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Tradlands is hiring remotely

Tradlands 1 month ago

Production Manager

Anywhere (100% Remote) · Part Time




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Now Hiring: Remote Production Manager

Tradlands is hiring remotely

About Us

We create clothing for women with a relentless emphasis on fit, details, and quality. Tradlands is all about our customers, the woman who knows that quality is always in style, and who knows that one great piece can make a whole outfit. The woman who cares about where her clothes come from, how they’re made, and how her choices impact her community. The woman who wants her clothes to last the seasons with her, to look and feel as good in five years as they did the day she bought them.

The amount of care shown in creating great products is always reflected in the attention to detail. There is a clear difference between a shirt bought at a fast-fashion retailer and a shirt purchased from us. That difference is hidden in every detail. From the fabric to the trims to the person who stitched it together, a garment can either be painfully poor in quality or it can exude care and thoughtful construction.

Each new product, like our business, is developed slowly and sustainably. We obsessively engineer each detail and refine our customer favorites every year. When great features come together you will immediately sense the subtle quality that stems from a balance of design, construction, and finely crafted components.

Production Manager

The production manager is responsible for executing Tradlands’ product development and production logistics. They ensure manufacturing processes are reliable, organized, cost-effective, and efficient. Exceptional communications and organizational skills are a must. The ideal candidate is a great problem-solver and doesn’t get overwhelmed by conflict, adapts to challenges, and has confident, positive energy.

The production manager will work directly with the product designer and CEO, as well as the rest of our team as needed.

We’re looking for a self-starter to join our location-independent production team. You will help grow, organize, and assist with our production operations. This is a part-time management position with a focus on apparel and accessory manufacturing. Our ideal candidate has a production background and is familiar with the garment manufacturing process. You are comfortable in a fast-paced environment, are highly self-motivated, and great at meeting deadlines.

Our dream team member is comfortable communicating and operating through Slack, Zoom, and Google Suite. In a perfect world, you have experience with Shopify and fulfillment software.

General overview

  • Manage all aspects of the pre-production process including sampling, updating processes, purchasing, shipments, and QC
  • Developing and managing production schedules and calendars
  • Product costing and costing improvement
  • Sourcing (new facilities, fabrics, trims, etc.)
  • Working with overseas factories and ensuring quality products are received on time
  • Creating SOPs for all aspects of the production process
  • Solving problems and improving systems and processes
  • Comfortable with important responsibilities, as this is a critical part of the business
  • A growth mindset. Always looking for new ways to improve our processes and company.

Key skills

  • Confident
  • Understanding of modern clothing manufacturing
  • Interest in ethical and sustainability practices
  • Project management skills
  • Highly organized and efficient
  • Excellent problem-solving skills
  • Comfortable with spreadsheets and numerical aspects of role
  • Great, clear communication
  • Handles conflicts with a positive attitude
  • Experience working remotely
  • Experience working with a small team


  • Experience with global clothing manufacturing
  • Experience with ethical and sustainable production practices
  • Great existing relationships with vendors and contractors

Other Role Requirements

  • Reliable internet connectivity, a laptop or desktop computer, and access to all regular communication channels
  • Working in a time zone that falls during the American work day
  • Exceptional written and spoken English
  • A willingness to learn, take on new responsibilities, a go-getter attitude (aka GSD)
  • Strong project management and communication skills
  • Organized, detail-oriented and deadline-driven

Organization + Production Calendar Management

  • Make sure we are on time!
  • When schedule changes, ensuring we get back on track as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • Holding partners accountable for promised deadlines and schedules


  • Create and submit POs
  • Check for correct POs and invoices
  • Carefully check before payment
  • Look for places to cut costs or save on production
  • Look for errors in accounting, especially on invoices from vendors
  • Select, order, and purchase materials carefully and efficiently

Cost Tracking

  • Developing COGs for all new products and updating seasonally
  • Tracking past, present, and ongoing WIP costs
  • Relationship Management
  • Maintaining great communication with vendors and partners
  • Building new relationships for new product needs
  • Strong and confident in challenging circumstances

Quality Control

  • Determining quality control standards with manufacturers
  • Assess and ensure quality on all production runs
  • Inspect and issue feedback on samples as needed
  • Inspect the finished product carefully for flaws
  • Ensure manufacturers adhere to Tradlands quality standards and expectations

General Supply Chain Logistics

  • Coordinating with 3PL to ensure goods are received and processed in a timely manner
  • Coordinating with freight providers to ensure a good balance of timeliness and cost
  • Evaluating existing providers and potential alternatives as needed

The Role

  • A 60-day initial trial period with a minimum 9-month commitment to follow
  • 15-20 hours per week, depending on how quickly you get the job done and the seasonal needs of the role.
  • Hourly rate/salary will be offered in line with experience and performance in the role.

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