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It started when a customer said to us:


“For every technical hire, my CTO is spending weeks sorting, interviewing, and assessing candidates. So basically we have lost our best developer to these recruiting tasks and meanwhile, our product development is way behind.”


More customers were telling us just how much time and resources were being spent finding the best talent, as well as sharing their aversion to traditional recruiting fees.


Combat these issues, we now have an in-house technical recruiter who handles the entire process, start to finish, at a flat rate.


  • Recruitment Prices:
    $4650 – Technical Recruitment
    $3450 – Non-Technical Recruitment
    Flat fee, 50% due upfront

Length of Time to Hire:
This process has been taking 3-5 weeks on average per position.

The Process:

  • Intro call with your company to understand the position, culture, requirements.
  • Create an application form for candidates where you can also see who is applying at any time.
  • Once we get the basic job description and requirements we take the listing and post on DJ along with multiple other job boards.
  • Ranking candidates by resume/cover letter (usually between 100-400 apps)
  • Begin filtering candidates.
  • Set up calls with prospects (usually 10-20) from the initial batch, tell them about the company, salary, etc.
  • For those we feel are a good fit, we send out your technical assessments (if available).
  • We receive the completed assessments. We then forward them along with a write up on their background. This can be anywhere from (3-7 people) depending on how many you'd like to see.
  • Usually, at this point an offer is made after you conduct the final interviews. If we haven't found a suitable candidate we continue to accept applications, promote and adjust accordingly.
  • Email all candidates and thank them for applying.

For non-technical hires, the process is similar without the technical assessment and at a lower price. Our goal here is to shield companies from 95% of the noise and bring them highly qualified candidates for review, ultimately cutting the time spent on hiring down to hours not weeks.


For those that see value in part of this process but can’t afford the complete solution, we are thinking about offering it in-part. Open to feedback if you see an opportunity there.

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