2 Mar 2021

Remote Work: How AI Creates a Talent Procurement Advantage

In the already fast-changing HR world, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic creates unanticipated twists and turns as 2020 progresses, leading to unusual HR technology attention to help employers manage these new challenges. While it may come across as a futuristic technology, AI has already been immersed in workforce management, simplifying complex tasks such as collecting and processing heterogeneous data and giving prompt recommendations. This helps organizations enhance their HR processes. 

Furthermore, maintaining the same efficiency and engagement levels is expected from employees working within the office. So, now is the time you can change your traditional Recruitment process with the help of an ATS/AI.

By making AI omnipresent in recruitment and hiring, you can attract the right talent, ask precise questions, and make intelligent choices about who will best fit your open positions. Employers will tap artificial intelligence for everything from employee engagement to talent acquisition. These are some of how AI is polishing organizations to find the talent they need and be agile than the competition:

  1. Speed the talent acquisition process: 

    AI empowers procurement and recruiting teams to proactively identify candidates who are most likely to engage and enable them to pick and prioritize the most promising talent. This makes the hiring process speed up, and talent acquisition costs are reduced by focusing on energy, resources, and time on those most likely to accept an offer. You can approach talent before competitors, and even identify which of their candidates might be ready to make a job switch. This provides you with a dynamic advantage in building and sustaining high quality and reliable talent pipeline.

  2. Build a substantial pipeline of diverse talent: 

    There’s an understandable link between talent diversity and remote workforces. The ability to hire from any geography eliminates location bias and dilates candidates’ pool with unique experiences, skills, and ideas. AI is playing a crucial role in assisting employers in cultivating inclusive and comprehensive recruiting practices. The algorithms identify candidates with diverse backgrounds like ethnicity, national origin, gender, veterans, etc. With this, organizations can find and prioritize talent with the right skillsets from underrepresented communities. Building a diverse talent pipeline is becoming a colossal business priority, and organizations that leverage predictive insights to foster inclusivity will be significantly further ahead.

  3. AI adds intelligence to online interviewing: 

    During Video interviews, AI allows catching finer details such as facial expressions and gestures that may miss the human eye. AI can also examine vast volumes of data and emerge with patterns that head hunters and hiring managers may overlook. AI is a valuable tool as it can perceive correlations in enormous chunks of information.

  4. AI is cost-effective as compared to traditional methods:

    The productivity and pace of an AI-enabled talent acquisition application have practical cost benefits. Talent acquisition software has cut down the cost per candidate by about 50% since developers remodelled the product to employ AI. Supplemental expedient hiring and improved metrics bring tangible cost savings to an organization.

  5. Better Experience for candidates: 

    Using AI is not just beneficial for you and your team but also for the candidates. Candidate Experience is a fundamental element of the recruiting process; many AI tools used for recruiting are designed and built to make life comfortable for everyone involved. When job seekers and applicants can get the responses and information they need quickly and effortlessly, they’ll feel more driven to stay connected with your organization. If they’re having a positive and seamless experience applying, they’ll want to work with you even more.

  6. AI can help eliminate bias

    Many vendors employ AI in talent acquisition applications to alleviate bias in hiring and further diversity in future employees rather than perpetuating past homogeneity in race, ethnicity, gender, gender preference, color, etc. An unbiased software application can help eliminate bias arising from other characteristics that lead to discrimination, such as regional accents, perceived social standing, and parental status. Successful applications that embed AI have access to deep-learning neural networks of external data to complement internal data sets.

  7. An optimized recruitment process

    to hire the right talent, your recruitment process should be uncomplicated and meticulous. Without this, you may lose on top candidates, sending them to your competitors. AI equals data. It enables you to get a clear picture and indicates if you are bringing the right candidate, thus making the entire process efficient. Using data and AI, you get lands with about three times more candidates in less than half the budget. Thus optimizing the recruitment process with AI is crucial.

    Remote working enabled by AI offers coherent benefits that would be inaccessible to the company in other ways. Headhunters can hire talent worldwide, effortlessly align skillsets and experience to the job role without being restricted by geographical barriers. AI is the next big thing in online recruitment software to hit the market. This process will make sourcing, screening, and recruiting more comfortable and more process-oriented. AI’s applicability in Human resources will be extensive and universal. 

About the Author: 

Kelly Barcelos is a progressive digital marketing manager specializing in HR and is responsible for leading Jobsoid’s content and social media team. When Kelly is not building campaigns, she is busy creating content and preparing PR topics. She started with Jobsoid as a social media strategist and eventually took over the entire digital marketing team with her innovative approach and technical expertise.

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