14 Mar 2020

Remote Hiring Guide: Remote Job Description Template

This is Part 2 of the Remote Hiring Guide Series.

Here’s our complete Remote Hiring Guide Series:

It’s sometimes tempting not to worry about having a detailed job description and decide to cut corners on this part of the hiring process. In our experience, this will actually end up costing you more time and lead to other frustrations too. Poorly prepared job descriptions lead to the wrong types of candidates applying, the lack of engagement of strong candidates, and misunderstandings during interviews and even on the job. That’s why for the second part of our Remote Hiring Guide Series, we introduce to you the Remote Job Description Template.

At any given moment, Dynamite Jobs has 500 to 700 remote job openings. All of these positions are competing for a limited pool of candidates. It is not uncommon that candidates have reached the final hiring processes for two or more companies and have the ability to choose which of the positions they’d like to take. A well-prepared job description that excites the candidates and paints a rounded picture of the ethos and vision of your company will make your position more compelling and increase the chances that you get the right candidates from the pool.

Have Candidates Take Your Job Seriously

A common concern we hear from hiring companies is “Candidates aren’t taking this seriously. We want better applications.” We hear you and understand you. One of the best ways to improve the quality of applications is by showing the candidates how seriously you’re taking this hiring process with a well-written and complete job description. (Next up in our series, a guide on adding a video to your job description.)

Mindframe When Writing the Job Description

The most important thing to keep in mind: Who is your dream candidate? What are their skills and experience? What is their personality like?

You should also describe what the candidates can expect from joining your company. What’s it like working with your team and what is your remote culture like?

If you have questions about your job description, please share it with us, team@dynamitejobs.com. Sharing by Google Doc is best. We’re happy to check out your job description and provide some help.

If you’d like to make a copy of the job description template, you can open up this Google Doc to easily do so.

Remote Job Description Template

Job Title:
Start Date:
Location Requests:
Citizen Requests:
Language Requests:
Part-time or Full-time:


This is a 4-6 sentence summary of the job description. It should include the job’s requirements, what the role has the potential to become, and what the company does. (Full-time/part-time, the pay, the location, who you are looking for, the opportunity).

About Us/Who We Are

  • Link to the company site.
  • What does your company do and what markets do you serve?
  • Who are your clients?
  • How big is your team and where are most people located?
  • Why is it great working for your company? What’s the culture like?
  • When is your team usually working? Are there certain hours?
  • What makes your team members work so well together?
  • Why is your company hiring?
  • If the founder is hiring: Why did you start this company? What are the company’s plans?

Insert: Photos of your service or product or a banner image on the website.

About the Role

  • Why was this opportunity created? Start date?
  • Why is this job important?
  • Who will they be working with? Reporting to?
  • Will the new hire be trained in any specific area? Why is this training important to your company?
  • What tools does the team use? How do you communicate?
  • What will the candidate be responsible for?

Onboarding and Training

  • What is your training and onboarding process like? Does the position start part-time and go full time?

Day to Day

  • What does a typical day look like?
  • What will they be working on?
  • Software or tools they’ll be using?

Long Term

  • What projects or goals will they be working on?
  • Any big company initiatives they’ll be assisting in?
  • What will the role become or turn into?
  • What are the biggest growth opportunities that you see for someone in the role?

Who We Are Looking For

Who is your ideal candidate? What skills and attributes are you looking for so that the candidate will fit in well with the company and the team? What kind of personality would work best? What should they be passionate about?


  • What skills must they have?
  • What else must they know what to do?
  • Tools they need to know how to use?
  • What are some ‘nice-to-have’ skills?
  • What are the 3-4 most important skills required?
  • Years of experience you’re expecting in any certain areas?
  • Do they need any industry experience?
  • Any location ‘must-haves’ ie time zones, availability, etc??
  • Travel required?
  • Any citizenship requirements?
  • Language skills? How will they be communicating (writing, calls, customer interactions)? Why is it important to have that aspect of a language for your company?

What’s in it for you?

  • Pay?
  • Benefits perks?
  • Growth potential?
  • Company retreat?
  • Product discounts?
  • Work directly with the founder/CEO?

Come work with us!
Insert: Photos of the team


We’re always updating our remote job description template as we learn more throughout our hiring process. If you’d like to share your insights, please share it with us, team@dynamitejobs.com.

This is Part 2 of our Remote Hiring Guide Series.

Here’s our complete Remote Hiring Guide Series:

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