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Growth Lab is Hiring Remotely

Growth Labs 2 months ago

Technical Project Manager

North America · Full Time

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  • 🧨 Staff Pick
  • 💰 $4,000 per month
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  • 💡 Minimum of 3 Years of Experience

Now Hiring: Remote Technical Project Manager

Growth Lab is Hiring Remotely

The Growth Labs agency is seeking a technical project manager to help plan, implement, and oversee software development projects, specifically website and web application development, for both external client projects and internal software.

We are a medium-sized agency so the position of Project Manager and Account Manager are combined in this capacity.

Your responsibilities will include:

Client Communication

  • Communicating with clients during the initial phases of a project in order to clarify and understand the requirements. Helping to create a project specification that will be used to structure the development schedule and client estimate.
  • Handling communication between developers and clients in order to prevent anything from being lost in translation due to clients being non-technical. Passing on questions from clients to developers and ensuring rapid responses, and vice versa for questions from developers to clients.
  • Overseeing and running phone calls with clients to clarify requirements, deal with potential issues or urgent requests, or to discuss project status.

Project Management

  • Implementing and creating a project structure and schedule based on the specification documentation.
  • Managing additional client requests and/or changes, discussing how changes affect the project cost and schedule, and relaying information to the client and development team as needed.
  • Overseeing both technical and non-technical staff to ensure schedules are being followed, tasks are being completed and milestones are on schedule.
  • Being able to notice issues before they become problems and communicating with team members and upper management when necessary to prevent issues from scaling.
  • Reviewing implementation of requirements by developers, doing quality assurance and bug testing, and giving the final approval before work is submitted to a client.
  • Checking that both project, daily and weekly policies and procedures are being followed.
  • Keeping project / technical documentation up to date.
  • Be involved in the hiring process for additional team members.
  • Making regular status updates to clients as well as Growth Labs’ ownership in the form of daily reports and weekly status meetings.

In addition to the responsibilities listed above, you may be asked to oversee or execute administrative or operational tasks and responsibilities. This is a position with a lot of potential for growth as the company is growing quickly and is also diversifying into other products and services beyond just client work.

Preferred experience and background:


  • 3-5 years of relevant Project Management experience.

This job requires someone who is motivated, takes initiative, and is proactive to prevent issues from forming before they start. You should be confident in talking to staff and delegating responsibilities as well as reporting and providing status updates to clients as well as Growth Labs ownership.

Nice to have:

  • 3-5 years of development experience.
  • Experience writing technical documentation.
  • Experience dealing directly with clients and handling communication.
  • Experience overseeing a team and/or leadership role.
  • A working knowledge of PHP and PHP development, best practices and standards. While this position will not require you to develop, you will be expected to understand code, review code and recognize bad practices.
  • A working knowledge of WordPress – many of our client projects and internal work center around the WordPress platform. A working knowledge of WordPress, general operation, understanding of popular plugins and themes, and ability to manage a WordPress website.

Schedule and Compensation:

We are currently looking for someone located on the East Coast of the United States or can otherwise be available to work 9AM – 5PM EST. We are looking for someone who can be available 40 hours per week as needed.

Compensation is $4,000 per month salary. This position is a freelance position, you will be responsible for paying all local and federal taxes and following proper legal requirements for working as a freelance worker.

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