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ConversionAdvocates is hiring remotely

ConversionAdvocates 6 days ago

UX Copywriter

Anywhere (100% Remote) · Full Time



  • 🗣 Native English
  • 💥 Work for a DCer
  • 📚 Resources and Tools
  • 🗺 Anywhere in the World
  • 📅 Applications Close July 10th
  • 💡 Open to Any Level Experience

Now Hiring: Remote UX Copywriter

Conversion Advocates is hiring remotely!

We’re Conversion Advocates and we’re looking to add a UX Copywriter to our team!

So, who are we?

We’re a Conversion Rate Optimization agency that helps online businesses, big AND small, grow their revenue through data-driven experimentation.

What’s it like working at Conversion Advocates?

Every day at Conversion Advocates is fresh and unique. You’ll meet our team, who live all around the world, led by our founders Raphaëlle and Sina.

You’ll have access to amazing resources and tools that enable you to produce your best work.

You’ll have a good time! We’re not all about business. Our atmosphere fosters a healthy attitude for work and play. We never want our team to be dreading Monday mornings.

Since I teamed up with ConversionAdvocates in May 2020 the “Vacation” song by Dirty Heads became my personal anthem. I genuinely feel like I’m on a vacation every single day because I once again fell in love with my occupation.

Working with the CA team showed me that it is not a myth that you can develop your skills in directions you didn’t know existed, and overcome new challenges while managing daily tasks in a completely healthy, stress-free environment. Working with a team of outstanding experts is amazing! But working with those supportive of lifelong learning is another level. Sprinkle it with the fact that they practice what they preach and fearlessly take on challenges – and you’ve got yourself a dream job.

I admit that I’m a workaholic by nature, but I honestly never thought I’d stop looking forward to Friday 5 pm! Needless to say – I was proved wrong. And this is why “work” got a completely new meaning for me. I believe I’ll be forever grateful to ConversionAdvocates for changing my perspective this way.

-Tamara, Content strategist

Who are we looking for?

You’re a passionate UX Copywriter who is looking to grow your skills.

You’re someone who can communicate their copy visually within a wireframe, as well as discuss the strategy and reasoning behind their decisions.

You’re interested in learning what CRO is all about and how it benefits our clients, especially small online business owners.

You’re open-minded, creative, and invested in learning.

You write compelling sales copy, but can also empathize with users and put yourself into their shoes. You wouldn’t write a piece of copy that you wouldn’t want to read as a customer.

You know when less is more, and when more is just enough.

You have the ability to think one step ahead of your copy and visualize it on a web page or in an email.

You have basic skills with wireframing tools and can create or edit a simple wireframe that frames your copy the way you think the users will want to read it.

You’re eager and able to research and become an expert on a product before you start writing about it.

You love to write a huge variety of copy and microcopy across web pages, emails, landing pages, and much more.

You roll with the punches and can adapt to ever-changing demands. You don’t take feedback personally — you view it as a tool to improve your already-stellar abilities.

Your Responsibilities

  • Write compelling user-minded copy that aides a seamless, delightful customer journey.
  • Write copy and microcopy for a variety of clients in all types of industries.
  • Familiarity with wireframing tools (such as Sketch, Figma) and the ability to create and place copy into a visual wireframe.
  • Ensure that writing is aligned with the established brand voice.
  • Write engaging microcopy for UI elements, such as call-to-actions, header headlines and subheadlines, testimonials, review sections, and more.
  • Write copy for product pages, including product descriptions, specifications, and must-click CTA’s.
  • Research products and brands to best understand their unique value propositions.
  • Provide feedback and make suggestions on visual design, interface, and interaction flow of applications and user experiences.
  • Willingness to collaborate with our team members and stakeholders.

