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Accounting Wise is Hiring Remotely with Dynamite Jobs

Accounting Wise 1 week ago

Lead Bookkeeper

North America · Full Time



  • 🕘 Flexible Hours
  • 🏖️ Unlimited PTO
  • 💥 Work for a DCer
  • 🏝 Company Retreats
  • 💡 5+ Years of Experience
  • 📅 Applications Close June 13th
  • 🗺 Anywhere in the United States

Now Hiring: Lead Bookkeeper [Remote]

Accounting Wise is Hiring Remotely with Dynamite Jobs

Job Summary

Your best life, from anywhere. At Accounting Wise, we want to empower our team members by providing autonomy and control in our goal to be the number one accounting firm for SaaS and online service-based businesses. We are a small but tight team with each one of our staff having a large footprint and a big impact.

We are looking for a Lead Bookkeeper to lead the way by managing the staff accountants and projects they are assigned. We are looking for someone to apply their experience, knowledge, and expertise to put out “fires”, maintain a high level of customer satisfaction, and keep the team focused in order to free up the founder to accomplish the company’s goal of substantial growth in the short term. We are not looking for “cogs” in the corporate wheel but instead, someone who has had to wear multiple hats, adapt to changing client/internal demands, and a proven problem solver.

We are a remote accounting firm, thus require a high level of technical knowledge and experience with specific software (see below). In addition, we work with SaaS companies, Fintech, Lead Generation, and other online service-based businesses in which accounting topics such as revenue recognition, intangible assets, R&D, funding requests, etc. are covered frequently. We expect that the candidate would have extensive experience in these areas.

Live your best remote life and help us reach the stars. We look forward to talking to you.

Primary Job Duties

  • Review all projects in order to:
    • Confirm accuracy,
    • Ensure deadlines are met,
    • Review staff accountant’s work,
    • Investigate/resolve client issues,
    • Manage client satisfaction,
    • Review and manage client communication with the goal that the staff accountant
    • is communicating effectively, clearly, and consistently
  • Manage project budgets
  • Onboarding new clients
  • Confirm adherence to client and admin SOPs
  • Staff performance evaluations
  • Staff time management
  • Staff accountant training
  • Assist staff accountants as needed, e.g. provide expert consultation to clients when needed


Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent)


5+ years minimum, including at least 1-2 years experience managing accountants.


Candidates are expected to be familiar with most (ideally all) of the following software:

  • Quickbooks Online and Xero
  • Bill.com
  • Google Suite
  • Microsoft Excel and Word
  • Slack
  • Zoom Video Conferencing
  • Zoho Projects
  • Hubstaff
  • Loom
  • Rippling, Gusto, etc.

Skills and Characteristics

  • Ability to problem solve using experience, research, and other information
  • Detail-oriented
  • Responsible and punctual
  • Ability to prioritize projects, set goals, and schedule time use appropriately
  • Ability to manage and train a small team of 1-3 accountants

About the role

  • The role is full-time.
  • Hours are flexible, so long as deadlines are met and you respond promptly to clients and the team.
  • Location is flexible, so long as the following responsibilities are maintained:
  • You can maintain confidentiality (e.g. don’t take client calls in a cafe),
  • You can comfortably accommodate calls during US business hours as well as hours with our team members in Asia,
  • Internet connectivity is guaranteed,
  • Your work is not impeded by other factors.
  • Salary is negotiable and depends on candidate experience.

How to apply

Provide a cover letter explaining how you fit the above description, your salary expectations, career goals, and desired work hours (e.g. if you want to work around family responsibilities). Please also provide your CV/resume detailing your qualifications, software that you are familiar with, and job history.

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