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Metal Promo is hiring remotely

MetalPromo 7 months ago

Technical SEO Strategist

Anywhere (100% Remote) · Full Time




  • ? Work for a DCer ?
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  • ? Anywhere in the World ?

Now Hiring: Remote Technical SEO Strategist
Metal Promo is hiring remotely

MetalPromo is a US Based company specializing in designing & producing customized metal goods including lapel pins, coins, metal business cards, military medals, race medals, key-chains, trading pins, and other promotional items.

We work with companies, organizations, resellers, and teams across the world providing high-quality designs and top quality metal products.

Our ideal candidate will help the Technical Director manage 10 websites and assist in enhancing our technical and onsite SEO on an ongoing basis. We are currently ranking page one for our main keywords but now it’s time for us to expand and begin ranking for secondary and additional keywords as well. Your duties will include helping the Technical Director with:

Keyword and Content Strategy

  • Keyword research
  • Identify which pages are ranking highly for those keywords on our website
  • Determine what qualities those pages possess
  • Enhance existing content to better rank for determined keywords

On-Page Optimizations

  • Clean up Header tags and sequential hierarchy of tags <h2> <h3> etc., to ensure proper structure without inflating or keyword stuffing.. Help with internal linking throughout the site based off-topic and relevance. Ensure proper internal linking structure.
  • Anchor Text – Make anchor text natural rather than formulaic, trying to avoid keyword stuffing which will have us flagged.
  • Image optimization – Ensure all images are optimized on the website to ensure speed. Article here.
  • Alt Text – Ensure our alt text are properly formulated (Bad: <img src=”grumpycat.gif” alt=”grumpy cat, cat is grumpy, grumpy cat gif”> VS. Good: <img src=”grumpycat.gif” alt=”A black cat looking very grumpy at a big spotted dog”>
  • Title tags – Ensuring our title tags are optimized for best SEO practice
  • Meta Descriptions – Ensure we follow best SEO Practices for meta descriptions

Technical SEO

  • Proper canonicalization
  • Ensure Accelerated Mobile Pages is properly set up
  • Page Speed – Our websites are currently optimized but as we change and update websites I will need help to keep our websites fast. Must have technical aptitude to help me.
  • Structured Markup on Page – Structured markup should be an accurate reflection of your page

Content Publishing

  • Publish content from our content writers and ensure we use proper technical SEO techniques when posting to our website (image optimization, internal linking, tags, alt tags, etc.)
  • Assist the Technical Director with topic research to expand content diversity and expanded keywords.
  • Assist with proper image tagging to ensure relevancy

Additional Responsibilities

  • Provide monthly SEO reports and additional reports as needed for SEO.
  • Provide monthly keyword reports and keyword ranking reports.
  • Competitor keywords reports and competitor analysis as needed.
  • Topic research and provide recommendations based on data for content writers
  • Site audit reports

Tools and Knowledge

  • Must have 3+ years of hands-on experience in SEO. Understand the principles of SEO and will be willing to demonstrate skills.
  • Understand HTML, CSS, and how it relates to SEO Structure. Expert understanding of WordPress and how it’s structured. Knowledge of Schema markup.

Tools used: SEMRUSH, Google Analytics, Google Console.

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