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Typically within 3 to 5 weeks, although the parameters of your job will affect this a great deal. We can typically give you a basic sense for the ‘difficulty’ of your project on your strategy call.

We have a broad range of experience on the candidate side. Here’s a sample of some of the jobs we’ve filled in the past few weeks:

Probably! 🙂 There’s some complexity to these conversations, which is why all new clients talk to a senior recruiter who is experienced in both online business and recruiting first.

Typically companies with a remote first culture, we make exceptions for exceptional companies 🙂 Here’s a basic sketch of three recent projects:


Company A) The team is a 15 person SaaS company hiring 2-10 developers per year. Instead of taking their CTO off product and revenue generating opportunities, they have identified working with DJ both saves them time and also leverages our expertise. They have outsourced all of their hiring needs. This can cost a company $75-$125k per year for a general HR person with no to limited technical hiring experience. You’d have to hire 16-27 people per year to make up the difference saved.


Company B) Founder and CEO has limited experience hiring. They have only hired a few people during their career. When faced with 100 applications, 30 of them still look ‘good’. To us, only 1 looks good and we can show you why.


Company C) Founder has limited time. The process of bringing on a full-time hire can easily take 40 hours depending on different factors. We can cut this down to 5-10 hours of required time (including interviews)

Our standard fee is $4650, to get started just make a deposit of $2325. Unlike most recruiting firms, we take a part of your deposit and create an outbound marketing campaign on your behalf. Because we don’t charge a percentage of salary, we’re able to remain objective on concerns of compensation strategy.

Our 30 minute strategy session is designed to clarify exactly what position you currently require, and how complicated the search will be based on your parameters (we’ve done this nearly 400 times, so the patterns of candidate, skills, compensation, location, etc jump out fairly quickly).


Typically we’ll ask for a simple job description (we can help you develop that if you need), and a deposit, then we’ll do all the heavy lifting

Most of our clients do not have a full time HR staff in house, but this is changing as progressive HR teams are seeing that leveraging our team’s volume of experience (we’re processing 100’s of jobs a year) is a smart move that saves them time.

Yes! Recruiting is historically thought of for high dollar value positions, probably because it’s been cost prohibitive. Our flat fee changes that, and helps you and your team save time, money, and hire better quality junior team members in the end.