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Julian Goldie is Hiring Remotely with Dynamite Jobs

JulianGoldie.com 1 week ago

Sales Specialist

North America, South America · Full Time



  • 🏖️ 10 Days PTO
  • 💥 Work for a DCer
  • 🔑 Work with the Founder
  • 🎓 Training and Development
  • 📅 Applications close on March 3rd
  • 🗺 Anywhere in North or South America
  • 💰 $2,000 per month + 25% commission on every sale

Now Hiring: Remote Sales Specialist For SEO Link Building Agency
Julian Goldie is Hiring Remotely with Dynamite Jobs

Hi there!

I’m Julian Goldie, I run a link building agency for SEO. For the last 5 years I’ve been helping websites land more backlinks, increase their rankings on Google and make money with their websites.

Over the last few years, my company has grown so fast that I now need a team member in sales to help speak to potential clients, sell them, and land more sales for my agency.

This is a role I’ve worked in previously and I know it will help you develop your confidence, communication skills and earning potential. It’s a rewarding role that will help you develop your career.

About Us/Who We Are

Website: https://juliangoldie.com/

We build backlinks for SEO, working across many different industries including tech, ecommerce and affiliate marketing.

We have a global team of 9 people, but you’d mostly be working closely with me. I’ve landed hundreds of clients in the past and I can teach you exactly how to land more sales too. I’m happy to train you, you just need the right attitude to learn and improve.

You will earn a commission for every sale you make. In fact, you can easily earn $500 – 5,000 per week with this job.

You will need to just close the deal, as I have the staff to perform the service.

You’ll receive a commission, monthly income + additional bonuses for reaching certain goals.

This is a service clients love! It genuinely works and I’m 100% confident in delivering it successfully.

I literally have hundreds of reviews from happy clients – https://www.upwork.com/freelancers/~016aabb73c2440f9df – mostly CEOs. As you can see, I’ve worked with 230+ client websites (not including the hundreds of clients who have worked directly with me) and every single one of them has left a 5 star review.

So for you, that means this isn’t just a job:

You’ll actually be making a measurable difference to our client’s lives – helping entrepreneurs grow their companies with SEO.

At our company, we’re focused on continuous improvement. It’s an ambitious, motivated working culture where you can work remotely in the comfort of your own home.

Working at this company will help you:

  • Learn how to improve your selling skills so that you can sell almost ANY service/product
  • Discover how to continuously improve and develop your skills
  • Work at an exciting company that’s growing at a rapid rate
  • We’ll fund your growth – With courses, books, and other learning tools, we have a budget dedicated to develop your skills
  • The salary will be around $2000 per month + commissions + a yearly bonus
  • I will also give you 10 days paid leave per year
  • I’ll personally train you on exactly how to perform this job – you’ll have my tried, tested and proven blueprint

Preferably you can work during US hours – doesn’t have to be a full US working day but I’d like you to be available for at least half of that.

I founded this company because I wanted to create an organization that genuinely helps companies grow their companies with SEO. This year we aim to hit $1,000,000 revenue and hopefully to grow after that.

About the Role:

I’m looking to hire ASAP for this role. The job is crucial to this business because sales are the most important part of growing this business.

If you can land sales, you can help this company grow. You will have a direct impact on the success of this business.

We have a lot of inbound leads and calls booked in already, but I’d also like to train you up on how to land clients with LinkedIn and UpWork too so that you have as many opportunities to earn commission as possible.

You’ll be reporting directly to me, the founder of the company. I’ll give you advice, guidance and training on exactly how to fulfill this job successfully.

I will train you on how to land sales and persuade clients to buy this service, as well as all the technical elements of the business.

Skills Required:

  • Excellent English: Preferably you’re a native English speaker – because you’ll be speaking directly with potential clients on sales calls
  • Strong Communication Skills: You’ll need to be understand potential clients, influence and persuade them to buy our services
  • SEO or marketing agency experience: This isn’t 100% necessary but if you do have experience of working with a marketing/SEO agency, it’ll help you a lot in your application because selling link building requires some understanding of what it is/how it works
  • Available during US business hours – Preferably you’re available during 50% of the US working day, because most sales prospects will be from US and they’ll want to speak with you during this timezone

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