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Wikilmo 1 year ago

Data Engineering Intern

Anywhere · Full Time

Now Hiring: Remote Data Engineering Internship

? Paid
⏲ Full-time
? Anywhere in the World
? Applications close on July 1


Wikilmo is an early stage Climate Informatics startup working to build solutions that help augment climate resilience in remote farming communities through the use of data-based predictive actionable insights delivered to the last mile. Our ongoing projects involve developing hazard monitoring solutions, estimating rainfall patterns, harmonising agricultural data, identifying and predicting possible pest outbreaks, all focussed towards delivering insights to remote locations that only have limited infrastructure and services.


We are looking for an intern data engineer to join our team to develop a harmonized data model for pan-continental Soil data. The intern will work on the following tasks:

  1. Building a harmonized schema to feed downstream processing and machine learning applications
  2. The data is contained in multiple source systems which needs to be filtered as appropriate to a model that captures interoperability conditions
  3. Design the data flow with regard to structural soundness and robustness

Preferred Skills

Proficiency is demonstrated through previous internships, coursework, projects and participation in hackathons & competitions.

  1. Good understanding of ETL processes and best practices.
  2. Good understanding of Metadata Standard usage and benefits.
  3. Be able to create logical entities and define their attributes; and define relationships between the various data objects.
  4. Experience with handling related but disparate datasets that might need rigorous preprocessing prior to analysis
  5. Experience with version control, documentation and software development practices
  6. Willing to engage in rigorous code reviews and give/receive friendly, constructive criticism for the sake of creating high-quality software


  1. Build solutions that directly impact and augment adaptations for Climate Change
  2. Get mentored and work with a team of fun and experienced engineers in machine learning for Earth Observations
  3. Develop crucial software engineering skills for working in distributed and agile data science teams

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