Your Technical Skills & Qualifications

  • Killer copywriting skills.
  • Ability to produce error-free content that adheres to the experiment goals and company style guidelines.
  • Interpret creative direction and adapt points from creative briefs into persuasive copy concepts.
  • Understand the different language styles, tones, and voices that appeal to various target markets and demographics.
  • Have an eye for detail — especially the little things that can make a big impact.
  • Copywriting experience for eCommerce websites is a nice bonus.
  • Copywriting experience for SaaS websites is also a great bonus.
  • We typically work with either Sketch, https://vectr.com/, https://icons8.com/lunacy, or Figma to integrate the copy in a page wireframe.

Working at Conversion Advocates has been a much welcome crash course on CRO and my role in it all.

Raphaelle and Sina not only take immense pride in their work, but have built a team of talented individuals who all love coming back to their work on Monday mornings. The team at ConversionAdvocates is the epitome of collaboration, and no one is ever left behind. Everyone is so willing to help each other and take time to connect, provide guidance and feedback, and learn together. New team members are welcomed with open arms and given the tools, encouragement, and respect that can allow them to achieve amazing things.

I feel very fortunate that I have been encouraged to fully explore all of my skills so that I can grow and thrive in my role. Conversio Advocates is an exciting and humbling team to be a part of and I would recommend them to anyone who wants a job that is equal parts challenging, fun, and rewarding.

-Erin, Copywriter

Your Soft Skills

Teamwork. The first thing our new hires tend to notice is our close-knit remote environment. We’re a small team with big ideas and we’re constantly interacting and collaborating. On our CRO Team, you’ll work with graphic designers, user experience designers, developers, and strategists. Interpersonal and communication skills go a long way here, and you’ll need them to effectively get your ideas out to our audiences.

Discipline. If you’re no stranger to remote work, you’ll recognize the need for organization, drive, and discipline. We won’t be looking over your shoulder to make sure you’re submitting work on time. Instead, we’ll encourage you to use your best judgment and manage your time effectively. We need work submitted by hard deadlines. That means you’ll need a solid work ethic and an equally solid internet connection!

Communication. As part of a collaborative CRO team, your input is encouraged and valued! You’ll be working with CRO strategists, writers, designers, and developers who will welcome your questions and suggestions. If you can offer a fresh set of eyes or a creative solution to a problem, we want to hear it!

What’s in it for you?

Learning. This is a great opportunity for the curiosity-driven copywriter. You’ll learn about our clients’ products and industries, as well as conversion rate optimization and how it all works. You’ll gain insight into how a CRO team operates and the inner mechanisms that intersect to produce amazing results for clients.

Making a Difference. You won’t be incessantly inserting keywords into overly-pushy sales pages. Instead, you’ll be crafting experiences and narratives that make users’ online buying journeys more satisfying and fulfilling. You’ll create a lasting positive impact for users and businesses from day 1.

Flexibility. Our entire team is remote, so you can work from anywhere, at essentially any time, as long as you’re responsive, connected, and able to deliver on time. We won’t be wasting your time by making you trudge through traffic. If you have a good WiFi connection and can attend virtual meetings at designated times, you’re free to work anywhere you’d like.

Working with ConversionAdvocates has been the most uplifting, rewarding, and supportive work experience of my life. The team members are amazing, each bringing their own unique skillsets and expertise, while also being an extreme pleasure to work with. There has been ample opportunity for professional growth as well. The team encourages creativity, always open to new ideas and letting me run with them. I highly recommend ConversionAdvocates to anyone who wants to work with a friendly and supportive team that gives you the freedom to do your job as you see fit.

-Bradley, Data Analyst

Before you apply…

We’re looking for someone who’s interested in working with us for the long haul. We’re a growing company with lots of room for growth and opportunity. If you vibe with us, we want you to stick around!

Ok, cool! How do I apply?

We’re happy you’re interested! Please submit some samples of your copywriting work along with examples of how your work would be presented visually in a wireframe for our designers.

Our founders, Raphaëlle and Sina, will review every application. If we think you could be a great fit, we’ll reach out to you for a video call interview. After our first round of interviews, final candidates will be brought back for a second interview before we make a final decision.

We look forward to working with you!

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