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Major Impact Media

Major Impact Media 5 months ago

Media Buyer & Data Analyst

Anywhere (100% Remote) · Full Time




  • ? Staff Pick
  • ? Entry-Level
  • ? $1,300-$2100
  • ? Report to CEO
  • ? Work for a DCer
  • ? High Growth Potential
  • ? Anywhere in the World (people located in Europe preferred)

Now Hiring: Remote Media Buyer & Data Analyst


At Major Impact Media we are a hard-working team dedicated to helping businesses get exceptional results through highly effective paid advertising campaigns on Facebook and Google.

As a new member of the team, you will be focused on working inside of our client accounts to make sure they are getting the best results possible with their advertising budget, hitting their weekly and monthly goals, and working with the team to improve our advertising strategies.

We have lots of projects going on and you will be involved in everything from campaign strategy and creation, tracking set up, creative brainstorming and client success.

You will have full support from the day you get started including training on every part of the job and daily coaching from our CEO.

About The Role

Our team is looking for a full-time media buyer & data analyst to make sure that each one of our clients are hitting their goals every month.

Over the course of the week you will:

  • Work directly with our CEO to create high-level strategy for measuring and optimizing client campaigns
  • Review and create suggestions for how to optimize each client account to improve results and hit client goals based on the data inside the accounts
  • Pull data from client accounts and review past performance of the last few days, weeks, months at an account level, audience level, and creative level
  • Review and audit marketing funnels
  • Set up retargeting pixels, custom conversions through Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics for new campaign launches
  • Set up and launching Facebook and Google Ad campaigns for client accounts
  • Update daily tracking and management of Facebook & Google Ad campaigns once they go live
  • Track all active tests inside client accounts and measuring which audiences, creatives, visuals, copies are performing best in all accounts.
  • Create SOPs and documentation for our internal Knowledge Base about what’s working now inside accounts for us to keep everyone on the team up to date
  • Brainstorm with the team on how we can better optimize client accounts and improve company processes

You’ll be learning a lot. You won’t ever be comfortable just coasting along. This is a demanding role with tons of support to help you improve your skills. You will be expected to take responsibility for studying marketing techniques to improve your skills every day.

The tools that we use daily are Asana, Slack, Zoom, Loom & Google Drive. Tasks will be set up in our project management system, and need to be ticked off in there so we can keep track of what has been done. We have detailed processes written up for how to do some of these jobs, and others need figuring out. Whenever there is a task that involves figuring something out you will be expected to study how to do it, come up with options and get approval before implementing it. And you will be expected to document your process to add to our company Knowledge Base and share with the team.

You will have access to dozens of top-of-the-line online training courses, daily coaching from the CEO and the chance to actually do the work, make some mistakes and learn from experience.

This is a remote position with a flexible schedule. Our clients are in the US, most of the team is based in Barcelona and you can be located anywhere in the world. You can choose when you want to work as long as you are available for team calls and client calls during normal working hours. We work a 40 hour work week and you get one week paid holiday for every six months worked. There will be a 3-month trial period for the role to check that we are a good match for each other (fully paid of course). Pay is negotiable depending on your experience and skill level.

Who We Are Looking For

We are looking for someone who:

  • Loves Digital Marketing: This is not your first time inside an ad account. At least 6 months experience with Facebook Ads is a must. You must know your way around Google Analytics. Knowledge in Google Ads is a huge plus. If you don’t get excited about a new course to dive into, don’t listen to any podcasts or don’t keep up with the latest Facebook News this position isn’t for you.
  • Excel Whiz: You will spend a lot of time inside of spreadsheets and compiling data. You will be asked to answer questions like: “what was the highest converting copy we ran last month for this campaign?” If you don’t know how to use a Pivot Table to get that data, this probably isn’t the best fit for you.
  • Driven Towards Excellence: There are a lot of paid advertising teams out there that set up an account and check it once a month. We’re not one of those teams. We are not okay with mediocre results. We have a culture of excellence and strive to deliver the best results for our clients. We love setting big goals and going for them. You need to be hungry and genuinely get excited when campaigns break records.
  • Strong Communicator: Working remotely does not mean working alone. You’ll be working daily with our team to make sure clients get amazing results with their campaigns. So you need to be able to communicate with everyone. You should also be comfortable jumping on the phone with clients and talking about results and ideas. Strong spoken and written English is a must
  • Extremely Organized and Attention to Detail: There are dozens of moving pieces in launching a successful campaign. You need to be able to balance your focus between the technical aspects of managing client accounts, doing research to keep up to date with what’s working now on the ad platforms, making time to come up with creative ideas to improve campaign performance, and creating content to share what’s working with the team.
  • Problem Solver: There are constantly new challenges and problems to solve in this line of work. You will be expected to learn how to figure them out and present solutions to the team, not problems.
  • A Strong Self-Guided Learner: Marketing education never ends. This position will monitor Facebook Ad News & Strategy to be sure all of our information is industry-leading.
  • Sharing What You Learn: We are building our company Knowledge Base to make sure that we are one of the best teams on the planet at running paid advertising campaigns. Your ability to document what you are learning is critical to making that happen.
  • Friendly and Fun: We are a team of happy people who enjoy what we do. You know how to make team members and clients feel comfortable and provide them with confidence we work together to achieve campaign goals.

The Benefits of Working with Major Impact Media

  • This position is fully remote. You can work from home, a coworking space, anywhere you want, as long as you can make time to connect with the team and clients during meeting times. We will even pay for your coworking space (up to a certain amount each month)
  • You will be working with A players who have advanced levels of knowledge and experience in marketing
  • You will get free courses and training to stay up to date and we will even pay you to take them
  • You will be a key asset in growing our agency from 6 figures to 7 figures per year.

How To Apply

Make sure you follow these steps exactly.

  • Click “Apply Now” and complete the application form.
  • Be SURE to include “Data-Driven Advertiser” in the first sentence of the Cover Letter for your application

I look forward to hearing from you.

CEO, Major Impact Media

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