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Bell & Bly Travel 2 months ago

Sales Coordinator/Analyst

Europe, North America, South America · Full Time




  • 🕘 Flexible Hours
  • 💥 Work for a DCer
  • ✈️ Travel Related Perks
  • 💡 4-10 Years of Experience 
  • 🔑 Work with the Owner/CEO
  • 📅 Applications close August 25th
  • 💰 $1,300 – $1,800 per month to start
  • 🗺 Desired location – Mexico, Central America, or South America (Second choice – Eastern Europe)

Now Hiring: Remote Sales Coordinator/Analyst
Bell & Bly Travel is Hiring Remotely with Dynamite Jobs


Bell & Bly Travel is in the early stages of rapid growth, so this position will be ever-evolving and changing. We are looking for someone who is highly detail-oriented, a master of processes and checklists, operations-minded, and excited about sales.

An A-Player for the Sales Coordinator Role is someone who embodies the following: honesty/integrity, ability to learn quickly, loves creating and continually improving processes, is proactive, has the ability to prioritize, strong work ethic, great communication skills, and openness to feedback.

A-players are always looking for ways to make the business better, to make the client experience better, and to learn and grow to make themselves better. They know how to proactively get things done, are excited to take on new projects, and are willing to work on things outside their job scope when needed. Last but not least, they know how to ask for help when needed and are committed to making Bell & Bly Travel a fun, healthy, exciting place to work.

About Us/Who We Are

Bell & Bly Travel is a travel firm set up to inspire and enable people to travel more broadly. We specialize in helping entrepreneurs, executives, families, and couples weave unique experiences throughout their lives. Our mantra is fewer, better clients and we help these clients with all their leisure travel needs.

Bell & Bly Travel is affiliated with Brownell Travel, the oldest and most prestigious travel advisory in the United States. Through that affiliation, Bell & Bly is also Virtuoso and is in partnership with many of the top brands in travel like Four Seasons, Belmond, and Abercrombie & Kent.

Though we love all kinds of travel, our business model is such that we exclusively focus on high-end experiences and luxury hotels. This focus has allowed us to become one of the fastest-growing firms affiliated with Brownell.

We also recently set up a scholarship to help support low-income students to study abroad. The faster we grow, the more we can add to this scholarship and promote travel to younger generations!

Sarah generally works 9-5pm Central Time, Maria generally works 10-6pm GMT +3. We will work out your hours based on your time zone and our needs. We do have a preference for team members closer to Sarah’s time zone (Western Hemisphere) but flexible for the right person.

The founder, Sarah, is an experienced entrepreneur and has had a widely varying career path prior to founding Bell & Bly. You can view her LinkedIn profile here.

Our Travel Designer, Maria, is a passionate traveler with wide experience in the luxury travel and hospitality industry. You can view her LinkedIn profile here. Maria also manages two travel coordinators who assist in the development and execution of client trips.

This position would report directly to Sarah.


Sarah (founder/owner) in the Maldives visiting hotel partners.


Bell & Bly

Maria (Travel Designer) skiing by the lake in Zell am See, Austria


Last but not least, our core values are important to us and should be to anyone who joins the team:

Desired Experience for This Role

  • Former sales or sales assistant experience would be ideal
  • Experience working in Airtable – bonus points for basic knowledge of automations with integromat and cognito forms
  • Experience working in Asana – even better if you’re an obsessive Asana user, tracking and checking off everything
  • Active campaign/email campaign experience – ideally with segmented/drip campaigns
  • Pro at developing processes and executing against them
  • Extreme attention to detail. In your cover letter please tell us what your top bucket list destination is.
  • Metrics/success driven
  • Self-starter – able to identify what needs to happen, develop a process for it, and start executing


The sales coordinator will be responsible for helping create and run a robust sales process for Bell & Bly Travel. We must prioritize new client leads, move them efficiently through our sales process, and follow up with potential leads diligently to close new projects. Specifically duties will include but not be limited to the following:


  • Tagging of inbound leads via their marketing source
  • Keeping track of inbound leads and following up on a regular cadence
  • Initial qualification of new leads
  • Scheduling of sales calls for qualified leads and following up with prospective clients who don’t schedule
  • Sending unqualified leads to partner advisors for a fee and tracking the status
  • Assisting Sarah with needs pre/post the Discover Call (sales call)
  • Follow up with qualified prospective clients post-Discover call
  • Sending trip follow up surveys
  • Following up with clients post-travel about future trips
  • Send birthday/ anniversary emails to clients
  • Setting up of initial client experience portfolios post-first trip

Marketing to Existing Clients

  • Developing and running follow up and drip email campaigns for inbound leads who do not purchase
  • Developing and running 3-4 different/segmented email sequences for existing clients
  • Developing and running targeted/timely sales emails around timely events

Database Management

  • Keeping client records clean and up to date
  • Continually adding suppliers and partner hotels to the database
  • Ensuring all trips are linked to the appropriate partners/hotels/destinations
  • Consolidating duplicate records and deleting superfluous ones

Analyzing Metrics

  • Analyzing sales metrics like close rate, lead source statistics, and customer acquisition cost
  • Tracking client happiness metrics
  • Tracking referrals and repeat client metrics
  • Analyzing profitability metrics like average trip cost, profitability per client, destination, and supplier

Working Style

  • This is a remote position, working directly with the owner/CEO
  • Most work will be assigned digitally via team management software but you should be available for calls when needed during regular business hours ~once per week, Central Standard Time. We can adjust calls late or early to work with schedules.
  • We will establish a regular cadence for check-in calls – on these calls we’ll catch up on tasks for the week, share feedback, and brainstorm
  • Everyone on the team tracks hours via Toggl just so we can see where our time is being spent. That said we pay a set salary vs an hourly rate. We expect everyone on the team to do what it takes to get their work done each week – most weeks this will mean a 40-hour workweek. Some weeks we may be light and you may only work something like 35, some weeks we may be heavy and it might be a little bit more than 45. Sarah will track your hours and adjust duties accordingly to target an average of 40 hours per week.


  • We have systemized a lot of our training so your first week will be consuming a lot of videos we’ve made, reading manuals, and talking over google hangout with our Travel Designer
  • After the initial week of training, training will be as we go – we believe learning our style and then implementing it is better for retention

What’s in it for you?

  • Flexible schedule – work from home, a coffee shop, wherever! As long as you’re putting in the hours and getting high-quality work done, it doesn’t matter to us (so long as you’re available for calls when we schedule).
  • Discover the world – experience the travel industry firsthand and quite literally spend your working hours learning about the world
  • Promote tolerance – it is our true belief that travel promotes tolerance and makes our world a better place. We help clients travel more, raise global citizens, and learn about the rest of the world
  • Help grow a business from the ground up – Bell & Bly is one of the fastest-growing travel advisories in the USA and we need help to grow even faster

Come work with us and show more people the world!


Bell & Bly is Hiring Remotely with Dynamite Jobs

Bell & Bly is Hiring Remotely with Dynamite Jobs