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Dynamite Jobs was founded because we felt there weren’t any complete hiring solutions that truly understood our quirky corner of the remote business world.


We work primarily with bootstrapped business owners who run remote, online-based companies. Most of our clients run businesses that are SaaS, ecommerce, marketing agencies, and service businesses.


We’ve found that working for and running an online business is often much different than what most people call “jobs.” Our teams aren’t simply part of the “work from home” trend. For years, we have depended on remote professionals who are savvy with remote culture and tools.


In the last 3 years alone we’ve placed over 300 full-time staff into remote companies with our hiring services.


How do we do this? Every job we post starts with a 30-minute strategy call with you. This is so our experienced team can quickly understand your needs, culture, and determine the best way to market your job to our internal database as well as a vast array of 3rd party sites around the web (when appropriate).


We specialize in helping entrepreneurs and their teams save time and stress by managing the entire hiring process – from job formulation, promotion, filtering, technical assessments (if necessary) interviewing and ultimately hiring.


We can help you fill a variety of positions: from top engineering and executive staff, to marketers, operations, customer service, apprentices, and even roles that are traditionally considered “outsourced.”


Our outlook and experience is global and not limited to a particular skill set or salary level but rather a particular type of business: largely bootstrapped, online-based, location-independent companies with less than 100 employees.


If that’s you, we should talk!


Our team consists of recruiters and account managers who have a range of experience – from top technical and executive recruitment, to marketers who understand the campaigns you seek to run, to cost-effective support staff who are excited about the opportunity for flexible employment and have the skills to boot.


If you’re interested in our job promotion and filtering services, schedule a call with our lead account manager Alex.


If you’re interested in a full recruiting service, schedule a call with our CEO and co-founder, Ian.


If you’re not sure, schedule a call anyway! We’d love to speak with you about how to best grow your team.

Questions? Let's Talk:

Call us at (512) 256-0681

Monday – Friday, 9-5, Austin TX


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  • 30 days in the ‘Featured’ section
  • Customized application form to gather and review candidates
  • ‘Thank you’ emails sent to candidates after the job has been filled
  • Job promoted to the candidates in the database, newsletter, and social channels (50,000+ job visitors & active candidates)
  • A dedicated account manager to actively market and manage your job listing
  • Advice on how to increase your talent pool and improve the hiring process
  • Resources and our support the entire way

Want Accelerated Hiring?

  • Pin the job to the top of the site for 7 days + 3x more promotion (+ $199)
  • We will assess and filter the applications for you (+$299)

Recruitment Services

From $3450

  • Complete Hiring and Promotion from Start to Finish
  • The services are $3,450 for each non-technical and $4,650 each technical hire
  • Typical time frame for 2-5 vetted candidates is within 30 Days
  • Typical time frame for 2-5 vetted candidates is within 30 Days
  • Everything taken care of for you from sourcing to assessing the candidates
  • Our senior recruiting team has over 15 years of experience placing top talent in technology-based companies.

Let’s Get Started

Take Advantage of Our
Combined Hiring Knowledge

Over the years, we’ve received countless questions on hiring best practices and recommendations for remote teams. So to make it easy on you (and us!) we have compiled our knowledge base into a Remote Hiring Guide. Here’s to filling your jobs and making the hiring process as painless as possible.

  • The Remote Hiring Guide Includes:
  • ‘Are You Ready to Hire?’ Checklist
  • Hiring Process and Timeline
  • Job Description Template and Examples
  • Creating a Video for Your Job Description
  • Application Process Template
  • Thoughtful Interview Questions
  • Guide to References Checks

Hiring Resources and FAQs

Our team cares about filling remote jobs. We understand the mindset of distributed and remote-first companies, having built our first remote team way back in 2007. Since then we’ve met 1000’s of you and understand the difference between jobs that offer some “flexibility” and a true remote job. Our candidates understand this as well and look to us uniquely to deliver jobs that are 100% remote, open, and paid.

The length of the hiring process depends on a few factors. The two most important are: how many stakeholders are involved in the process and how confident the hiring manager is in knowing who they need.


We’ve helped companies hire over a weekend, some within a week, and others have taken over a month. Everyone’s hiring process is different and it’s not up to us to say what’s right or wrong, it’s our job to assist the best we can so your experience is as seamless as possible.


The person you’ll end up hiring generally applies within the two weeks of the job being live on our site.

Sure thing! We have resources and templates to help move the process forward. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions. Email us at team@dynamitejobs.com.

Members of the Dynamite Circle receive free listings, hiring support, and access to our database. If you’re a location-independent business owner we encourage you to apply to join the community!

If you’d like us to conduct pre-screening calls, interview candidates, or call references we are able to provide this through our Dynamite Recruitment

We have helped our clients hire for a wide range of positions. 


This includes:

– Chief Executive Officers
– Chief Operating Officers
– Operation Professional
– Marketing Professionals
– Technical Positions
– Systems Administrators
– Sales and Business Development
– Writers
– Customer Support
– Multimedia Support
– Apprentices
– Right-Hands to the Founder


We’ve attracted a diverse pool of talent who are eager to join a remote team and make a difference.


In the past, we have tried to specialize in different categories, but due to the needs of our clients, our successful placement rate, and the diverse skills of our candidates, we decided to continue to work with almost any remote position that comes our way.

Dynamite Jobs was made for members of the Dynamite Circle. Click here to see the benefits and discounts we offer DCers.

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