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Exponential Age is hiring remotely

Exponential Age LLC 6 months ago

Senior React-Native Developer

Anywhere (100% Remote) · Full Time




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  • ? Anywhere in the World ?

Now Hiring: Remote Senior React-Native Developer

About Us

Exponential Age is a 100% remote software agency, focused on “write once, run everywhere” mobile and web apps for clients in various countries (currently a German fin-tech). Our apps have one shared codebase in React Native and use react-native-web to compile to React for the Web.

Why work for us?

  • Nothing but respect for excellent developers, reflected in a highly competitive salary.
  • We prioritize code quality, personal growth, trust, and a good working atmosphere. Everybody’s opinion counts in our team.
  • We think mobile- and web codesharing will be the hottest React Native technology of the next years
  • Founded & led by a fellow react-native dev.
  • Tell us where you want to be in 5 years and we’ll help you get there.
  • Become a leader in your field: if you want, you can write articles on codesharing and publish related npm modules during your working hours.


  • You’re above average.
  • You’re a React Native expert: you’re a fast, experienced coder with high-quality standards.
  • You have encountered and solved the trickiest challenges, like working around the native bridge bottleneck, animations, native module integrations, etc.
  • It’s important to you that your team members strive for high code standards and you’ll help them get there.
  • Senior: Minimum 2 years full-time equivalent of experience with React Native, 5+ RN projects and absolute minimum 5 years coding experience.
  • Mid-level: Minimum 1.5 years of react-native experience, 4+ RN projects, 4 years of coding experience.
  • You’re a good communicator in English, you ask questions and bring in your own opinions
  • You’re happy to flexibly work in the different typical roles of a senior/mid-level developer: coding yourself, giving input on finding the best technical solutions as well as mentoring other developers (and as a senior: leading other devs)


  • Experience with codesharing using react-native-web
  • Experience with automated testing, Fastlane, App Center
  • Experience with code architecture
  • Existing leadership skills – or we help you with training to get them

Why working remotely?

Working remotely is the ultimate respect for your schedule and lifestyle. Do you like to go surfing on tropical islands? You want to stay at home because you have kids? You want to work and grow with international professionals? Either way, welcome!


There are 4 crucial ingredients to work remotely with us:

  1. High level of discipline, self-management and time management
  2. Particularly high level of communication skills
  3. Setup: fast internet, quiet place for calls
  4. Some flexibility regarding your working hours. Currently, CET will be most convenient.

How to apply

  1. Click “Apply Now” and fill out the form.
  2. A skype interview
  3. A coding challenge

For the coding challenge, you will need fast internet, a quiet place, and a Mac. If you don’t own a Mac, we can lease one for you later, once you start working for us. But for the coding challenge, you need to have a Mac available and with a functional react-native setup.

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