing.

We prefer someone with around 1 year of Facebook or Google Ads experience.

If you do not have the experience, but instead, have the drive and motivation to learn, please apply as well. Extensive training will be provided.

Who We Are

Vansburg is the parent company of several category-winning consumer product brands, including Manta Sleep.

At Vansburg, we believe people will experience joy and satisfaction working in an environment that has a clear direction, strong values, minimal bureaucracy, and that fosters appreciation, recognition, learning, and growth.

We believe when people are in this environment, we’re able to create something truly cool and beautiful together.

Through Vansburg’s primary consumer-facing brand, Manta Sleep, we believe sleep is the foundation of everything good that happens in life, so we work to empower light sleepers to sleep better and do more.

You can find out more information at:


What You’re Doing

Assisting in the management of our monthly ad budget on Facebook and Google for our hero brand: Manta Sleep

Responsibilities include:

  • Testing, optimizing, improving, expanding our paid ad spend on Facebook.
  • Scaling while maintaining Cost Per Conversion / ROAS.
  • Segmenting interest groups, testing new audiences, starting new campaigns.
  • Analyzing data and taking appropriate actions to achieve our targets.
  • Ensuring internal reports and key documents are kept updated in line with platform changes, and optimization techniques.
  • Researching trends in best performing ads, and assist in the creation of new campaign assets.
  • Reporting regularly to the Paid Advertising Lead.


Someone who is fluent in English
As English is the foundation for success in a position targeting the USA market, you need to be a native English speaker.

Someone who understands American culture
It’s challenging to create advertising for the USA market, without an understanding or interest in American culture.

Someone who is analytical and comfortable with numbers
A big part of paid advertising success is in data analysis and interpretation. You must be analytical and comfortable with data, numbers, math, statistics.

Someone who is empathetic & creative
Success in paid advertising not only depends on numbers but also your empathy & creativity. You need to be a student of human nature to discover new ways to get our message across.

Someone who has superb attention to details
You are someone who pays attention to every little detail – not only in your work, but in everything you do.

Someone who is organized
Being organized is critical for success in this position. You have to manage hundreds of ad-sets and ads. Being organized should come naturally to you. Is your room organized? Is your life organized? Is your desk organized? If they are, you are probably the right fit.

Someone who is a self-learner & problem solver
After initial training, much of the work will depend on your ability to learn, and problem solve. Advertising platforms (especially Facebook) are continually evolving, which means you need to as well. You are expected to bring solutions rather than problems to the table.

Someone who is proactive and eager to take on responsibility
In a small business environment, things come up, and problems need to be solved. If you are the kind of person who sits back and thinks “that’s not my responsibility” then please don’t apply.

Someone who genuinely cares about others
If you are the kind of person that genuinely cares about others, and gives generously of your time and energy in helping others, then we want you on our team.

Career Opportunity

Your career development will be supported in 3 primary ways at Vansburg:

  1. Autonomy – your team leader defines the goal, you decide how to get there.
  2. Learning – you will be given regular training and support for whatever else you want to learn.
  3. Strength – we believe in maximizing your strengths rather than improving your weaknesses, so your role can be adjusted to leverage what you’re naturally good at.

Work Culture

We believe office politics is destructive, small-minded, and evil.

We believe in fostering cooperation rather than competition.

We believe in open and transparent communication.

We believe in showing appreciation and gratitude every day.

We believe the best ideas should win – not who the ideas came from.

At the end of the day, who better to describe the work culture at Vansburg than our team members?

Here is what some of them have to say:

“My favorite thing about working at Vansburg is the flexibility it offers. We have control over our projects, our learnings, and our work time, which is truly a blessing. ” – Daisy

“We are trusted to get our jobs done however we want to with no micromanagement. I believe this kind of autonomy is rooted in trust. Trust in us to get things done, and trust in knowing that we have the right person for the job.” – Lia

“A culture of mutual respect and safety – we’re encouraged to share ideas freely and speak up when we have a different POV, and I think that’s very healthy.” – Nadia

Salary & Benefits

  • Salary Range: $1000-$2000 USD per month.
  • Bonus Program: Company-wide bonus program.
  • Starting Vacation Days: 14 days per year.
  • Open & Transparent Workplace.
  • Freedom & Control over Your Schedule.
  • Ownership of Your Work & Creativity.
  • No Bureaucracy.
  • Training Resources & Continual Development.


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