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Hernan vazquez Is Hiring Remotely With Dynamite Jobs

Hernan Vazquez Media LLC 1 week ago

Operations Manager

North America, South America · Part Time



  • 💥 Work for a DCer
  • 💡 Open to Any Level Experience
  • 📅 Applications close August 13th
  • 💰 $1500 – $3500 per month (DOE)
  • 🗺 Anywhere in North America or South America

Now Hiring: Remote Operations Manager for Fast Growing FB Ads Agency

Hernan Vazquez Media LLC is Hiring Remotely with Dynamtie Jobs


Hello Rockstar Operations Managers!

My name is Hernan Vazquez and I am a serial entrepreneur. I’m the founder of Vazquez Marketing, advisor, and investor.

My specialty is customer acquisition via paid advertising. Previous to my own agency, I was marketing director for Frank Kern and Grant Cardone. To learn more about me (and get an idea about my values and whether we synergize with each other), please have a look at my personal website, social media channels, and podcasts.

We are getting ready to scale our agency and looking for a rockstar Operations Manager to join us. I’m looking for an experienced operations manager who can take care of the day-to-day details of managing and scaling our agency. I’m looking for someone with experience who can jump in to add value right away.

Currently, I’m filling a lot of the operations role which is NOT my sweet spot. So I’m looking for someone (you) to replace me so I can spend more of my time bringing in new clients (there is a LOT of interest) and on the high-level client strategies. Which is where I can add the most value to skyrocket our growth.

The vision for this role is for you to be able to handle all the day-to-day details of keeping our deliverables machine running.

To go above and beyond in service of our clients. And managing/supporting the rest of the team to do their best work. As well as generally handle anything that comes up in the business that is not my personal sweet spot. So I can focus on my sweet spot.

This is a BIG OPPORTUNITY to get in with a fast-growing premier media buying agency. So I’m looking for a true A player that can excel at taking care of our clients. I am looking for someone who is an amazing communicator, detail-oriented, takes initiative, is experienced, process-driven, and invested in continuous learning and growth.

To succeed, you will have the following skills & competencies:

  • Experience with Operations Management
  • VERY strong communication skills
  • VERY strong organizational skills
  • VERY strong process/systems thinking
  • CARES DEEPLY about having an impact personally and professionally
  • Takes initiative to solve problems BEFORE asked
  • Experience managing teams and getting the best out of teams
  • Experience with digital marketing is a plus but not required
  • Bilingual (Spanish/English) preferred but not required

Our agency is getting ready to SCALE. We have aggressive and exciting growth plans. Those are already in the works. We are onboarding 3+ accounts a month without even really ‘starting’ our own sales/marketing. This is a rocketship and the missing piece to allow us to reach out potential is YOU.

We have very high expectations for this role and will hold you to high standards. So please only apply if you are looking for an environment where you will be challenged (and supported) to become your absolute best in service to our clients and business vision and mission.

Our budget for this role is between $1500 – $3500/month depending on your experience and what you bring to the table. With further upside as the business continues to scale. Most of our current team is based in South America.

So it’s preferred if you are in South America or at least similar time zones. I am happy to pay for quality as long as we get results.

Looking for someone who is results-driven and eager to make a big impact with an exciting business.

The application procedure is simple:

First, answer the questions in the application. Shortlisted candidates will receive a 2nd round of questions so I can understand you as a person better. After the 2nd round of questions, you will be invited to perform a paid test project to get started.

Please make sure you answer all of the following questions in your application.

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